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303. L. M. The Captive struggling to be free. I

FEEL the strugglings of desire

The value of my soul I feel; Almighty God, my breast inspire With

conquering faith and holy zeal. 2 Trembling I stand, and still afraid,

That man should see my bosom swell;
Asham'd to lift my guilty head,

Expos'd to all the flames of hell.
3 Reasoning I ask, why should I dread

The scoff of dying worms like me?
Yet, just as soon could raise the dead,

As from this fear myself to free.
4 0 Thou whose voice can all control,

And set the guilty captive free-
Speak thy salvation to my soul;

Bid me arise, and come to thee.
5 Speak, and my broken chains shall fall,

And never bind my soul again;
Speak, and releas'd from sin and thrall,
I shall arise and own thy name.

304. C. M.
The Prayer of the Penitent.
TREMBLING I stand before the Lord, 1
My bosom heaves beneath a load,

A load of guilt and woe. 2 Where shall I go, or whither flee,

That I may ease receive? Divine Redeemer, pity me,

O pity and forgive! 3 Speak with the voice that wakes the dead,

And bid my guilt remove; That voice shall raise my drooping head,

And teach my heart to love.


305. C. M.
Be still and know that I am God.
E still! and know that I am God,

Before my footstool wait;
Whene'er I lift my chast'ning rod,

Let guilty rebels quake. 2 I am Jehovah, I alone

Can kill and make alive;
Sinner, approach my gracious throne,

Believe in Christ and live.
3 Almighty God, I fear thy power,

And trembling bend to thee;
I wait the joy-inspiring hour,

When thou shalt say,-be free! 4 Sunk down beneath a guilty load,

I feel, alas! undone ;
And wait to know thee as my God,

In Christ thy only Son.
5 I hear and feel thy awful word,

Through grace I will be still, Be still and know that thou art God ;Bow to thy sovereign will.

306. C. M.

Prayer of the Penitent.
ESUS, thou lover of mankind,

Wilt thou my captive soul unbind;

Break off these chains of sin?
2 Righteous and true, O Lord, thou art

in all thy glorious ways;
To thee I yield a broken heart-
O heal it by thy grace!

307. S. M.
Prayer for Repentance and Faith.
BESTOW, Almighty God,

The penitent desire;

And by thy word diffuse abroad,

celestial fire.
2 Melt down my frozen heart,

And bend my will to thee;
The gift of penitence impart,

And set the prisoner free.
3 The conquering faith bestow,

The chains of sin unbind;
Now bid the rescued captive go,
And leave his guilt behind.

308. C. M.
The same.


For thou canst all things do, O take this flinty stone away,

My stubborn heart renew.
2 Melt down to penitential grief,

The soul that will not grieve;
Destroy the power of unbelief,

And help me to believe. 3 This moment, Lord, the gift bestow,

Nor let me longer wait ;
For Jesus' sake bestow it now,

Lest it should be too late.

309. C. M. Halting between two opinions.


TINC Do that I against thy throne,

rebel, Lord, Sometimes I'm half inclin'd to own,

And seek relief from sin.
2 I dread the awful sound, depart

Down to the flames of hell!
And yet this proud, rebellious heart,

Will scarce consent to kneel!

3 If grace has e'er begun the work,

Now, Lord, the work complete ; If not, O let me feel the stroke,

That lays me at thy feet. 4 Kindly invited to return,

Invited, Lord, by thee;
I hasten to thy gracious throne,

And bend the suppliant knee.
5 O melt this stubborn heart of stone,

In thy dissolving blood ! Then shall I bow to thee alone, And yield to Christ my God.

310. C. M. PART II.

The surrender.
SAVIOUR, help me to resolve,

And cause my heart to bleed;
May goodness now the stone dissolve,

That I may mourn indeed. 2 Here at thy gracious feet I fall,

And struggling to be free, Forsaking sin, and self, and all, I give myself to thee.

311. S. M. Wesley's Coll. The Penitent's


and surrender \HE Saviour bids me come, He calls the weary sinner home,

And yet frum him I stay. 2 What is it keeps me back,

From which I cannot part?
Which will not let the Saviour take
Possession of


heart? 3 Jesus, the hindrance show,

The hindrance now remove;
With all created things below,

I part for thee, my love.

TA: why do 1 delay?

312. S. M. Wesley's Col.

The breath of Repentance.

THAT I could repent!

O that I could believe!
Thou by thy voice the marble rent,

The rock in sunder cleave. 2 Saviour and Prince of peace,

The double grace bestow;
Unloose the bands of wickedness,

And let the captive go. 3 Grant me my sins to feel,

And then the load remove;
Wound, and pour in, my wounds to heal,

The balm of pardoning love.


313. L. M. Anon.

Moral inability lamented.
COW sad's my state!-I know not how

To please the Lord, or do his will;
Myself and God I want to know,

Yet ignorant of both am still.
2 I mourn, because I cannot mourn;

I grieve, because I cannot grieve;
I hate my sins, but cannot turn;

I hear the truth, yet can't believe.
3 Helpless am I, and self-condemn'd;

Incurable I see my wound;
I'd come to Thee, but am asham'd

O, where shall help for me be found ? 4 Where shall so great a sinner run ?

Dangers on every side I see ;-
I am undone, undone, undone!

Unless the Saviour comes to me. 5 Let pity move thee to appear,

Sinner-receiving Son of God;
In my behalf be kindly near,
And quench my crying sins with blood.

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