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2 Remembering th days of my sorrow and pain,

When I of my hardness of heart did complain,
And thought of a! sinners that I was the chief,

And rov'd in the corneris of sorrow and grief. 3 Stern justice was frowning in vengeance on me,

And I to Mount Sinai for shelter did flee,
But Sinai in thunder proclaim'd very loud,
• No shelter for rebels This Mount can afford !
I now thought my day of salvation was past,
And I into torment should quickly be cast;
But Jesus, benignani, look'd down from above,

And smilingly bid all my guilt to remove.
5 By faith I beheld him-delightful the view!

And all things around me seenid joyful and new: I'm sure I was happy, and thought I'd ne'er sin,

And ne'er should be tempted by Satan again. 6 But though of my burden and sorrow reliev'd

The thought soon occurr’d, you 're by Satan deceiv'd! And now my condition seem'd worse than before

I sought for my burden, but found it no more. 7 But while I was seeking my load to regain,

The Scripture convinc'd me my seeking was vain, The Saviour had nail'd it so fast to the tree,

I ne'er could obtain it, and hence I am free! 8 All glory to Jesus. I now can proclaim,

Let heaven and earth join in praising his name;
Let all the creation unite in the song,
And eternal ages the theme still prolong!

70. ll's. Salvalion flowing from the Cross. VHE fountain of mercy rolls down from the sky

; But when the Redeemer o. Calvary died. The streams of salvation pour'd forth from his side.

2 Methinks as he languish'd and died on the tree,

His eye roll'd in pity, and fix'd upon me;
The look overwhelm'd me, and conquer'd my heart,

And bound me unto him-O! never to part. 3 The tears of contrition in torrents did flow ;

Will this bleeding Jesus such favour bestow?
Unworthy such kindness, O Lord, to receive ;-

· Arise,' said the Saviour, 'I freely forgive.' 4 By love I am conquer'd, in tears I rejoice,

0, may I but praise him in action and voice:
And if up to heaven I'm finally borne,
'The praise of salvation be to Him alone.

71. L. M. Altered.

TE brethren, who profess the Lord,

draw near and hear a word:
Lift up your eyes, behold, and see,

What a good God has done for me!
2 O'erwhelm’d with guilt, in deep distress,

1 day nor night could take no rest ;
But when in sad extremity,

The Lord reveal'd his love to me.
3 When I by faith was brought to see

My Jesus bleeding on the tree,
My soul with joy and sorrow flow'd,

That he should bear my guilty load. 4 My heart, that was so dreadful hard,

Was melted down in love to God !
My soul was humbled to the ground,

When I the blessed Jesus found.
5 Then on my bended knees did fall-

O, Jesus! he was all in all-
Yea, where to go I did not know,
For I did love my Jesus so.

6 And now, my friends, who love the Lord,

I pray live nearer to his word;
And don't you hurt that wounded side
Of my dear Jesus crucified!

72. L. M. Aliered.


I thought I saw the Saviour bleed, And heard his kind forgiving voice,

• Arise, my love, in me rejoice.' 2 Now to my mind did one appear

Wounded with whip, and nail and spear, Bearing my sins, a mighty load,

To make me child and heir of God. 3 On wings of faith and love I rose,

Transported with those heavenly views, I count all earthly things but loss,

And glory in my Saviour's cross.
4 My youthful friends, a long adieu,

Unless you 'll love my Jesus too ;
And if by men I am despised,
I'll yield to him and be baptised.

73. P. M.

I, like the bleeding deer,

sword, Fled from all the playful herd,

O'erwhelm'd with gloomy fear;
Lonely vales were my retreat,

My bosom heav'd the anxious prayer,
There I sought the merey-seat,

And pour'd my sorrows there.
2 Own'd by neither church nor world,

And leper-like remov'd,
If I am to ruin hurl'd,

"Tis what I well deserve;

Mercy, Lord, on m3 bestow,

For mercy is my only plea,
O bestow that mercy now,

And take my guilt away.
3 Far beneath a shady grove,

All prostrate as I lay,
Melted by the Father's love,

My load (? guilt gave way,,
Mingling joy and sorrow flow'd,

As Curist the Saviour past between,
God is good, I feel him good,

But ő, how vile I've been!
4 There amidst the doubtful-strife,

And humbled to the dust,
Christ the way, the truth, the life,

Became my only trust;
All my hopes on him were hung,

But the mystery! why and how?
Checks the bold, th' aspiring song,

And lays the inquirer low.
5 Zion permanent and strong,

In bold relief was seen,
Jordan roll'd his stream along,

Her feasts and me between;
Were I worthy to be there,

And holy like the flock of God,
Here I would dismiss my fear,

And make it mine abode.

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74. 8. 7. Altered. Baptism a solemn ordinance. Rom. vi. 4. Col ji. 12.

Pleasure in us, while we stand
On the margin of this water,

To fulfil thy great comniand.


Here the world, the flesh, and devil,

We would solemnly renounce:Help us, Lord, to cease from evil,

And a lise to thee announce. 2 As an emblem of thy passion,

And thy victory o'er the grave, We who know thy great salvation,

Are immers'd beneath the wave; Fearless of the world's despising

We the ancient mode pursue Buried with our Lord, and rising

To a life divinely new. 3 On our way we go rejoicing,

Conscious of our pleasing God; Foll'wing Jesus, ever walking

In the path the Saviour trod :
Be this stream a test and token

Of our solemn vows to God;
May these vows be never broken,
May we ne'er forsake thee, Lord.

75. L. M.
Teach the nations and baptise. Matt. xxviii. 19.

Facts showing how this command was observed.

HEN Christ the Lord, had left the dead

Ere he ascended to the skies
He unto his apostles said,

Go, teach the nations, and baptise.' 2 This great command they understood,

And loud proclaim'd the way to heaven,
Through faith in his atoning blood,

Ere the baptismal rite was given. 3. Repent, and be baptis’d,' said he,

Thus Peter spake to great and small. The promise is both large and free,

To all the Lord our God shall call.' 4 With joy they than receiv'd the word,

And were baptis'd without delay; Three thousand souls to Christ the Lord

Were wedded on that blissful day.

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