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1. Thirteenth Edition, Dedicated to LORD ERSKINE,

A SKETCH of the Denominations of the Christian World, with a Persuasive to Religious

Moderation. 2. SEQUEL to the Sketch, with Eight Heads; con

taining One Hundred Testimonies in behalf of

Candour and Charity. Fourth Edition. 3. An Attempt to account for the Infidelity of Ed

ward Gibbon, Esq. 4. Juvenile Pieces, with Three Plates. Sixth Edi

tion, with many Additions. 5. Juvenile Tourist through Great Britain. Fourth

Edition, with a Portrait. 6. Epitome of Geography, with Anecdotes of His

tory. Second Edition. 7. Essay on Education. Fifth Edition, with a

CHART of Education. 8. Sermon on the Death of Doctors Kippis, Stennet,

and Harris, 1795. 9. Sermon on the Peace of Amiens, 1802. Second

Edition. 10. Sermon on the threatened Invasion of Britain,

1803. 11. Sermon on the Victory of Trafalgar, with Addi

tions, 1805. 12. Sermon at the opening of a new Place of Worship,

Cranbrook, 1808. 13. Sermon in Behalf of the Lancasterian Education

of the Poor, 1808.

14. Address on the Baptism of Isaac Littleter, a Con

verted Jew, 1808. 15. Letter to Dr. Hawker, on General Redemption,

Second Edition. 16. An Address on the Interment of Stephen Low

dell, Esq. Nov. 18, 1809. 17. A Sermon on the Death of the PRINCESS AME

LIA, 1810, 18. A Sermon on the Rejection of LORD SIMOUTH'S

Bill, 1811. 19. Twentieth Anniversary at Worship-street, Noy,

3, 1811. 20. A Sermon, at the opening of Salem Chapel, King's

Lynn, 1812. 21. Protestantism and Popery illustrated. Second

Edition, 1812. 22. A Sermon on the Death of John Brent, Esq.

1812. 23. Complete Religious Liberty Vindicated. Second

Edition, 1813. 24. Picture of Worthing. Second Edition, much

enlarged. 25. Sermon on the Death of the Rev. H. WORTHING,

TON, of Salter's Hall. Second Edition, 1813. 26. Address on the Peace, delivered at Brighton,

1814. 27. Address on the Persecution of the French Pro

testants, 1816,

GBORGE SMALLFIELD, Printer, Hackney.


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