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This fearful truth increas'd my pain, "The sinner must be born again,'

O'erwhelm'd my tortur'd mind. 4 Again did Sinai's thunder roll, And guilt lay heavy on my soul, A vast unwieldy load; Alas! I read and saw it plain, "The sinner must be born again,' Or drink the wrath of God!

5 The saints I heard with rapture tell,
How Jesus quer'd death and hell,
And broke the fowler's snare ;
Yet, when I found this truth remain,
The sinner must be born again,'
I sunk in deep despair.


6 But while I thus in anguish lay,
Jesus of Naz'reth pass'd that way,
And felt his pity move;
The sinner, by his justice slain,
Now, by his grace, 'is born again,'
And sings redeeming love.

7 To heaven the joyful tidings flew, The angels tun'd their harps anew, And loftier notes did raise;

All hail! the Lamb that once was slain,
Unnumber'd millions' born again,'

Shall shout thine endless praise.

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44. 10. 8.

Praise for free Grace.


RACE!-'tis a sacred plant of heavenly birth, "The seed descending from above, "Roots in a soil refin'd-grows high on earth, "And blooms in life, and joy, and love."

2 Awake! my soul, this grace thou mayest obtain,
Now is the time to urge thy plea;
Almighty grace, extend thy peaceful reign,
And draw my wandering soul to thee.

3 Long time in gloomy darkness I have lain, Beneath the clouds of death and sin,

And sporting on the verge of endless pain,
But grace prevents my falling in.

4 To thee, my Saviour, and my heavenly King,
To thee my soul, my all I owe;
Almighty arm! to me salvation bring,
Or I shall sink to endless woe.

5 As thus I lay upon the brink of hell,
And sought of God to find relief;
The Saviour smil'd-what tongue my joy can tell,
Or tell the sweets of melting grief!

6 All glory be to Christ my Sovereign King,
Let saints and angels join their lays-
To thee, eternal God, our strains we bring,
Accept and wear the crown of praise.

7 Where are the saints who've left the church below,
Who once were toiling here like me?
They're gone from all the scenes of sin and woe,→
My soul, they wait above for thee.

8 Then let me move with heavenly courage on,
And force my passage to the skies;
With them to wear a never-fading crown,
And dwell with Christ in paradise.

45. 11's. Altered.

God the Fountain of Love.
HE Gospel brings tidings of peace from above;

This fountain is flowing to Adam's lost race,
"Tis infinite goodness 'tis rich and free grace.

How cheering the prospect! how pleasant the road!
When led down the stream by the angel of God;
Though shallow at first, yet we find it at last,
A river so boundless it cannot be past.

3 Come, heart-broken sinner, this fountain is free, "Twas open'd by Jesus, and open'd for thee; The Spirit invites you to come and partake, The bride too entreats you for Jesus' sake.

4 If thou art a sinner, the vilest of all,

"Twas such, not the righteous, the Lord came to call; O, why will you lunger?-Believe and obey, The Judgment don't slumber, nor vengeance delay.

46. 7. 6. Allered.

The triumphs of the Gospel.


HE glorious light of Zion
Is spreading far and wide,
And sinners, now, are coming
Unto the gospel tide;
The standard of King Jesus
Triumphant doth arise;
And sinners crowd around it,
With bitter groans and cries.
2 The sufferings of our Saviour,
Upon mount Calvary,
Is sounded out to sinners,

And sets the prisoners free;
And whilst this glorious message
Was circulating round,
Some souls, expos'd to ruin,
Redeeming love have found.

3 And of this happy number, I hope that I am one; And Jesus sure will finish

The work he has begun;
He'll cut it short in righteousness,
And I'll for ever be,
A monument of mercy,
To all eternity.

4 I am but a young convert,
Who lately did enlist,
A soldier under Jesus,
My Prophet, King, and Priest;
I have received my bounty,

Likewise my martial dress,
A ring of love and favour,
A robe of righteousness.

5 Down, down into the water,

Where we young converts go,
Foll'wing our Lord and Master,

In righteousness below;
We lay our sinful bodies

Beneath the yielding wave,
An emblem of our Saviour,
When he lay in the grave.
6 Poor sinners, think what Jesus
Has done for you and me ;
Behold, his mangled body

Hung tortur'd on the tree!
His head, his hands, his bleeding side,
To you he doth display;
O, tell me, brother sinner,
How can you stay away?

7 Come, all ye elder brethren, Old soldiers of the cross, Who, for the sake of Jesus,

Have counted all things loss,-
Come, pray for us young converts,
That we may travel on,
And meet you all in glory,
Where our Redeemer's gone.

47. 8. 7. 4. Rippon's Selection. Longing for the spread of the Gospel. O'ER the gloomy hills of darkness,

Look, be still gaze;

All the promises do travail
With a glorious day of grace;
Blessed jubilee,

Let thy glorious morning dawn!
2 Kingdoms wide that sit in darkness,
Grant them, Lord, the glorious light;
And from eastern coast to western,
May the morning chase the night;
And redemption,
Freely purchas'd, win the day.
3 Fly abroad, thou glorious gospel,
Win and conquer, never cease;
May thy lasting, wide dominions,
Multiply and still increase;
Sway thy sceptre,
Saviour, all the world around.


The spread and conquests of the Gospel.
HE Gospel-day breaks o'er the world,

And sin and idol-gods are hurl'd
To death and endless ruin;
The brilliant Star ascends the east,
And darts his rays e'en to the west,
The intervening world is blest,

And souls for life are suing.

2 Behold, on India's barren soil,
The Author of salvation smile!
The caste is broke-the funeral pile
Is sinking to oblivion:

The idol Juggernaut no more

Is drench'd with streams of human gore;
His rescu'd worshippers adore
And praise the God of heaven.

3 In Otaheite the gospel sounds,
And every idol-god confounds,

And kings forsake their thrones and crowns,
To hear of sins forgiven.

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