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* No ;-lel the world cast out my name,

And vile account me, if they will;
If to confess the Lord be shame,

I purpose to be viler still ;
For thee, my God, I all resign,

Content if I may call thee mine.
5 What transport then shall fill my heart,

When thou my worthless soul wilt own;
When I shall see thee as thou art,

And know as I myself am known!
From sin, and fear, and sorrow free,
My soul shall find its rest in thee.


64. 7. 6.

HEN first my heart was wounded,

From all the world I wander'd,

To pray and seek the Lord ;
Just like the lep'rous Hebrew,

The Church and world between,
Unfit to be with Christians,

Afraid to live in sin.
2 Allur'd by vain amusement,

This truth I own with shame,
Until a wither'd blossom

Transfixt my heart again;
Then I beheld my frailty,

And in it read my doom-
The blooming scene around me,

Was curtain'd into gloom.
3 While many harden'd sinners

Were soften'd into grief,
Resign'd themselves to Jesus,

And thus obtain'd relief,
My guilty heart resisting

Though sinking to despair,
Too proud to ask

Refus'd the offer'd prayer.

4 At length when far retir'd,

Twelve months had roll'd away. 'Twas in the vernal season,

The flowery month of May,–
A beam was shed from glory,

And hope, that cheering ray,
Awoke up in my busom,

As Christ was seen the way. 5 My faith was fixt upon him,

My heart approv'd the way,
But it was so mysterious,

I scarce knew what to say ;
When I beheld him willing

To save a wretch like me,
My yielding heart responded,

I give myself to thee.
6 And now without an effort,

I melted into grief,
'Twas most delightful weeping,

Attended with relief;
My load of guilt was banishid,

The fear of hell was slain,
But O! I felt unholy,

And so I still remain.
7 The church appear'd like Eden,

Array'd in living green,
And Jordan roll'd his current,

Her feasts and me between,
And I was too unworthy

With holy saints to join,
My heart was so polluted,

My prayers all mixt with sin. 8 Thou ever-blessed Saviour,

I hang upon thy name,
If thou hast show'n me favour,

Be pleas’d to make it plain;
If I am unconverted,

My load of guilt revive,
And if I am a Christian,
The bless'd assurance give.

9 At length I follow'd Jesus,

Was laid beneath the stream,
And came with songs to Zion,

Rejoicing in his name;
And though I've many conflicts

To meet upon the road,
I try to do my duly,

And leave the rest to God.

I ;

66. C. M. Newton. Wounding and healing from the Cross.

N evil long I look deiight,
Till a new object struck my sight,

And stopt my wild career.
2 I saw one hanging on a tree

In agonies and blood,
Who fixt his dying eyes on me,

As near his cross I stood.
3 Sure never to my latest breath

Can I forget that look;
It seem'd to charge me with his death,

Though not a word he spoke.
4 My conscience felt, and own'd the guilt,

And pling'd me in despair;
I saw .ny sins his blood had spilt,

And lielp'd to nail him there.
5 A second look he gave, and said,

I freely all forgive;
This blood is for thy ransom paid,

I die that thou mayest live.
6 Thus while his death my sin displays,

In all its blackest hue,
Such is the inystery of his grace,

It seals my pardon too.
7 With pleasing grief, and mournsul joy,

My spirit now is filled,
That I should such a life destroy,
Yet live by him I kill'a.


67. 8,7.
Hope, bollomed upon Christ.
LL within was dark and gloomy,

And the future solemn dread; 'Till a ray was shed from glory,

Beaming hope upon my head : Blessed hope, and blessed Author,

Jesus, thou art all to me; None besides could me deliver,

None shall have my heart but thee. 2 Void of strength, and claims to favour,

Potent enemies to meet,
I would fly to thee, my Saviour,

Hide beneath thy sacred feet:
Spurn me not, although unworthy

To approach the King of kings, Justify and make me holy,

And protect me with thy wings. 3 If it please thee to inspire

Faith in thee, my constant Friend, I can trust thee in the fire,

Hang upon thee to the end ;
If thou hide thy face, I wither,

If withdraw, I sink to hell:
“ I forsake thee! no, I'll never,"

Thou hast said,--and, all is well. 4 On that blood that shook creation,

Cloth'd the world in robes of night, Heav'd the earth to its foundation,

Made the sun roll back his light;
Tore the vail and rocks asunder,

Silenc'd all the heavenly host,
Caus'd the angel-bands to wonder-

On that blood alone I trust.

68. 8's. Newton.

I ,
All laden with guilt, to the Lom;

Surrounded with terror, and shame,

Unable to utter a word :-
At first he look'd stern, and severe;

What anguish then pierc'd through my heart! Expecting each moment to hear

The sentence-thou cursed, depart! 2 But O, what surprise when he spoke!

While tenderness beam'd in his face, My heart all to pieces was broke,

Overwhelm'd, and confounded by grace. • Poor sinner, I know thee full well,

* By thee I was sold, and was slain,• I died to redeem thee from hell,

• And raise thee in glory to reign:'3 · I'm Jesus, whom thou hast blasphem'd,

And crucified often afresh; . But let m, henceforth, be esteem'd

Thy broiher, thy bone, and thy flesh, . My pardon I freely bestow;

•Thy wants I will fully supply; • I'll guide thee, and guard thee below,

And then will receive thee on high :' 4 Go, publish to sinners around,-

That they may be willing to come,• The mercy that thou hast obtain'd,

* And tell them that yet there is room.' O, sinners, the message obey!

No more vain excuses pretend. O, come, without further delay,

To Jesus, our brother, and friend



69. 11's. Altered.

MOME, brethren and sisters, who're now on the

March on toward Zion, and make no delay;
Press forward with courage to meet your dear Lord,
While I shall his mercy and goodness record


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