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233. T's. Epis. Coll.

Many shall seek to enter in, and shall not be able. SEEK, my soul, the narrow gate,

Enter ere it be too late;

Many ask to enter there,
When too late to offer prayer.

2 God from mercy-seat shall rise,
And for ever bar the skies;
Then, though sinners cry without,
He will say, I know you not.
3 Mournfully will they exclaim,
Lord, we have profess'd thy name;
We have eat with thee, and heard
Heavenly teaching in thy word.
4 Vain, alas! will be their plea,
Workers of iniquity;

Sad their everlasting lot-
Christ will say,-I know you not..

234. C. M. Wesley's Coll..
Prayer to be profited by the Word.
NOME, O thou all-victorious Lord,
Thy power to us make known;
Strike with the hammer of thy word,
And break these hearts of stone.


2 O that we all might now begin
Our foolishness to mourn;
And turn at once from every sin,
And to the Saviour turn.

3 Give us ourselves and thee to know,
In this our gracious day;
Repentance unto life bestow,
And take our guilt away.

4 Impoverish, Lord, and then relieve,
And then enrich the poor;

The knowledge of our sickness give,
The knowledge of our cure.

235. S. M. Watts.
Before Sermon.

COME, sound his praise abroad,

And hymns of glory sing;

Jehovah is the sovereign God,
The universal King.

2 Come, worship at his throne,
And bow before the Lord;
We are his work, and not our own,
He form'd us by his word.

3 To-day attend his voice

Nor dare provoke his rod; Come, like the people of his choice, And own your gracious God.

4 Let not your heart refuse

The language of his grace, Lest, like the unbelieving Jews, You meet his frowning face.

236. C. M. Wesley's Coll. Christian Fellowship.

JESUS, united by thy grace,

And each to each endear'd, We humbly come to seek thy face, O may our prayer be heard.

2 Still let us own our common Lord,
And bear thy easy yoke;

A band of love, a three-fold cord,
Which never can be broke.

3 All made into one Spirit drink,
Baptiz'd into thy name-
O make us always kindly think,
And sweetly speak the same.
4 To thee inseparably join'd,
Let all our spirits cleave;
may we all the loving mind
That was in Christ receive.

5 Grant this, and then from all below,
In thy own time remove;
To thy dear bosom let us go,
Made perfect in thy love.

237. C. M. Wesley's Coll.
The healing Name of Jesus.
O to the hills I lift mine eye,
Thy promis'd aid to claim;

Father of mercies, glorify

Jesus that favourite name.

2 Salvation in that name is found,
Balm of my grief and care;
A healing cure for every wound,
All that I want is there.


238. C. M. Wesley's Coll.
Prayer for mutual Assistance.

RY us, O God, and search the ground
Of every sinful heart;

Whate'er of sin in us is found,

O bid it all depart.

2 When to the right or left we stray,..

Leave us not comfortless;

But guide

our feet into the way

Of everlasting peace.

3 Help us to help each other, Lord,
Each other's cross to bear;
Let each his friendly aid afford,
And feel his brother's care.

4 Help us to build each other up,
Our little stock improve;
Increase our faith, confirm our hope,
And perfect us in love.

5 And, when the blessed work is wrought, Receive thy ready bride ;

Give us in heaven a happy lot
With all the sanctified.

239. L. M. Wesley's Coll.

Be ye reconciled to God.

GOD, the offended God, most High,

Ambassadors to rebels sends;

His messengers his place supply,
And Jesus begs us to be friends.

2 You in the stead of Christ they pray,
You in the stead of God entreat;
O cast your arms, your sins away,
And find forgiveness at his feet.

240. L. M. Walls.

The descent of the Spirit on the Disciples GREAT was the day, the joy was great,

When the devout disciples met,

Whilst on their heads the Spirit came,
And sat like tongues of cloven flame.
2 He arm'd and sent the champions forth,
From east to west, from south to north;-
Bold to assert the Saviour's cause,
And spread his doctrine and his laws.

3 These weapons of the holy war,
Of what almighty force they are!
To make our stubborn passions bow,
And lay the proudest rebel low.

4 Nations, the learned and the rude,
Are by these heavenly arms subdued,
And willing captives to their Lord,
Display the triumphs of his word.

5 Still wider may thy triumphs spread,
Till all shall own our glorious Head;
Obey the precepts thou hast given,
And thus be led to God and heaven.


241. C. M. Relief Hymns.
Christian Unity.

O dwell in unity and love,
Becomes the heirs of grace;

The Spirit is sent down to join
Them in the bonds of peace.

2 One body we, one spirit too,
One hope our calling gives;

The hope of heaven each saint partakes,
And by this hope he lives.

3 In one baptismal rite we share,
The faith we hold is one;
One Lord is King of all the earth,
Even Jesus on his throne.

4 One God of all, Father of all,
Exalted all above;

Who by his power rules over all,
And in us all by love.

5 However various are our gifts,
The end is still the same;
The good of all, the Author seeks,-
And blessed be his name.

242. G. M. Relief Hymns.
Living and Dying to Christ.

JESUS, to whom we now belong,

Thy sovereign claim assert;
To thee we owe the grateful song,
To thee the loving heart.

2 Jesus, thy own e'en now receive,
Fulfil our heart's desire;

O let us to thy glory live,

And in thy cause expire.


243. L. M. Relief Hymns.

The Preaching of Jesus.

[OW sweetly flow'd the gospel sound, From lips of gentleness and grace! When listening thousands gather'd round, And joy and reverence fill'd the place.

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