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3 In Christ our kindred spirits join'd,
Around this Vine of Life entwin'd;
And friendship no abatement knows,
Which from the heavenly fountain flows.

4 With what delight she incense shed,
To cheer the heart, exalt the head!
For generous flowers emit perfume,
And make the dreary desert bloom.

5 Open and frank as beams of day,
Dignity mark'd her radiant way;
But when the bleeding breast she heal'd,
Herself she nobly kept conceal'd.

6 Such was the sweetness of that flower,
That faded in one fatal hour;
Faded to blossom o'er the tomb,
And flourish in immortal bloom.

174. L. M.

Desiring submission in pain.
soul inclin'd

is not

To yield to all thy sovereign will;
To ease or pain to be resign'd,
To life or death submissive still?

2 But while I feel the pure desire,
When pains my feeble frame assail,
My trembling hopes almost expire,
My strongest resolutions fail.

3 Fain would I kiss the smarting rod,
But flesh is fearful, frail, and weak,
My spirit seeks to thee, my God,
O let me find the God I seek.

4 Then shall I triumph o'er my pain,
In all the ways of duty run;
Then shall I count my loss my gain,
And say, thy holy will be done.

5 Then shall I fear nor pain, nor death,
But yield to all thy sovereign sway;
For thee shall spend my every breath,
And rise through Christ to endless day.

175. L. M. Watts.

Christ's presence makes death easy.
"HY should we start and fear to die?

we are!

Death is the gate of endless joy,
And yet we dread to enter there.

2 The pains, the groans, the dying strife,
Fright our approaching souls away,
Still we shrink back again to life,
Fond of our prison and our clay.

3 0 if my Lord would come and meet,
My soul should stretch her wings in haste,
Fly fearless through death's iron gate,
Nor feel the terrors as she pass'd.

4 Jesus can make a dying bed,

Feel soft as downy pillows are,
While on his breast I lean my head,
And breathe my life out sweetly there.

176. C. M. Watts.

The Burial of a Christian,

HY do we mourn departing friends,


"Tis but the voice that Jesus sends,
To call them to his arms.

2 Why should we tremble to convey Their bodies to the tomb?

There the dear flesh of Jesus lay,
And left a long perfume.

3 The graves of all his saints he blest,
And soften'd every bed;
Where should the dying members rest,
But with their dying head?

4 Thence he arose, ascended high,
And show'd our feet the way;
Up to the Lord our flesh shall fly,
At the great rising day.

5 Then let the last loud trumpet sound,
And bid our kindred rise;
Awake! ye nations under ground,
Ye saints, ascend the skies.

177. L. M.

Dedication to God.

REMBLING I fall before thy throne

O help me now from all to part,
And yield an undivided heart.

2 O melt it, mould it all anew,
For thou alone the work canst do,-
Father, I bring no plea beside,
Save Jesus and him crucified.

3 My kind Redeemer, can it be

That thou hast bled for worthless me?
O let me feel thy healing power,
In this devoted, anxious hour.

4 Eternal Spirit, gracious Lord,

I would, I do believe thy word,—
And if I have not, help me now,
My heart to yield, thy will to do.

5 Give me repentance, give me faith,
The faith that triumphs over death,
The faith that works, and works by love,
And wafts the soul to joys above.

6 May this be the propitious time,
When thou wilt make me wholly thine,
When all my powers shall be subdued,
And sin forever drown'd in blood.

7 To thee, Almighty Lord of hosts,
Great Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
I raise the song, thy name adore,
And long to praise thee evermore.

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8 But O, the loftiest strain is lost,
And thine, thou sweet, celestial host;
Unstrung the harp-be mute the lays,-
Let solemn "silence muse his praise."



Afflictions, though they seem severe...
All hail, the power of Jesus' name.....
All within was dark and gloomy

An alien from God, and a stranger to grace.
And art thou, gracious Master, gone...
And now, my dear brethren, I bid you farewell
Arise, and shine, O Zion fair...



At a distance from heaven, in a world of contention. 109
Attend, ye saints, and hear me tell

Awak'd by Sinai's awful sound....
Awake! careless sinners, believe and obey.

Awake, my dear brethren, who trust in the Lord.
Away my doubts, begone, my fear.....
Awake, my heart! my soul, arise
Away, my unbelieving fear...
Awake, ye soldiers of the cross..........

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Begone, unbelief, my Saviour is near.
Behold the path that mortals tread..
Blessed are the sons of God....
Brethren, I am come again..
Brethren, we are met to worship
Brethren, while we sojourn here.
Bright scenes of glory strike my sense...
Brightness of the Father's glory...
Burst, ye emerald gates, and bring.

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Christians, dismiss your fear....
Christians, if your hearts be warm..
Come we that love the Lord...
Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched..
Come, dear brethren in the Saviour....
Come, thou Fount of every blessing.
Come, every mourning sinner....

Come, brethren and sisters, who 're now on the way.
Come, soldiers for Jesus, attend to this way
Come, all ye who ever have mercy obtain'd:

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