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4 Without money, without price,

To thee I would draw nigh;
From myself would inrn mine eyes,

The chief of sinners I ;-
Take, O take me as I am,

And let me lose myself in thee.-Friend, &c. 5 Saviour, from thy wounded side,

O let me ne'er depart!
Here I would my spirit hide,

Till I am pure in heart,
Till my place above I claim,
This, this alone shall be my plea,
Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy blood was shed for me.

59. 7. 6. W. & B.
The backslider's earnest prayer.
CESUS, let thy pitying eye

a ;

False to thee, like Peter, I

Would fain, like Peter, weep;
Let me be by grace restor'd,
On me be all its fullness shown;
Turn and look upon me, Lord,

And break my heart of stone.
2 Saviour, Prince, enthron'd above,

Repentance to impart,
Give me, through thy dying love,

The humble, contrite heart,
Give, what I have long implor’d,
A portion of thy love unknown ;

-Turn, &c. 3 See me, Saviour, from above,

Nor suffer me to die;
Life, and happiness, and love.

Drop from ihy gracious eye:
Speak the re«onciling word,
And let thy nuercy mielt me down;--Tum, &c

4 Look, as when thine eye pursu'd

The first apostate man,
Saw him weltering in his blood,

And bade him rise again;
Speak my paradise restor'd;

Redeem me by thy grace alone ;-Turn, &c. 5 Look, as when thy grace beheld

The harlot in distress,
Dried her tears, her pardon seal'd,

And bade her go in peace:
Foul, like her, and self-abhorr'd,
I at thy feet for mercy groan;
Turn and look upon me, Lord,

And break my heart of stone.


60. 8. 7.
Prayer for the Holy Spirit.
JESUS, we are met to worship
Send us down the Holy Spirit,

To attend upon the word :
All vain except the power

Of the Holy One be felt; Shed the pure, celestial fire,

Make our frozen bosoms melt. 2 Saviour, are there trembling mourners,

Who begin their case to leel? We can only preach the gospel,

Thou alone canst save from hell: Speak, and earth and hell shall tremble,

And the chains of sin give way,Proudest souls shall then be humble,

Darkness kindle into day. 3 Breathe, Almighty, conquering Spirit!

Make this vale of bones to live;

Heavenly Wind ! diffuse salvation

We to thee will glory give: North and south, give up your captives, Yield them


without delay; Saviour, claim thy blood-bought purchase,

Claim and seal us thine to-day. 4 Breathe through every soul, the spirit

or untiring, servent prayer; Wrestling Jacobs, conquering Israels,

We shall be, if thou art here :
Till thou come, O God, and bless us,

Till our souls thy goodness know,
Give us humble faith in Jesus,

Faith that will not let thee go.

61. 8. 7. Dover Selection.

At the opening of Worship. BRETHREN, we have met to worship

, Will you pray with all your power,

While we try to preach the word ? All is vain, unless the Spirit

Of the Holy One come downLet us pray, that holy manna

May be scatler'd all around. 2 Look! and see puor sinners round you.

Trembling on the brink of woe; Death is coming-hell is moving

Can you bear to let them go? Let us tell them of the Saviour,

Tell them that he may be foundLet us pray, that holy manna

May be scatter'd all around. 3 Is there here a trembling Jnilor,

Seeking grace, and fill!l with fears? Is there here a weeping Mary,

Pouring forth a food of tears?

Let us join our prayers to help them,

Let our faith and love abound
Let us pray, that holy manna

May be scatter'd all around. 4 Let us love our God supremely,

Let us love each other 100;
Let us love and pray for sinners,

Till our God their souls renew.
Then we'll love them still the better,

Take them to our kind embrace ; Journey with them on to glory, There to sing redeeming grace.

62. 6. 6. 6. 6. 8. 8. Newlon. The Beggar's suite

of promise to the poor,
Behold a beggar, Lord,

Waits at thy mercy's door;
No hand, no heart, O Lord, but thine,

Can help or pity wants like mine. 2 I have no right to say,

That though I now am poor,
Yet once there was a day

When I possessed more;
Thou know'st that from my very birth,

I've been the poorest wretch on earth 3 Nor dare I to prosess,

As beggars often do,
Though great


my distress,
My fanlts have been but few;
If thou shouldst leave my soul to starve
It would be what I well deserve.'

"T were folly to pretend
I never begg'd before,
And if thou now befriend,

I'll trouble thee no more ;
Thou ofien hast reliev'd my pain,
And often I must come again.

5 Though crumbs are much too good

For one so vile as I,
No less than children's food

My soul can satisfy;
O do not frown and bid me go,

I must have all thou canst bestow. 6 Nor can I willing be

Thy bounty to conceal
From others, who, like me,

Their wants and hunger seel;
I'll tell them of thy mercy's store,

And try to send a thousand more. 7 Thy ways, thou only Wise,

Our ways and thoughts transcend;
Far as the arched skies

Above this eårth extend :
Such pleas as mine men would not hear,
But God accepts a beggar's prayer.

63. P. M. Relief Hymns.

Confession of Christ before men.
AND art thou, gracious Master: gone,
Shall I behold thee on thy throne,

And there for ever sit with thee?
Then let the world approve or blame,

I'll triumph in thy glorious name.
2 Should I, to gain the world's applause,

Or to escape its harmless frown,
Refuse to countenance thy cause,

And make thy people's lot my own,-
What shame would fill me in that day,

When thou thy glory shalt display!
3 And what is man, or what his smile?

The terror of his anger, what?
Like grass he flourishes a while,

But soon his place shall know him not;-
Through fear of such a one, shall I
The Lord of heaven and earth deny?

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