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3 Sing till we feel our hearts
Ascending with our tongues;
Sing till the love of sin departs,
And grace inspires our songs.
Sing on your heavenly way,
Ye ransom'd sinners, sing;
Sing on, rejoicing every day,
In Christ our sovereign King.
Soon we shall hear him say,
'Ye blessed children, come;
Soon he will call us hence away,
And take his pilgrims home.



146. L. M. Watts.

The presence of Christ in worship delightful.
LORD, how delightful 'tis to see

A whole assembly worship thee!
At once they sing, at once they pray,
They hear of heaven and learn the way.
2 Here, gracious Lord, we still would stay,
And sing the pleasing hours away;
As Tabor's mount, the place is sweet,
Whene'er thy smiling face we meet.
3 0 write upon each memory, Lord,
The text and doctrine of thy word,
That we may break thy laws no more,
But love thee better than before.


4 With thoughts of Christ and things divine,
Fill up this roving heart of mine
That hoping pardon through his blood,
I may retire and walk with God.

147. C. M. Cennick.
Lord's day evening.

WHEN, O dear Jesus, when shall I

Behold thee all serene;

Blest in perpetual Sabbath-day,
Without a veil between?

2 Assist me, while I wander here,
Amidst a world of cares;

Incline my heart to pray with love,
And then accept my prayers.

3 Thy Spirit, O my Father, give,
To be my guide and friend,
To light my way to ceaseless joys,
To Sabbaths without end.

148. C. M. Watis.

The doctrine and use of the Trinity.

to name

Immortal praise we give,
Who dost an act of grace proclaim,
And bid us rebels live.

2 Immortal honour to the Son,

Who makes thine anger cease; Our lives he ransom'd with his own, And died to make our peace.

3 To thy Almighty Spirit be
Immortal glory given,

Whose influence brings us near to thee,
And trains us up for heaven.

4 Let men, with their united voice, Adore th' eternal God,

And spread his honours and their joys
Through nations far abroad.

5 Let faith, and love, and duty join,
One general song to raise;

Let saints in earth and heaven combine,
In harmony and praise.

149. C. M. Watts.

Of the Church when delivered from Enemies.
HOUT to the Lord, and let our joys
Through the whole nation run;
Ye Christian skies, reflect the noise
Beyond the rising sun.

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2 Thee, mighty God, our souls admire,
Thee, our glad voices sing,
And join with the celestial choir
To praise th' eternal King.

3 Thy power the whole creation rules,
And on the starry skies

Sits smiling at the weak designs
Thy envious foes devise.

4 Almighty grace defends his church
From their malicious power;
Let Christians with united songs
Almighty grace adore.

150. L. M. Rippon's Selection. Thanksgiving for National Deliverance.

RAISE to the Lord, who bows his ear

PR Propitious to his people's prayer,

And, though deliverance long delay,
Answers in his well-chosen day.

2 Salvation doth to God belong;
His power and grace shall be our song;
The tribute of our love we bring
To thee, our Saviour and our King.
3 Our temples, guarded from the flame,
Shall echo thy triumphant name;
And every peaceful, private home,
To thee a temple shall beconie.
4 Still be it our supreme delight

To walk as in thy honour'd sight,
Hence, in thy precepts and thy fear,
Till life's last hour to persevere.

151. L. M.

A Thought on the Fourth of July.
GREAT Sov'reign of the earth and skies
Thy mandate, thy almighty breath,
Can bid a thousand worlds arise,
Cr dash a thousand worlds to death.

2 The nations all beneath thine eye
Are nothing, vanity, and less;
At thy command they live or die,
Or naught enjoy, or all possess.
3 To thee, to thee, almighty Lord!
The triumph of the day belongs;
O let Columbia's sons record
Thy praise, in grateful, lasting songs!
4 Unfurl thy banner, mighty God!

Make sin and tyrants bow to thee;
O'er all creation sway thy sword,
And bid a rescu'd world be free!


152. C. M. Epis. Coll.
God's Word.

GREAT God! with wonder
On all thy works I look;
But still thy wisdom, power, and grace
Shine brightest in thy book.

and with praise,

2 Here are my choicest treasures hid,
Here my best comfort lies,
Here my desires are satisfied.
And here my hopes arise.

3 Lord, make me understand thy law,
Show what my faults have been,
And from the gospel let me draw
Pardon for all my sin.

4 Here would I learn how Christ has died,
To save my soul from hell;
Not all the books on earth beside,
Such heavenly wonders tell.

5 Then let me love my bible more,
And take a fresh delight,
By day to read these wonders o'er,
And meditate by night.

153. 7's.

Search the Scriptures. John v. 39. EARCH the Scriptures,' saith the Lord,


Search them, blinded pharisee, "They do testify of me.'

2 They alone can wound and heal,
Make the hardest heart to feel,
Speak, at once, our sins forgiven,
Guide us all the way to heaven.
3 They disclose the Saviour's name,
And our frozen hearts inflame;
Cheer our souls along the road,
Show us if we're born of God.

4 They can arm us for the fight,

Gird us with immortal might;
Cause our foes to quit the field,
While the Spirit's sword we wield

5 Book of books! of all, the best;
Give me this, take all the rest;
Other books may souls betray,
This can never lead astray.

6 Here I build my lasting hope,
Here my weakness finds a prop;
Jesus, to thy arms I fly-
On thy word would live and die.

154. C. M. Watts. The Holy Scriptures.

LADEN with guilt, and full of fears,

I fly to thee, my

And not a glimpse of hope appears,
But in thy written word.

2 The volume of my Father's grace
Does all my grief assuage;
Here I behold my Saviour's face
Almost in every page.

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