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the order in which they are intended to be learnt. Thus, grave and gay, sacred and secular, are purposely mixed up together, in a manner which might otherwise seem objectionable. Thus, again, the easier poems are designedly placed at the beginning of the volume.

5. The common practice of interweaving numerous editorial notices, whether biographical, critical, grammatical, or explanatory, has been dispensed with, in order that the volume may be kept within its present dimensions, and sold at a comparatively low price.

The Editor wishes to express his obligation to those owners of copyright, by whose kindness he is able to insert so many modern poems. More particularly he would mention Lord Macaulay, the Rev. J. Keble, Messrs. Longman and Co., Messrs. W. Blackwood and Sons, Messrs. E. Moxon and Co., Messrs. Black, and Mr. Murray.


Midsummer, 1859.

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