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4 Men of worldly, low design,
Let not these thy people join,
Till they nothing know beside
Jesus, and him crucified.

5 Save us from the great and wise,
Till they sink in their own eyes,
Tamely to thy yoke submit,
Lay their honours at thy feet.
6 Never let the world break in,
Fix a mighty gulf between;
Keep us lowly and unknown,
Priz'd and lov'd of thee alone.

388. 7's. Wesley's Coll.
Prayer for Union and Holiness.
ESUS, Lord, we look to thee,
name agree;

Show thyself the Prince of Peace,
Bid our jars for ever cease.

2 By thy reconciling love,
Every stumbling-block remove,
Each to each unite-endear;
Come, and spread thy banner here.

3 Make us of one heart and mind,
Courteous, pitiful and kind,
Lowly, meek in thought and word;
Make us like our blessed Lord.

4 Let us each for other care,

Each the other's burden bear,
To the world the pattern give,—
Show how true believers live.

5 Free from anger-free from pride,-
Let us thus in God abide;
All the depths of love express,
All the heights of holiness.

389. C. M.

Invitation to the Church.

all the name,

Come forth and make it known,
Be buried in the yielding stream,
That sacred name to own.

2 Enter his courts with holy joy,
His pleasing rule obey,
And every power for him employ,
Through all life's future way.

3 Why will you longer stay behind? Behold there still is room!

Let all who are by grace inclin'd,
Though trembling, rise and come.

390. C. M.

Receiving a baptised Brother.

BROTHER in Christ, beloved thon,

Because lovest Him;
Enter and welcome-enter now,
And fight with hell and sin.

2 Accept the testimonial hand,

Of love and union dear;
Within the gate of Zion stand,
And prove thyself sincere.
3 Be it thy future, constant aim,
Thy never-failing end;
To glorify his sacred name,
And show thyself his friend.

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391. C. M.


Prayer at uniting with the Church.
UT of the world, O Lord, I come,
Thy precepts to obey;

To make thy church my future home,
While here on earth I stay.

2 All weakness, and unholy too, Saviour, I dare not say,

I'll never cease thy will to do, "But grant I never may."

3 Grant me thy perfect love to know,
That love in me reveal;
That I may honour thee below,
And with thee ever dwell

392. C. M. Altered.

Come in, thou blessed of the Lord. Gen. xxiv. 3.
OME in, ye blessed of our God,
children here;

Wash'd in the Saviour's cleansing blood,
For him, your Lord, appear.

2 Stay not within the wilderness,
Nor waiting at the door;
Sweet Jesus will your woes redress,
Were they ten thousand more.

3 Though fearing, trembling, rise and come! Yield to the Saviour's voice;

For hung'ring, thirsting souls, there's room;
O make the blissful choice!

4 Room in the Saviour's gracious breast-
That breast which glows with love;
Room in the church, his chosen rest,
And room in heaven above.

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5 Why will you longer lingering stay, When Jesus says, 'there 's room?" Now is the time, th' accepted day'Arise! he bids you come!'

393. L. M. Altered.

An Invitation to Young Converts.
OME in, ye blessed of the Lord,
Ye that believe his holy word;
Your Saviour's boundless goodness prove,
And feast on his redeeming love.

2 Why should you longer stay without?
Why should you longer fear or doubt?
Why will you longer lingering wait?
O enter now fair Zion's gate!

3 Let every soul that's born again,

No longer wait, but now come in;
Yield to the Lord, and thence receive
Whate'er a pardoning God can give.

394. C. M.

Dedication to God.

WASH'D in the Saviour's cleansing blood,

Buried the wave;

I now approach thy throne, my God,
And sing thy power to save.

2 I yield to thy divine control;
To thee I all resign;

O take my flesh, my heart, my soul,
And make me wholly thine.

3 Thine may I live, thine may I die, And thine for ever be;

Fain would I soar to worlds on high,
And lose myself in thee.

395. L. M. Maclay's Selection. Admission of New Members. Gen. xxiv. 31.

WELCOME, ye well-beloved of God,

Ye heirs of grace, redeem'd with blood; Welcome, with us your hands to join, As partners of our lot divine.

2 Embrace the cross, and bear it on;
It shall be light, and not be long;
Soon shall we sit with Jesus down,
And wear a never fading crown.

396. L. M. Maclay's Selection. Receiving an Individual. Gen. xxiv. 31. OME in, thou blessed of the Lord,'

We welcome thee with one accord,
And trust our Saviour does the same.

2 Thy name, 'tis hoped, already stands
Mark'd in the book of life above;
And now to thine we join our hands,
In tuken of our Christian love.

397. 8.7. Altered.

A hearty Welcome to Baptised Believers.

WELCOME here, our friend and brother,

Welcome all our joys to share;
Kind and faithful to each other,
May we feel a brother's care!
2 Here expos'd to sore temptation,
Let us bear each other's load;
Till we gain complete salvation,
In the presence of our God.
3 Christians, thus together walking,

Mutual light and strength impart;
While of Christ the Saviour talking,

Love inflames their every heart.

4 Welcome all who feel in union,

Who believe and are baptis'd;
Welcome here to full communion,
Welcome, soon, to endless joys.

Parkinson's Selection.

398. C. M.
The Church rejoicing at receiving Members.
WITH what pleasure we behold,
Sinners to Canaan move!
Leaving the fleeting things below,
For greater things above.


2 These, having openly confess'd
The great Immanuel's name,
With sacred pleasure we embrace,
As followers of the Lamb.

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