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5. 8. 7. Incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ.

VRAUGHT with peace and consolation

Flew to publish man's salvation,
Hear them sing redeeming love.

Hallelujah, hallelujah!
We are on our journey home,
Hallelujah, hallelujah!

Jesus smiles and bids us come.
2 Floods of glory round the’n beaming,

Kindling darkness into day;
Shepherds heard, with joy and trembling,

Christ the Saviour's born to-day. 3 Glory to our God be given,

Peace on earth, good will to men : Thus the song broke forth in heaven,

Let it rise to heaven again. 4 See him on the cross suspended,

Down the purple torrent ran; * It is finished" -all is ended

God is reconciled to man.
5 Heavenly harps a while in mourning

Lay unstrung in silence by,
But the third, th' appointed morning,

Raised the song of triumph high. 6 Hell subdued, the grave demolish'd,

Down the heavenly message rollid, Sin atoned, and death abulish'd

Bear the tidings through the world. Mourner, dry your trickling sorrow,

Jesus lives no more to bleedJoin the song and sing for ever,

“Christ the Lord is risen indeed."

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6. 10, 11. Saint Michael's Tune.
The Midnight Prayer-Christ my All.

TIS night, and the world has sunk to repose,
O, who can the scene in the Garden disclose,

The scene of his sorrows in Gethsemane : 2 Come, sinners, attend the prayer of your God;

O, come, let us watch one hour with him, And mingle repentance with that precious blood,

The price of our pardon-redemption from sin. 3 Awake, sleeping souls! and watch unto prayer,

Each other exhort-temptation is nigh;
Live near to your Saviour, I too would live there,

Lest falsely, like Peter, I him should deny. 4 O Jesus, in woe I see thee resign'd,

All cover'd in blood, the price of my soul;
On me, my Redeemer, bestow the same mind,

My heart, all my powers, in mercy control. 5 Awake me, dear Lord, and keep me awake,

Uphold by thy strength, or else I shall fall;
For thee, my Redeemer, I all things forsake,

Thou, thou art my portion, my God, and my all.

7. 8. 8. 6. Altered.
The Saviour's Sufferings and Triumph.
THROUGHOUT the Saviour's life, we trace

The deepest woe—the richest grace;
No period elsc is seen.
When he, the spotless victim, fell,
He shook the earth and conquered hell,

And made an end of sin.

2 On the cold ground methinks I see The Saviour kneel and pray for me :

For this I him adore : Seiz'd with a crimson sweat throughout, It forc'd its painful passage out,

Through every opening pore.
3 His temples bore the piercing thorn;
His back with cruel scourging torn,

Without a murmuring word :-
And now the fatal cross he bears,
Marking the way with blood and tears,

Fainting beneath the load.
4 Thus up the rugged hill he came,
While harden'd sinners mock his pain,

And then his cross they rear;And can I see the mighty God, Struggling beneath sin's heavy load,

Without one thankful tear! 5 And now in flesh the God I

see, Expiring in anguish on the tree!

What tongue his woes can tell! The shuddering rocks their heads recline, The mourning sun refus'd to shine,

When the Redeemer fell. 6 But though he bow'd his head to death, Hell and the grave are conquer'd both;

He rises –let me sing-
In triumph he ascends on high,
Again he lives, no more to die

The universal King. 7 Shout, brethren, shout! in songs of praise, He bow'd to death our souls to raise,

From guilt and endless woe: Bright Seraphs, raise your voices higher; Bride of the Lamb, unite the choir

And praise for eyer flow.

and me,

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8. P. M. Dover Selection.

The Crucifixion,
AW ye my Saviour ?

Saw ye my Saviour and God ?
O he died on Calvary,
To atone for

And to purchase our pardon with blood'
2 See him extended
Extended, and nail'd to the cross !

O he bows his awful head,

And is nunber'd with the dead,
To atone for a world that was lost.
3 Jesus hung bleeding,
Three dreadful hours in pain!

O, the sun refus'd to shine,

When his Majesty Divine
Was derided, insulted, and slain.
4 Solemn the darkness
How solemn the darkness that reign'd!

Earth to its centre shook,

And the solid rocks were broke,
When Jesus the Saviour was slain.
5 Now it is finish'd
Now the atonement is made :

O sinners, but believe,
And forgiveness you'll receive
The Saviour arose from the dead.
6 Hail! mighty Saviour,
Prince and the Author of Peace;

O, the grave he open threw,

And he past triumphant through,
To the mansions of glory and bliss..
7 Now interceding-
Pleading that sinners may live,

O Father, I have died,

Now behold my hands and side!
O Father! I pray thee forgive..

Hear it, ye sinners!
Hear it, repent, and believe;

O, through Christ's atoning blood,

Be ye reconcil'd to God,
And pardon you all shall receive.

9. P. M. Altered.
The sufferings of Christ.

, And all my guilt was on Him laid, What glorious scenes were then display'd,

Upon Mount Calvary!
His solemn groans all nature shook,
And rocks and tomhs & ****
The sleeping saints their graves forsvuk,
And upwards cast a hopeful look,

To worlds of endless joy.
2 He hung betwixt the earth and skies ;

He bows his awful head and dies !
O sinners, hear his mournful cries,

Behold his torturing pain!
The monrning sun withdrew his light,
Blush'd and refus'd to view the sight;
The azure cloth'd in robes of night,
And shrouded nature stood affright,

When Christ the Lamb was slain. 3 ''Tis finish'd! thus the Saviour said,

The great atonement now is made; Sinners, on me your guilt was laid,

•For you I spilt my blood ; *For you my tender heari did move,

For you I left the courts above, *Thai you the length and breadth might prove, • The depth and height of perfect love,

In me your smiling God.'
4 Now see Him mount the throne of state,

And fill the Mediatorial seat,
And millions bowing at his feet,

With loud hosannas tell;

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