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To poor unthinking man;
Lord at ihy footstool I would bow,
Bid conscience plainly tell me now,

What it would tell me then,
10. Ifin destruction's road I stray,
Help me to choose the better way

That leads 10 joys on high:
Thy grac impart, my guilt forgive,
Nor let me ever dare to live

So as I dare not die .

HYMN 108. CM.
Alictions, th 'they seem severc,

In mercy oft are sent,
They stopp'd the proligal s career,.

And caus d hiin to repent.
2. Although he no relentings felt,

Till he had spent his store,
His stubborn heart began to melt,

'When timine pinchi'd him sore.
3. "What have I gain'd hy sin,'he said,
But hunger, shunie and feni?
My father's liouse abowds with bread,
While I a

siarvmg here.
4. "Ill go and tell him all I've done,

Fall down before his face,
Unworihy to be call d his son,

I'll seek a servant place
5. His father saw him coming back,

He saw, and ran, und saul'd;

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Then threw his arms around the neck

Of his rebellious cbild. 6. "Father, I've sinn'd. but O forgive""Enough,” the father said, Rejoice, my house, my son's alive,

For whom I mouru'd as dead.
7. "Now let the fatted calf be slaiu,

Go spread the news around,
My son was dead, but lives again,

Was lost, but low is found.' 8. Tis thus the Lord his love reveals,

To call poor sinners home,
More than a father's love he seels,
And welcomes all that come.

HYMN 109. P. M.
Friends of Jesus come and dwelt

Awbile with Christ your treasure, Come and let your bosoms swell

Witk heaven's enrapt'ring pleasure ; Sinners who with fully side,

Leave your scenes of pleasure, Come and with your Christ åbide,

He's an endless treasure.
2. Sinners come and know awhile

The purest joy of feeling,
Come 'receive a Saviour's smile,

And prove his power of healing ;
He can calm the soul to rest,

Soothe the force of anguish,

Every one is freely blest,

Who for Cbrist doch languish. 3. Hush'd is every in ward fear,

Every sorrow's banished, Silenced every troubling care,

Every grief is vanished: Joy supreme within the soul,

Knows no bound to pleasure, For the heart without control,

Feeds on Christ ber treasure. 4. Drink. again, my soul, of love,

Enjov the sweets of feeling, Dwell on Christ, who reigns above,

And owns the art of healing; Lel the heavenly calm of love

Be thy choicest treasure, Go, my soul, foreverinore, With Christ in scenes of pleasure,

HYMN 110. P. M. The gospel's joyful sound

Is music in my ears, In Jesus I Have found

Relief from all my fears, Darkness to light does now give place, And all things wear a different face. 2. Since God is reconcil'd,

I fear no dire alarms; He owns me for his chi d,

And clasps me in bis arms. Transported with seraphic joy, I Fatbor, Abba Fatber, cry..


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3. I cannot fear the law,

Its thunders now may roar,
Since I my.Saviour saw,

They can affright no inore.
On wings of love I mouni, I Ay,
And Father, Abba Father, cry.
4. Death too has lost his sting,

And wears a smiling face ;
I hope to shout and sing,
• Een in his cold embrace;
He'll close my eyes, and shut my ears,
But cannot rou e my guilty fears.
5. When through the faming sky

I see the Judge descend, I'll Abba Father cry,

and hail him as my friend. While standing in the gospel light, There's nothing can my soul affright. 6. Now let my fowing eyes

Run down with grateful tears,
Since free adopting grace

Has banish'd all my fears;
And still my sinful self deny,
When I express the heav'n born cry.
7. No more let me return

Beneath the galling yoke,
Or e'er embrace those chams,

Which grace divine has broke.
Let Abba Father be my cry,
In tune and in eteruity.

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