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3 If I have begun once more,

Thy sweet return to feel :
If e'en now I find thy power

Present my soul to heal;
Still and quiet may I lie,

Nor struggle oui of thine embrace
Never more resist or fly,

From thy pursuing grace.
4 To the cross, thine altar, bind

Me with the cords of love;
Freedom never let me find


dear Lord to roveThat I never, never more

May with my much-loy'd Master part ; To the posts of Mercy's door,

O bind my willing heart. 5 5 See my utter helplessness,

And leave me not alone;
O preserve in perfect peace,

And seal me for thine own?
More and more thyself reveal;

Thy presence let me always find;
Comfort, and confirm, and heal,

My feeble sin-sick mind.
6 As the apple of an eye

Thy weakest servanı keep;
Help me at thy feet to 'ie,

And there for ever wait;
Tears of iny inine eyes o'erflow,
That I have

any hope of heaven
Much of love I ought to know,

For I have much forgiven.


85. L. M.

The Desire.
NIS my desire with God to

"T'Samy delight his children pray and talk ;

• Though I should persecuted be,
• Jesus did suffer so for me.

2 [ "Tis my desire baptis'd to be,

As a command, O Lord, from thee;
To be baptis’d, like Christ, my God,

Who was immers'd in Jordan's flood.) 3 Tis my desire, around thy board

To meet the saints, my dearest Lord;
In union with thy church to be,

And oft commune with them and thee. 4 Tis my desire to bear the cross,

And yield to all my Saviour's laws;
To follow where my Jesus leads,

In all his words, in all his deeds. 5 'Tis my desire to flee from sin,

And ever keep my conscience clean;
For Christ to count all things but loss,

And glory in my Saviour's cross.
6 'Tis my desire to watch and pray,

And serve the Lord from day to day,
To own that Jesus is my King,

And yield to him in every thing. 7 'Tis my desire above the rest,

To lean upon my Saviour's breast;
To live as I would wish to die,
And then to dwell with God on high.

86. L. M. Allered.

Longing for a revival.
LONG to see the season come,

When sinners shall cone flocking
To feast on God's eternal love,

And be prepar'd for realms above. 2 Hark! how the gospel trumpet sounds,

Inviting sinners all around, -
Behold your loving Saviour stands,

And spreads for you his bleeding hands : 3 He now is knocking at your heart,

Waiting salvation to impart.-
He'll wash you in atoning blood,
And seal you sons and heirs of God.

4 A few more days, and we must go

To realms of joy or endless woe;
In realms above with Christ to dwell,

Or sink beneath his frowns to hell!
5 Come, sinners all, now warning take,

And all your sinful ways forsake;
This world give o'er, leave sin behind,

And full salvation you shall find.
6 Take your companion by the hand,

And all the children in the band,
And give them up to Jesus' call,
And he will bless and save them all.

87. ll's. Altered.
The joys of a revival longed for.

HOW I have long'd for the coming of God!
And sought him by praying and searching his

With watching and fasting my soul was imprest,

Nor could I give over till Jesus had blest. 2 The tokens of mercy begin to appear,

And Jesus, the Saviour, has answer'd my prayer,
And rich consolations descend to my soul,

Salvation from Zion's beginning to roll.
3 The streams of his mercy are spreading abroad,

And sinners are crying, and coming to God,
The tears of contrition now pour like a flood,

And some have found pardon through Jesus's blood. 4 Here's more, my dear Saviour, who fall at thy feet,

Oppress’d with a burden enormously, great;
O raise them, dear Jesus, to tell of thy love,

And shout hallelujah, like th' angels above.
5 We wait for thy chariot to roll down the skies,

To bear us to glory with joy and surprise,-
We long to be singing and shouting above,

With angels o'erwhelm'd in the ocean of love. 6 Shout, all the creation, below and above,

Ascribing salvation to Jesus's love,

Break forth into singing, ye trees of the wood,

For Jesus is bringing lost sinners to God. 7 Let all that have being unite in the song, And

ages on ages the theme still prolong, And when they are lost in an unmeasur'd time, Sweet Jesus! ihe glory and praise shall be thine.

83. 8's. Newlon.
None upon earth I desire besides Thee. Psalm Ixxi.

HWiedjous and tasteless the hours,
Sweet prospects, sweet birds, and sweet flowers,

Have all lost their sweetness with me;
The midsummer sun shines buit dim,

The fields strive in vain to look gay ;
But when I am happy in Him,

December's as pleasant as May.
2 His name yields the richest perfume,

And sweeter than music his voice;
His presence disperses my gloom,

And makes all within me rejoice;
I should, were he always thus nigh,

Have nothing to wish, or to fear;
No mortal so happy as I,

My summer would last all the year. 3 Content with beholding his face,

My all to his pleasure resign'd;
No changes of season or place,

Could make any change in my mind;
While blest with a sense of his love,

A palace a toy would appear;
And prisons would palaces prove,

If Jesus would dwell with me there. 4 Dear Lord, if indeed I am thine,

If thou art my sun and my, song;
Say, why do I languish and pine,

And why are my winters so long?
o drive these dark clouds from my sky,

Thy soul-cheering presence restore ;
Or take me unto thee on high,

Where winter and clouds are no more.

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89. P. M. Anon.
The friendship of Jesus recollected in

crials. TH VHERE is a heaven above the

skiesA heaven where pleasure

wever dies This heaven I sometimes her But fear again 'tis not for me to see,

Sweet Jesus, Jesi
O hallelujah' nallelujah!

us is my friend,
Jesus, Jesus is my friend.
2 The Way is difficult and strait,

And narrow is the gospel ate;
Ten thousand dangers are therein;

Ten thousand snares to take us in.
3 I'm trav'lling through a world of woes

Through conflicts sore my spirit goes ;
The tempter says, I ne'er shall stand

On Canaan's fair and happy land. 4 Through glimm’ring hopes, and gloomy fears,

The heavenly way but just appears ;
But 'tis the way that leads to God,

"Tis mark'd with tracks of heavenly blood. 5 These are the footsteps of the Lord,

Who on the cross susiain'd ms, load ;
'Twas on that dark, that dole ful day,

With streams of blood he mirk'd the way. 6 Come life, come death, or o me what tom,

What will
His footsteps I will follow astill:
Though dangers threzi, and hell alarms,

I still am safe in Jesus' arms.
7 Then, O my sonl, arise ani sing

The glories of thy God and Kin
He is thy husband, shepherd, friend,
And soon will make thy sorr
90. P. M.

Minister and dr

subling Christian.
COME, my fri

end, and let us try

uws end.

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