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• While he endur d exquisite pains,
• He led the monster Death in chains !
Thus saints and seraphs join their strains,
And sound through all the heavenly plains,

*He conquer'd death and hell!

10. 8. 7. 4. Rippon's Selection.

Finished Redemption.
Sounds aloud from Calvary!

See, it rends the rocks asunder,
Shakes the earth, and veils the sky!

• It is finish'd!
Hear the dying Saviour cry.
2 •It is finish'd! O what pleasure

Do these charming words afford !
Heavenly blessings without measure,
Flow to us from Christ the Lord;

It is finish'd!
Saints the dying words record.
3 Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs,

Join to sing the pleasing theme;
All in earth, and all in heaven,
Join to praise Immanuel's name.

Glory to the conquering Lamb!

11. P. M. Anon. Christ's death, resurrection, and triumph. ESUS drinks the bitter cup,

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Tears the graves and mountains up

With his expiring groan
Lo! the powers of heaven he shakes;

Nature in convulsion lies-
Earth's profoundest centre quakes;

The great Jehovah dies!

2 Dies, the glorious Cause of all!

The true eternal Plan-
Falls to raise us from our fall,

To ransom guilty man!
Well might the sun withdraw his light,

With the Sufierer sympathize;
Leave the world in sudden night,

While his Creator dies ! 3 O my God! he dies for me!

I feel the mortal smart: See him hanging on the tree,

A sight that breaks my heart: O that all to thee would turn;

Sinners, ye may love him too Look on him ye pierc'd, and mourn

For one who bled for you. 4 Weep o'er your Desire and Hope,

With tears of humblest love; Sing, for Jesus is gone up;

And reigns enthron'd above: Lives our Head, to die no more

Power is all to Jesus givenWorshipp'd as he was besire,

Th'eternal King of heaven..

12. P. M. Allered. Rejoicing in Christ crucified. Gal. vi. 14.

! With all of creature-good; Only Jesus I pursue,

Who bought me with his blood;
All thy pleasures I forego,

I trample on thy wealth and pride,
Only Jesus will I know,

And Jesus crucified. 2 Other knowledge I disdain,

'Tis all but vanity; Christ the Lamb of God was slain,

He tasted death for me,

Me to save from endless woe,

The sin-atoning victim died ;-Only, &c.
3 Here will I set up my rest :

My fluctuating heart
From the haven of his breast

Sha'l never more depart:
Whither should a sinner go?

His wounds for me stand open wide ;-Only; &c. 4 Him to know is life and peace,

And pleasure without end;
This is all my happiness,

On Jesus to depend;
Daily in his grace to grow,

And ever in his faith abide ;-Cnly, &c.
5 O, that I could all invite,

This saving truth to prove!
Show the length, and breadth, and height,

And depth of Jesus' love;
Fain would I to sinners show

The blood by faith alone applied ;-Only, &c.

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13. P. M. Wuyts.
Jesus, infinitely superior to all worldly objects.
I '

And flatteries paid to fellow-worms;
Their conversation cloys;
Their vain amours and empty stuff ;
But I can ne'er enjoy enough
Of thy sweet company, my Lord,

Thou Life of all my joys.
2 When he begins to tell his love,
Through every vein my passions move,

The captives of his tongue :
In midnight shades, on frosty ground,
I could attend the pleasing sound,
Nor should I feel December cold,

Nor think the darkness long.

3 There, while I hear my Saviour God Count o'er the sins, a heavy load,

He bore upon the tree, Inward I blush with secret shame, And weep, and love, and bless the name, That knew not guilt nor grief his own,

But bore it all for me. 4 I hear the glorious Sufferer tell, How on the cross he vanquish'd hell,

And all the powers beneath; Transported and inspir’d, my tongue Attempts his triumphs in a song ; How hath the serpent lost his sting!

And where's thy victory, death? 5. But when he shows his hands, his heart, And those dear prints of dying smart,

He sets my soul on fire:
Not the belo.ed John could rest
With more delight upon that breast,
Nor Thomas pry into those wounds

With more intense desire.
6 Kindly he opens me his ear,
And bids me pour my sorrows there,

And tell him all my pains:
Thus, while I ease my burden'd heart,
In every woe he bears a part,
His arms embrace me, and his land

My drooping head sustains.


14. S. M. Hart.

The Resurrection of Christ.

Let hope and joy succeed;
The great good news with gladness hear,
“The Lord is risen indeed.'

your fear,

The shades of death withdrawn,

His eyes their beams display ;
So wakes the sun, when rosy dawn

Unbars the gates of day 2 The pioraise is fulfill'd;

Sal ation's work is done
Justice with mercy reconcild,

And God has rais'd his Son.
He quits the dark abode,

From all corruption free,
The holy, harmless child of God,

Could no corruption see. 3 Angels, with saints above,

The rising Victor sing ;
And all the blissful seats of love

With loud hosannas ring;
Ye pilgrims, too, below,

Your hearts and voices raise;
Let every breast with gladness glow,

And every tongue sing praise. 4 My soul, thy Saviour laud;

Who all ihy sorrows bore ;
Who died for sin, but lives to God;

And lives to die no more.
His death procur'd thy peace,

His resurrection thine;
Believe-receive the full release ;

'Tis sign'd with blood divine.


15. 7's. Anon. Christ's Ascension and Session. H ,

Ravish'd from our wishful eyes! Christ, awhile to mortals given, Reascends his native heaven!

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