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'Peace on earth, and mercy mild, 'God and sinners reconcil'd.'

2 Joyful, all ye nations rise,
Join the triumph of the skies,
With the heavenly host proclaim,
Christ is born in Bethlehem.'

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3 Christ, by highest heaven ador'd, Christ, the everlasting God, Meekly lays his glory by,

Born for men, for men to die.

4 Hail! thou heaven-born Prince of Peace,
Hail! thou Sun of Righteousness,
Risen with healing in thy wings,
Life and light thy rising brings.

3. L. M.


Good Tidings of Great Joy. Luke ii. 10-14.
HE gospel light rolls down the sky,
And frighten'd darkness flies away;
Fill'd with ecstatic heavenly joy,
Sweet angels hail the blissful day!

2 Wrapt in the shades of mental night,
Deep sunk in guilt lay all the world;
When bursting, glorious, heavenly light,'
The soul-reviving scene unfurl'd.

3 'Go, shepherds,' said the angel band,

Go, and embrace your infant King;

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Proclaim the joy through every land,
Let heaven and earth with rapture ring.'

4 Glory to God on high be given,'

The bursting, joyful, tidings roll'd,
Good will and peace descend from heaven,
To bless and save a sinking world.'

5 We'll spread the news the world around;
Be this our lasting, sweet employ,
Till heaven and earth reflect the sound,
And heathen nations catch the joy.

4. C. M.


The Messiah's coming and kingdom.
OY to the world, the Lord is come;
Let earth receive her king;
Let every heart prepare him room,
And heaven and nature sing.


2 No more let sins and sorrows grow,
Nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make his blessings flow
Far as the curse is found.

3 He rules the world with truth and grace, And makes the nations prove

The glories of his righteousness,
And wonders of his love.

5. L. M. Epis. Coll.
Christ our pattern.

WHENE'ER the angry passions rise,

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife, To Jesus let us lift our eyes, Bright pattern of the Christian life.

2 O how benevolent and kind!

How mild, how ready to forgive! Be this the temper of our mind,

And these the rules by which we live. 3 To do his heavenly Father's will

Was his employment and delight;
Humility and holy zeal

Shone through his life divinely bright.
4 Dispensing good where'er he came,
The labour of his life was love,
Then, if we bear the Saviour's name,
By his example let us move.

5 Thy fair example may we trace,

To teach us what we ought to be; Make us, by thy transforming grace,

O Saviour, daily more like thee.

6. 7's. Wesley's Coll.
Christ our pattern.

Lamb, who thee confess,

Followers of thy holiness,
Thee they ever keep in view,
Ever ask, what shall I do?
2 Govern'd by thy only will,

All thy words we would fulfil,
Would in all thy footsteps go,
Walk as Jesus did below.
3 While thou didst on earth appear,
Servant to thy servants here,
Mindful of thy place above,
All thy life was prayer and love.
4 Such our whole employment be,
Works of faith and charity,
Works of love on man bestow'd,
Secret intercourse with God.
5 Early in the temple meet,
And our loving Saviour greet;
Nightly to the mount repair,
Join our praying Pattern there.
6 There by wrestling faith obtain
Power to work for God again;
Glad to pray and labour on,
Till our earthly course is run.

7. C. M. Rippon's Selection.

Love to enemies from the Example of Christ



Christ to his murderers bare,
Which made the tort'ring cross its throne,
And hung its trophies there.

2 Father, forgive! his mercy cried
With his expiring breath,
And drew eternal blessings down

On those who wrought his death. 3 Jesus, thy wondrous love we sing! And while we sing, admire;

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Breathe on our souls, and kindle there
The same celestial fire.

Sway'd by thy dear example, we
For enemies would pray;
With love their hatred, and their curse
With blessings, would repay.

8. L. M.


The beneficence of Christ for our imitation.
HEN Jesus dwelt in mortal clay,

W What were his works from day to day?

Sweet miracles of power and grace,
That spread salvation through our race.
2 Teach us, O Lord, to keep in view

Thy pattern, and thy steps pursue;
Let alms bestow'd, let kindness done,
Be witness'd by each rolling sun.

3 That man may last, but never lives,
Who much receives, but nothing gives;
Whom none can love, whom none can thank,
Creation's blot, creation's blank.

4 But he who marks, from day to day,
In generous acts his radiant way,
Treads the same path his Saviour trod,
The path to glory and to God.

9. C. M. Doddridge.

The good Samaritan. Luke x. 29–37.

FATHER of mercies! send thy grace,

All-powerful from above,

To form in our obedient souls,
The image of thy love.

2 O, may our sympathizing breasts,
That generous pleasure know,
Kindly to share in others' joy,
And weep for others' woe!

3 When the most helpless sons of grief,
In low distress are laid;

Soft be our hearts their pains to feel,
And swift our hands to aid.


4 So Jesus flew on wings of love,
To raise us from the ground,
And shed the richest of his blood,
A balm for every wound.

10. L. M. Watts.
The Example of Christ.
My dear Redeemer and my Lord,
I read my duty in thy word;
But in thy life the law appears,
Drawn out in living characters.

2 Such was thy truth, and such thy zeal,
Such deference to thy Father's will,
Such love, and meekness so divine,
I would transcribe and make them mine.
3 Cold mountains and the midnight air
Witness'd the fervour of thy prayer;
The desert thy temptations knew,
Thy conflict, and thy victory too.

4 Be thou my pattern; make me bear
More of thy gracious image here,
Then God, the Judge, shall own my name
Amongst the followers of the Lamb.

11. S. M. !

Christ our Pattern in Baptism.

SINNERS! could you see Jesus, the Lamb of God, Extended on Mount Calvary


Groaning beneath your load:

2 Could you but hear him say,
With his expiring breath,
"I die to bear your guilt away,
That you may live by faith:"
3 Could you but see him rise,

From Jordan's rolling flood,
And hear him say, "be ye baptiz'd,
Like me your rising Lord:"

4 Where is the heart of stone
That would not melt or break;

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