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5 Samaria next the truth receiv'd

No other plan was then devis'd
When Philip's preaching they believ'd,

Both men and women were baptis’d.
6 The Eunuch taught-in Christ believ'd-

• Jesus is God's eternal Son! Beneath the stream this rite receiv'd,

And onward went rejoicing home. 7 The master of the Roman band,

With all his house in Christ believe,
Yielding to his supreme command,

He and his house this rite receive. 8 Taught by the gospel's cheering light,

The jailor and his house believ'd,
And were baptis'd that very night,

In which they had the truth receiv'd. 9 Lydia receives the kind embrace;

Her household feel the cheering beam:
Welcome the message of his grace,

And bow beneath the flowing stream. 10 Where is the text ?-Where found when sought!

Where 's the command that God has given,
To baptise those who ne'er were taught,

By faith in Christ, the way to heaven? 11 Buried beneath the yielding stream,

We thus decla.e our death to sin;
Rising from thence, we loud proclaim,

Jesus arose and lives again.

the cross,

76. 11's. Altered.
and follow me. Mark x. 21.

, Arise, be baptis’d, and no longer delay ; Though flesh should be backward, and duty seem hard, Be bold and determind to follow your Lord; The way he conducts you will prove to be best. He'll crown you with conquest and bring you to rest, 2 When from his disciples about to remove,

A lasting commission he gave them in love:

Go teucn all the nations my grace to receive, • Baptising them all who prosess to believe, Observe my commandments, and conse afler me,

And I will protect and be with you alway.' 3 Apostles attended to what he had done;

They preach'd and baptis'd in the way he had shown:
They publish'd the gospel, and when ' was receiva.
They buried in baptism them that believ'd:-
O Christians, your Saviour's done great things for

Then take up your crosses and follow him too.
4 Array'd in bright glory he 'll shortly appear,

T' receive all his children who love him sincere;
Then let us be marching to meet him, my friends!
Behold into Jordan the Saviour descends!
And as he came out of the watery tomb,

The Father approv'd of what Jesus had done. 5 If friends should oppose you and try to retard,

Be steadfastly looking to Jesus your Lord;
If troubles, and trials, and crosses you bear,
Be earnest, and fervent, and constant in prayer,
And when you this world of all sorrow shall leave,
Your Jesus, you follow, your souls will receive


77. 8. 7. Relief Hymns.

Forsaking all to follow Christ.
ESUS, I my cross have taken,

Naked, poor, despis’d, forsaken,

Thou, from hence my all shalt be;
Let the world despise and leave me,

They have left my Saviour too ;
Human looks and hearts deceive me,

But my Saviour will be true.

I have call'd thee, Abba, Father,

Thou hast fixt my heart on thee; Storms may howl, and clouds may gather,

All must work for good to me: Man may trouble and distress me,–

"Twill but drive me to thy breast; Life with trials hard may press m2,

Heaven will bring me sweeter rest. 3 Know, my soul, thy full salvation,

Rise o'er sin, and sear, and care;
Joy to find in every station

Something still to do or bear:
Think what spirit dwells within thee,

Think what Father's smiles are thine,
Think how Jesus died to win thee;-

Child of heaven, canst thou repine ? 4 Haste thee on from grace to glory,

Arm'd with faith, and wing'd with prayer,
Heaven's eternal day's before thee,

God's own hand shall guide thee there.
Soon shall close thy earthly mission,

Soon shall pass thy pilgrim-days,
Hope shall change to glad fruition,
Faith to sight, and prayer to praise.

78. Anon.

The Captive delivered. (OME, all ye who ever have mercy obtain'd, Come, join in an anthem, let praises resound,

And tell all around us what treasures we've found. 2 When sin, like a mountain tremendously great,

My soul fill'd with horror to view her sad state,
On the brink of destruction bewailing my case,

No hope of obtaining the favour of grace.
3 When crying for mercy all prostrate in dust,

(If damn'd, I must own that the sentence is just,)
A voice bid me hearken, my sorrows to cease,
• Thy sins are forgiven, arise, go in peace.'


4 Like a captive deliver'd from bondage and pain,

Who log in a dungeon of darkness had lain,
While the mountains and valleys with praises did ring

All glory to Jesus, my Saviour and King.
5 Adieu to the world and its foolish delights,

No longer your pleasure my passions invites;
I'll follow my Jesus, who freedom doth give,

I'm now bound to praise him as long as I live. 6 When time rolls around, and eternity 's near,

And Gabriel's loud voice like a trump we shall hear
With saints and with angels, through grace I shall sing,
Hosanna to Jesus, and make heaven ring.

79. 9. 8.
Mourning souls encouraged.
YOME, all who are trav’lling to Canaan,

Your voices together unite,
In praising the Lord, the Redeemer,

Who fills us with love and delight;
The theme is so charming, melodious,

"Twill help us devoutly to move,
While Jesus's name, like sweet odours,

Attracts all our powers above.
2 When first he beheld me in nature,

Pursuing the road unto pain;
My soul he renew'd by his goodness,

And brought me to trust in his name:
How sweet were the accents of pardon!

How quickly my guilt did remove!
When first I beheld the sweet wonder,

That God such a sinner did love! 3 O'erpower'd with mingled emotion,

• A sinner, O Lord,' I exclaim'd;
• Was ever a wretch so unworthy,

So utterly guilty, reclaim'd ?
From gratitude, tears in libation,

Like torrents abundantly flow'd ;
Thy sins,' said the Lord,' are forgiven!"

Į selt to rely on his word.

And now I am pressing to Canaan,

Bit Jordan is rolling before;
And sometimes I haltingly tremble ;

Its hillows how loudly they roar!
Would Jesus divide the deep water,

And cause all its raging to cease,
Or bear me up as he did Peter,

I'd walk through its valley in peace. 5 His rod and his staff shall support me,

His pastoral voice I shall hear;
Then why should bold Jordan affright me?

He's promis'd to with me there :
On seraphic wings he will bear me,

To join happy spirits above,
Where sorrow, and pain, and temptation,

Shall yied to the ocean of love.
: 6 Dear mourners, continue to seek him,

Thorigh long yo'ı have lain at the pool;
Attend to the Siviour's instruction,

Believe in his name and be whole:
Poor sinners, it grieves me to leave you,

I once more entreat you to go;
O, hasten to Jesus the Saviour,

Who died to redeem us from woe. 7 0, look to the blessed Redeemer,

And hope in his mercy alone;
For sinners he sweat in the garden;

For sinners he lay in the tomb:
Behold him on Calvary bleeding!

Arise! he invites you to come-
Believe, and sing on towards heaven
Believe, and then heaven's your home.

80. 8. 8. 8. 8. 7. Anon.

Heavenly Union.
ATTEND, ye saints, and hear me tell"
Who sav'd me from a burning hell,
And brought my soul with him to dwell,

To feel a heavenly union.

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