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370. C. M.
Baptis'd into the Name of the Trinity.
N thy great rame, Supreme of all,

And whilst to nothing here we fall,
O speak, and bid us rise!

2 Thy name makes all creation fear,
The earth, and sea, and skies;
And shall not we that name revere,
And in it be baptis'd?

3 Into thy name, thou God of hosts,
Thou sacred One in Three,
Great Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
We would baptised be.

4 Renouncing all our former ways,
Henceforth would live to thee;
And O may all our future days
To thee devoted be.

371. S. M. Arise, and be baptised, and wash away thy sin

AS water purifies,

And makes the filthy clean; So faith the blood of Christ applies, To cleanse the soul from sin.

2 "Call'd from above, I rise
"To wash away my sin;"
With Christ my Lord to be baptis'd,
And prove my love of Him.

3 Henceforth, vain world, adieu,

You have no charms for me;
Once I was bound in love of you,
But Christ has set me free.

4 Aspiring to God, I rise

Above your flattering charms;
To heaven I lift my longing eyes,
To Christ extend my arms.


5 Dead be iny heart to all,
To all below the skies;
My Saviour, I obey thy call,
And rise to be baptis'd.

372. C. M.

Grateful obedience in Baptism.

ALMIGHTY Saviour! didst thou bleed,

And groan, and die for me?
And poor become, that rich indeed
I might for ever be?

2 Didst thou the cross for me sustain,
And bear my sinful load,
In agonizing seat and pain,
That I might dwell with God?

3 What can I do thy name to praise, Who died to set me free?

At thy command will be baptis'd,
Through grace, will follow thee..
4 O let thy Spirit be my guide
Through all my future way;
To keep me near thy wounded side,.
Nor let me ever stray.

373. S. M. Following Jesus.

ESUS, thou dying Lamb, Take all my sins away; Thine is the sacrifice I bring, And thee I would obey..

2 Within thy book I trace

The way that thou dids' go; And by thy all-assisting grace,

I will that way pursue.

3 Baptis'd in Jordan's stream,
Was Christ my blessed Lord!
O let me ever follow him,
Obedient to his word.

374. C. M.

Motives of Sinners and Saints Different.

WHAT shall I do, the sinner cries,

That I may get to

Believe in Christ, the word replies,
And thou shalt be forgiven.

2 The grateful Saint looks upwards too,
And hopes with Christ to be,-
Saviour, he cries, what shall I do,
To prove my love of thee?

3 Come, follow me, the Lord replies,
Into the watery grave;

He that believes, and is baptis'd,
I pledge my word to save.

4 Follow in all that I require;
Obedience is the road,

By which to heaven you should aspire,
By which commune with God.

375. C. M.

Why tarriest thou? arise, and be baptised. Acts xxii. 16.


ELIEVING soul, 'why tarriest thou?
'Arise, and be baptised;'
Yield to the word-to Jesus bow;
Let pride be sacrific'd.

2 Bury'd in baptism with our God,
We bid the world adieu;
Rising like him from Jordan's flood,
Begin our lives anew.

3 Ye gilded vanities depart,

With all your flattering charms;
I clasp my Saviour to my heart,
He folds me in his arms.

40 may thy arms, Almighty Lord,
Support me through the way,
And while I thus thy grace record,
Let sin be wash'd away.

Follow thou me.


WHY tarriest thou? arise!

And be baptis'd straightway;'
This institution prize;
O come without delay;
If Jesus has thy sins forgiven,
This is the way that leads to heaven.



376. 6. 6. 6. 6. 2. 8.

John xxi. 22. Matt. iii. 13-17. Acts xxii. 16.

This is the way he trod,

He bow'd beneath the stream;

His Father and our God

Did not account it mean;

But loud proclaim'd, "This is my Son,
'And I'm well pleas'd with what he 's done.'

Down from the shining skies,
Descends the peaceful Dove,
To Jesus' head he flies,
His conduct to approve;
Thus Father, Son and Spirit too,
Unite to teach us what to do.

How can we then delay,
Since He our glorious head,
To show our feet the way,
Beneath the stream is laid?
Believing soul, he speaks to thee,
And kindly says, come, follow me.

377. C. M. Rippon's Selection.

The love of Christ constraineth us. 2 Cor. v. 14.

DEAR Lord, and has thy pardoning love

Embrac'd a wretch so vile?

Then kindly bid each cloud remove,
And bless me with thy smile.

2 Hast thou the cross for me endur'd,
And all its shame despis'd?
And shall I be asham'd, O Lord,
With thee to be baptis'd?

3 Didst thou the great example lead,
In Jordan's swelling flood?
And shall my pride disdain the deed,
That's worthy of my God?

4 Dear Lord, the ardour of thy love
Reproves my cold delays;
And now my willing footsteps move
In thy delightful ways.

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378. L. M.
Not ashamed of Jesus.

A mortal man ashamed of thee! Ashamed of thee whom angels praise, Whose glories shine through endless days!

2 Asham'd of Jesus! sooner far
Let evening blush to own a star;
He sheds the beams of light divine,
O'er this benighted soul of mine.

3 Asham'd of Jesus! that dear friend,
On whom my hopes of heaven depend!
No; when I blush-be this my shame,
That I no more revere his name.

4 Asham'd of Jesus!-yes, I may,

When I've no guilt to wash away,
No tear to wipe, no good to crave,
No fear to quell, no soul to save:
5 Till then-nor is my boasting vain-
Till then I boast a Saviour slain!
And O, may this my glory be,
That Christ is not ashamed of me!

6 His institutions would I prize,

Take up my cross-the shame despise;
Dare to defend his noble cause,
And yield obedience to his laws.

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