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Free salvation be our boast,
Ever mindful what it cost,
Ever grateful for the prize-
Let our praises reach the skies.
Firm united let us be,
In the bonds of charity;
As a band of brothers join'd,
Loving God, and ai! mankind.

2 Rise! ye heralds of the Lord,

Take the breast-plate, shield, and sword,
Now against hell's hosts proclaim
War in Christ's all-conquering name-
Rise! assert your liberty,
March to glorious victory.

Learn on Jesus to depend,
He'll the cause of truth defend-
Ever place on him your trust,
He's almighty, wise, and just.
Firm, united, let us stand,
Firm, an undivided band,
Brethren dear, in Jesus join'd,
Fill'd with all his constant mind.

3 Sound the gospel trumpet, sound
To the earth's remotest bound;
Let the name of Christ our God
Spread through all the world abroad;
Sinners, còme, "behold the flame,
Rising from the slaughter'd Lamb;"
By the rich, atoning blood,
Be ye reconcil'd to God;
Now's the time-no more delay-
Bow to Christ the Lord to-day.
Hail! the gospel Jubilee,
Jesus comes to set us free;
When he comes no more to bleed,
We shall then be free indeed.

4 Now the Sovereign of the sky, Comes, the troops of hell must fly ;Captain of salvation, thou

Lead is on to conquest now;

Shield us by thy mighty power,
Till the last decisive hour

Brings us, with the throng above,
To adore redeeming love;
Evermore to shout and sing,
Glory to our conquering King!
Firm, united, let us move,
In the bonds of Christian love,
And the band of brothers join'd,
Shall eternal glory find.

55. 11's.

The Missionary's Delight.


HOW I am pleas'd through the desert to rove, And point the wild-man of the forest above! To be but the index to point out the road, Through Christ the Redeemer, to one living God.

2 That God lov'd the world, which by sin is undone, So lov'd it he gave up to death his dear Son :And hear him, inquiring, say-"read that again, Did Christ, the Redeemer, die for the wild-man?"

3 He died for the Indian, the Greenlander too;
He bled for the Burman,-poor negroes, for you!-
O, how I delight through the desert to rove,
And point the wild-man of the forest above!

4 O, blessed Redeemer, look down from thy throne,
And bid the poor wild-man no longer to roam;
Let rays of thy mercy descend from above,
And capture the wild-man, and tame him to love.


56. 7.6.

Mourners Invited.


NOME, every mourning sinner,
And go with us above;
Give up your heart to Jesus,
He'll fill it with his love;

He kindly now invites us,

And holds us out a crown, And angels hover round us, To guide us safely home.

2 Farewell to old companions,
We're bound to worlds unknown;
On all your sinful pleasures,
With pity we look down;
Fain would we take you with us,
But if you will not go,
We're bound to follow Jesus,
And bid you all adieu.

3 Could we but hope to meet you
When we arrive at home,
"Twould heighten our enjoyment
Whilst we are trav'lling on:-
O come, poor careless sinner,

And view the Lamb of God
Beneath your load of sorrow,

And sweating drops of blood!

4 No longer dare to linger,
But look to Calvary,
And see the lovely Saviour
Expiring on the tree;
Be melted into sorrow,

To penitential grief-
Fly to the dear Redeemer,
And there obtain relief.


57. 11. 12.

The broken heart encouraged.


TOW sad is my state! says the heart-broken sinner Not one ray of comfort arises for me! And is there no refuge a shield me from danger? No covert to which the stressed may flee?

Alas! I'm a wretch, on the brink of destruction, Whose heart, all polluted by Satan's seduction, Has urg'd me astray from the Saviour's instruction, Whose love is unbounded, whose mercy is free. 2 Mount Sinai in thunder discharges its fire,

And justice pursues me, how awful its claim! The thundering trumpet proclaims it still higher, "The soul that has sinned shall surely be slain :' I sink, O thou Saviour, I sink in deep water! O reach forth thy hand, as thou didst unto Peter; Thy grace, and thy mercy, alone, can deliver; Thy love is unbounded, thy mercy is free.

3 Thou Saviour of sinners! I bow under suff'ring; My heart, though polluted, I give unto thee; Unworthy and poor, I acknowledge the off ring;

Yet, O, kind Redeemer! remember thou me! The means of thy grace, I have long, long neglected And like the mad Legion, thy mercy rejected; But Legion subdu'd, was by Jesus accepted,His love is unbounded, his mercy is free.

4 Though blind as Bartimeus, like him I'll be crying.
To Jesus for mercy on my sinking soul;
Though weak as the impotent man who was lying
At Bethesda, still I will wait at the pool:
Like Mary, I'll come to the feet of the Saviour,
He cannot, he will not exclude me for ever,
For Saul and Manasseh obtain'd his free favour;
His love is unbounded, his mercy is free.

5 Though sad is my state, and forlorn my condition, To thee, O my Saviour, I look for relief; Like Esther the queen, I'll present my petition,

And hope for the mercy that pardon'd a thief; The queen, tho' she trembled, was kindly accepted, Nor was a poor penitent ever rejected; Then why should I languish, and feel so dejected? His love is unbounded, his mercy is free.

6 To see him descending, on Calvary bleeding. To view him arising and claiming his throne,

O'erpowers my heart with a mingied emotionO take it, my Saviour, and seal it tny own While gazing and singing, I rise into rapture,Sway, triumphant Jesus! the gospel, thy sceptre ; The vilest of rebels, I know thou canst conquer:

Thy love is unbounded, thy mercy is free.

Thy pardoning grace, how unbounded the blessing!
I feel it in torrents run down from above;
Let gratitude rise unto God without ceasing,
Until we ascend to the ocean of love;
There, there we shall meet this exalted Redeemer,
There, there all the ransom'd, united together,
Shall swell the sweet chorus for ever and ever,
'His love is unbounded, his mercy is free!'

58. 7.6. Anon.

The Penitent's Plea.

GOD of my salvation, hear,

me to
Simply would I now draw near,
Thy blessing to receive;
Full of guilt, alas! I am;
But to thy wounds for refuge flee;
Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb,
Thy blood was shed for me.

2 On the throne as newly slain,
To thee I lift mine eye;
Balm of all my grief and pain,
Thy blood is ever nigh:

Now, as yesterday, the same

Thou art, and wilt for ever be.-Friend, &c.

3 Nothing have I, Lord, to pay,

Nor can thy grace procure; Empty send me not away,

For I, thou know'st, am poor; Nought have I but sin and shame,

But this affords a plea with thee.-Friend, &c.


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