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6 If hungry, or thirsty, just ready to faint,

Relief in due season prevents their complaint;
His word, like the manna that fell from the sky,

Is sent from their Shepherd, their wants to supply. 7. The Lord is my shepherd-what then shall I fear ?''

No foe shall affright me while he is so near;
His presence my sorrows and woes shall beguile,-
E'en death can't affright me if Jesus but smile.

21. 9. 8. Newton.
Christ's presence the ba.m of our woes.

CHEN my Saviour, my Shepherd is near,

How quickly my sorrows depart!
New beauties around me appear,

New spirits enliven my heart.
His presence gives peace to my soul,

And Satan assaults me in vain ;
While my Shepherd his power controls,

I think I no more shall complain.
2 But, alas! what a change do I find,

Whene'er he withdraws from my sight!
My sears all return to my mind,

My day is soon chang'd into night:
Then Satan his efforts renews

To vex and ensnare me again;
All my pleasing enjoyments I lose,

And then I lament and complain.
3 By these changes I often pass through,

I am taught my own weakness to know;
I am taugnt what my Shepherd can do,

And how much to his mercy I owe:
It is he that supports me through all,

When I faint, he revives me again;
He attends to my prayer when I call,

And bids me no longer complain.
4 Why, then, should I murmur and grieve,

Since my Shepherd is always the same,
And has promis'd he never will leave

The soul that confides in his name?

To relieve me from all that I fear,

He was buffeted, tempted, and slain, And, at length, he will surely appear,

Though he leaves me a while to complain. 5 While I dwell in an enemy's land,

Can I hope to be always in peace ?
Tis enough that my Shepherd's at hand,

And that shortly this warfare will cease : Ere long he will bid me remove

From these regions of sorrow and pain, To abide in his presence above,

And then I no more shall complain.

22. 8. 7. Anon. Come, good Shepherd, feed thy sheep. LED thy kingdom, blessed Saviour,

, Come, O come, and reign for ever,

God of love, and Prince of peace; Visit now thy favour'd Zion

See thy people mourn and weep; Day and night thy lambs are crying,

*Come, good Shepherd, feed thy sheep." 2 Saviour God, with courage arm us,

Help us still to persevere; Nothing, we are sure, can harm us,

While our loving Shepherd 's near. Glory, glory be to Jesus,

At his name our hearts do leap; He both comforts us and frees us,

The good Shepherd feeds his sheep. 3 Lord, in us there is no merit,

We've been sinners from our youth: Guide, O guide us by thy Spirit,

Help us to embrace the truth; Help us on thy word to venture,

Till in death's cold arms we sleep Love our Lord, adore our Saviour

Come, good Shepherd, feed thy sheep.

4 Here the Prince of thy salvation,

Saying, 'Fear not, little flock, *I, myself, am thy foundation,

Thou art built upon this rock; • Shun the paths of vice and folly,

* Near thy Shepherd constant keep, Look to me, and be ye holy,

I delight to feed my sheep.'
5 Christ, alone, our souls shall rest on,

Taught by him we'll own his name,
Sweetest of all names is Jesus,

How it doth our hearts inflame!
Now we'll rush through what encumbers,

Every hind'rance overleap;
Undismay'd by force or numbers,

The good Shepherd feeds his sheep.


23. P. M. Altered. Motives to diligence and

perseverance. E travellers to Paradise,

That holy, happy place,
Who love the blessed Jesus,

And feel his pard’ning grace;
Your highway lies before you,

And upwards doth ascend,
And leads you on to glory,

To see your heavenly Friend ;2 A friend that's nearer to you

Than any brother here; Your Lord and only Saviour,

Your great Redeemer dear; Who once a human body

Upon himself did také, Us sinners, heirs of glory

Eternaily to make.
3 He suffer'd, bled, and groan'd and died

Upon the Roman cross,
To make atonement for our sins,

And to retrieve our loss;

He seal'd our pardon when he died,

And so remov'd the curse, And then ascended up on high,

To intercede for us. 4 Exalted there at God's right hand,

The loving Lamb doth sit ; And shows his wounded body,

His head, his hands, his feet; He pleads his matchless merit,

Before his Father's throne; And sends us down his Spirit,

And holds us out a crown; 5 A crown of life, of endless life,

The sovereign gift of Gud; Immensely rich the treasure!

It cost the Saviour's blood Now on a state of trial,

But that will shortly end; Then you 'll ascend to glory,

To meet your dearest Friend. 6 Not transiently to visit,

And thence to earth remove,
But live for ever near him,

And ever feel his love;
There sin shall cease to trouble you,

Temptations will be o'er-
O, brethren! keep a closer walk,

And love your Jesus more,


24. 10. 11. Brady. Saints called upon to praise God. PRAISE ye the Lord, prepare your glad voice

His praise in the great assembly to sing; În our great Creator let Israel rejoice,

And children of Zion he glad in their king.

Let them his great name for ever adore,
With timbrel and harp his praises express;
Who sends forth the gospel to comfort the poor,
And always takes pleasure the humble to bless.

25. P. M. Epis. Col?.

Praise for the Gospel. z ION, the marvellous story be telling,

The Son of the Highest-how lowly his birth The brightest archangel in glory excelling, He stoops to redeem thee-he reigns upon earth. Shout the glad tidings, exultingly sing,

Jerusalem triumphis-Messiah is King. Tell how he cometh, from nation to nation,

The heart-cheering news !el the earth echo round; How free to the convict he offers salvation;

His saints shall with joy everlasting be crown'd. Mortals, your homage be gratefully bringing,

And sweet let the gladsome hosanna arise;
Ye angels, the full hallelujah be singing,-
One chorus resound through the earth and the skies.

26. 6. 6. 6. 6. 8. 8. Swain.

Praise for Redemption.
ON carth the song begins,

In heaven more sweet and loud,
To Him that drowns our sins

In his atoning blood ;
To Him they cry in rapturous strain,

Be honour, praise, and power-Amen. 2 Ye saints on earth, repcat

What heaven with rapture owns,
And while before his feet

The elders cast their crowns,
Go, imitate the choirs above,

And tell the world your Saviour's love.
Sing, as ye pass along,

With joy and wonder sing,

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