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"Twas when by faith I saw Him bleed, To whom my life I owe.

2 Not all the tears that sinners shed,
Could ever give repose;
The voice of God awakes the dead,
And goodness conquers foes.

3 Yet when I feel that he is good,
I'm melted to the ground,
And find in Christ's atoning blood
"A balm for every wound."

4 O then how pleasing 'tis to weep!
O'erwhelm'd with grateful grief;
The tear of penitence is sweet,
And always brings relief.

362. S. M.

We love Him, because He first loved us.


LOVE my Saviour God, Because he first lov'd me; Because he shed his precious blood, To set my spirit free.

2 'Twas love my bosom felt,

And made me wipe my eyes, When low before his throne I knelt, To pour my feeble cries.

3 Touch'd by his dying love, I melted into grief;

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Swift on the wings of love he mov'd,
And brought me sweet relief.

4 With my whole heart I love
The God that lov'd and bled;
Who left the shining realms above,
And suffer'd in my stead.

5 Who can forbear to love
A God so good and kind?
Sure he is worthy to be lov'd
By me and all mankind.

363. S. M. Stennett.


Praise for Conversion. Psalm lxvi. 16. NOME, ye that fear the Lord, And listen, while I tell, How narrowly my feet escap'd The snares of death and hell.

2 Darkness, and shame, and grief,
Oppress'd my gloomy mind;
I look'd around me for relief,
But no relief could find.

3 At length to God I cried;

He heard my plaintive sigh; He heard, and instantly he sent Salvation from on high.

4 My drooping head he rais'd;

My bleeding wounds he heal'd; Pardon'd my sins, and with a smile, The gracious pardon seal'd.

5 O, may I ne'er forget
The mercy of my God!
Nor ever want a tongue to spread
His loudest praise abroad.

364. C. M. Psalm cxvi. Watts. Gracious Deliverance acknowledged. I render My feet shall visit thine abode, My songs address thy throne.

W For all his kindness shown?

2 Among the saints that fill thy house,
My offering shall be paid;

There shall my zeal perform the vows,
My soul in anguish made.

3 How happy all thy servants are!
How great thy grace to me!
The life which thou hast made thy care,
Lord, I devote to thee.

4 Now I am thine, for ever thine.
Nor shall my purpose move;
Thy hands have loos'd my bonds of pain,
And bound me with thy love.

5 Here, in thy courts, I leave my vow,
And thy rich grace record;
Witness, ye saints, who hear me now,
If I forsake the Lord.


365. C. M. Christ's Baptism.


HEN Christ, who came my soul to save, In Jordan was baptiz'd; Arising from the liquid grave, A voice from heaven replies:

2 Thou art my well-beloved Son,
Let men thy word obey;

I am well pleas'd that thou hast shown
Thy flock this humble way.

3 O heavenly Dove, who did descend,
And rest upon his brow!

With all thy quickening power attend
Upon thine ordinance now.

4 And while we in obedience move,
And thy command obey;
O breathe the power of faith and love,
And wash our sins away.

366. C. M.

Christ's Baptism inspires Faith.

SAVIOUR, wast thou baptis'd in blood,

Immers'd in woe for me!

And shall I not obey thy word,
And be baptis'd with thee?

2 Didst thou reclaim my sinful heart,
From bondage set me free?
And shall I not with all things part,
My gracious Lord, for thee?

3 Didst thou into the Jordan go,
To show my feet the path?
Didst thou rise out of Jordan too?-
I feel the inspiring faith ;—

4 That thou art Christ the Son of God;
Baptis'd beneath the stream;-
Faith that immersion is the mode
By which we own thy name.
5 0 let me feel a conscience too,
At peace with God above!
For ever thy blest way pursue,
Nor ever from thee rove.

367. S. M.

Baptism a voluntary act of its Subject.
BEDIENT to the word,

He that would be baptis'd
Must be immers'd, like Christ the Lord,
Like Christ the Lord, arise.

2 Upon his name must call, Who died to set us free, Receiving him as all in all

A willing subject be. 3 Planted into his death,

His resurrection prove; Possess an overcoming faith,

A faith that works by love.

4 Must worship in the act,
The act must be his own;
His conscience answering to the fact,
That duty he has done.

5 But where the rite is forc'd,
Or is at best unknown,
There can no worship be address'd,
No peace of conscience known.

368. C. M. Faith and Baptism.

'Go, preach the gospel,' saith the Lord,

sons men; He that believes and is baptis'd, 'Salvation shall obtain.'

2 That thou art Christ the Son of God,
I firmly do believe;

And in obedience to thy word,
Would now this Rite receive.

3 Smile, sacred Spirit, from on high,
And bless us in the flood;
The promise to our souls apply,
And seal us heirs of God.

369. C. M.

Putting on Christ in Baptism.

COME, Holy Ghost, thy influence shed

On every

Quick'ning to life the guilty dead-
Joy to the saints impart.

2 With holy zeal my breast inspire,
With love my heart inflame;
Father, bestow the pure desire,
To own thy sacred name.

3 Obedient to thy gracious word
To put the Saviour on,-
Be buried in the yielding flood,
His awful name to own.

4 To thee I all my powers resign,
Thon holy One in Three;
And by this Rite, this mystic sign,
Devote myself to thee.

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