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4 He pours his kindest blessings down,
Profusely down, on souls sincere ;
And grace shall guide, and glory crown,
The happy favourites of his care.

286. C. M.


Religion, the one Thing Needful.


ELIGION is the chief concern
Of mortals here below;
May I its great importance learn,
Its sovereign virtue know.

2 More needful this than glittering wealth, Or aught the world bestows;

Not reputation, food, or health,
Can give us such repose.

3 Religion should our thoughts engage
Amidst our youthful bloom;
"Twill fit us for declining age,
And for the awful tomb.

4 O may my heart, by grace renew'd,
Be my Redeemer's throne;
And be my stubborn will subdu'd,
His government to own!


5 Let deep repentance, faith, and love, Be join'd with godly fear;

And all my conversation prove,
My heart to be sincere.

6 Preserve me from the snares of sin,
Through my remaining days;
And in me let each virtue shine
To my Redeemer's praise.

7 Let lively hope my soul inspire;
Let warm affections rise;
And may I wait with strong desire
To mount above the skies.

287. C. M. Watts. Reverential Worship.


WITH reverence let the saints appear, And bow before the Lord; His high commands with reverence hear, And tremble at his word.

2 How terrible thy glories be!
How bright thine armies shine!
Where is the power that vies with thee,
Or truth compar'd to thine?
3 The northern pole and southern, rest
On thy supporting hand;
Darkness and day, from east to west,
Move round at thy command.

4 Thy words the raging winds control,
And rule the boisterous deep;
Thou mak'st the sleeping billows roll,
The rolling billows sleep.

5 Justice and judgment are thy throne,
Yet wondrous is thy grace;
While truth and mercy, join'd in one,
Invite us near thy face.

288. C. M.

Psalm xlv. 3.

EXTEND thy conquests far and wide,



Gird on thy sword, majestic ride
O'er all inferior things.

2 From north to south, from east to west,
Send forth thy conquering sword;
Command a trembling world to rest
On thy all-powerful word.

3 Let Asia's idols fall before
The sovereign ark of God;
Let Europe bow, thy name adore,,
And feel the Saviour's blood.

4 Columbia, with ten thousand tongues,
Proclaim thy grace abroad;
And Afric's sable sons, in songs,
Thy boundless love record.

5 Let white, and red, and black, combine,
One general song to raise,
'And heaven and earth the chorus join,
'And shout thine endless praise."

289. L. M. Medley.

And he went forth conquering, &c. Rev. vi. 2.


In all the glories of thy power! And make rebellious sinners know Thy great salvation, and adore.

2 Far, e'en to earth's remotest bound,
Be, Lord, thy glorious victories spread ;
Till millions, by the joyful sound,
In sweet captivity are led.

3 Hasten the bright, the glorious day,
When thou in triumph shalt appear,
Thy full salvation to display

On all whom thou hast conquer'd here.
4 Among them, Lord, may we be found,
Subdu'd by love and power divine;
Then, with celestial glories crown'd,
We shall with thee for ever shine.

290. C. M. Altered.


The Universal Triumph of the Gospel.
ORD, smile on each divine attempt
To spread the gospel's rays;
And build on sin's demolish'd throne,
The temples of thy praise.

2 Send forth thy word, and let it fly,
Arm'd with the Spirit's power;
Till thousands shall confess its sway,
And bless the saving hour.


291. S. M. W. & B.

For the coming of Christ's Kingdom. Psalm lxvii. 1-5
O bless the chosen race,
In mercy, Lord, incline,
And cause the brightness of thy face,
On all thy saints to shine.

That so thy wondrous way,
May through the world be known;
While distant lands their tribute pay,
And thy salvation own.

3 Let different nations join
To celebrate thy fame;
Let all the world, O Lord, combine
To praise thy glorious name.


O let them shout and sing,
Dissolv'd in pious mirth,
For thou, the righteous Judge and King,
Shalt govern all the earth.

292. L. M.

The Increase of the Church.

HOUT, for the blessed Jesus reigns!
Thro' distant lands his triumphs spread;
And sinners, freed from endless pains,
Own him their Saviour and their Head.

2 His sons and daughters, from afar,
Daily at Zion's gate arrive;
Those who were dead in sin before,
By sovereign grace are made alive.

3 O may his conquests still increase,

And every foe his power subdue;
While angels celebrate his praise,
And saints his growing glories show.

4 Loud hallelujahs to the Lamb,
From all below and all above;
In lofty songs exalt his name,
In songs as lasting as his love.




293. S. M. .Watts.

The blessedness of Gospel times. Isa. v. 2. 7-10

How charming is their voice!
How sweet the tidings are!
Zion, behold thy Saviour King,
'He reigns and triumphs here.*
3 How happy are our ears,

That hear this joyful sound,
Which kings and prophets waited for,
And sought, but never found!
4 How blessed are our eyes

That see this heavenly light;
Prophets and kings desir'd it long,
But died without the sight.

[OW beauteous are their feet

on Zion's hill!

Who bring salvation on their tongues,
And words of peace reveal!

The watchmen join their voice, And tuneful notes employ; Jerusalem breaks forth in songs, And deserts learn the joy.

The Lord makes bare his arm. Through all the earth abroad; Let every nation now behold Their Saviour and their God.

294. L. M.

Desiring to be controlled by Divine Love.
NONVEN'D from different parts, O Lord,

O may we speak, and hear thy word,
Relying on thy grace alone.

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2 May those that preach be well prepar'd
The solemn message to impart;
In prayer and faith may it be heard,
And find access to every heart.

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