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Lord, we beseech thee to keep thy household the Church in continual godliness, that through thy protection, it may be free from all adversities, and devoutly given to serve thee in good works to the glory of thy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

THANKSGIVING. We give thee most humble and hearty thanks, O God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, three persons and one God, for the redemption of the world, which is by Jesus Christ, both God and man, who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven, and did humble himself even to the death upon the cross, that he might make us the children of God, and exalt us to everlasting life. Grant that we may always keep in lively remembrance the exceeding great love of our Master, and only Lord and Saviour, thus dying for us; and the innumerable benefits, which by his precious blood-shedding he hath obtained to us, freely submitting ourselves to his holy will and pleasure, and endeavouring to serve him faithfully, in true holiness and righteousness, all the days of our life; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, &c.


I WAITED patiently for the Lord, and he inclined unto me, and heard my prayer.

He brought me out of great trouble, and set my feet upon a rock, and ordered my goings.

And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even a thanksgiving to our God.

Many shall see it, and fear, and put their trust in the Lord. Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.

Withhold not thou thy tender mercies from us, O Lord; let thy loving kindness and thy truth continually preserve us.

Let all those that seek thee, be joyful and glad in thee; let such as love thy salvation, say continually, The Lord be magnified.

Glory be to the Father, &c.


Father of mercies, and God of all comfort, our only help in time of need, we flee unto thee for succour: give us unfeigned repentance, for all the errors of our past life, and stedfast faith in thy blessed Son, that our sins may be done away by thy mercy, and our pardon sealed in heaven, through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, thine only Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Then shall all repeat.



O Lord, who, when we are in trouble, alone canst help us, defend us, we humbly beseech thee, from all evil, and save us from that punishment we have most justly deserved : incline us by thy Holy Spirit to follow after those things that belong to our peace; that we may add to our faith virtue, and to virtue temperance, patience, brotherly kindness, and charity, to the end that we may be rich in good works to the glory of thy name; and while we are thus endeavouring to follow the precepts of thy holy word, may thy gracious providence direct all our steps, and watch over us for good to the end of our lives, that we faint not in our Christian warfare, nor become weary of well-doing; but that we may all earnestly strive for the prize of our high calling, and finally obtain everlasting salvation, by Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Amen.


Almighty and everlasting God, give unto us the increase of faith, hope, and charity; and that we may obtain that which thou dost promise, make us to love that which thou dost command, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, &c.

MONDAY EVENING. I will praise God, because of his word. I have put my trust in God, and will not fear what flesh can do unto me.

In God's word will I rejoice, in the Lord's word will I comfort me : yea, in God have I put my trust; I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.

Unto thee, O God, will I pay my vows; unto thee will I give thanks : for thou hast delivered my soul from death, and my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the land of the living.

My heart is fixed, O God; my heart is fixed: I will sing, and give praise.

I will give thanks unto thee, O God, among the people; I will sing unto thee among the nations : for the greatness of thy mercy reacheth unto the heavens, and thy truth unto the clouds.

Salvation is of the Lord.
Glory be to the Father, &c.

PRAYER FOR PARDON. Rebuke us not, O Lord, in thine indignation, neither chasten us in thy heavy displeasure; for if thou, Lord, art extreme to mark what is done amiss, who may abide it? Have mercy upon us, O Lord, and in compassion spare us; punish us not for our innumerable offences, but turn unto us, and deliver us for thy mercies' sake, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Then shall all repeat


PRAYER FOR A CHRISTIAN SPIRIT. Almighty and everlasting God, be pleased to visit us with thy gracious favor now and evermore, and leave us not to the guidance of our own deceitful passions. Let thy good providence watch over us this night, and let thy pure and Holy Spirit guide our thoughts and meditations always towards thee the living God, that we may maintain a Christian spirit faithful in every trust; diligent in every duty; patient, thankful, and contented with our lot in life, and abounding in every good work, to the glory of thy holy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

COLLECT. () Lord, we beseech thee mercifully to hear us, and grant that we, to whom thou hast given an hearty desire to pray, may by thy mighty aid be defended and comforted in all dangers and adversities, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, &c.

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