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Behold Apollyon on the march,

With enemies unknown:
Awake, and on your Captain call,

Equip you for the field.;
The armour of your God put on,

Resist, and never yield."
2 Stand, girt about the loins with truth;

Stand, in your Captain's might;
Let righteousness preserve your breast,

And never think of flight;
Stad, firmly stand on gospel peace,

Let hope defend your head;
Be sure you take the shield of faith,

To strike opposers dead.
3 Pray! always pray, and never faint ;

In watch?ulness abound; Pray in the spirit, for the saints,

And pray for all around; Pray on, in perseverance pray,

And wield the Spirit's sword, And you shall surely win the day,

Through Christ your conquering Lord 4 In one united column move,

With banner wide display'd;
United in the bonds of love-

March on, nor be afraid :
Of all the soes you have to meet,

Be most aware of sin;
Seek, ardent seek your Captain's aid,

Resist this foe within.
5 Look to the cross where Jesus dies,

All stain'd with hallowed blood;
And as you wipe your grateful eyes,

Hold fast the conquering sword;
Look upwards to the heavenly world,

Behold the conqueror's crown!
See all your foes to ruin hurl'd,

And then, with Christ, sit down.

109. P. M. Altered.

The Christian Warfare. AT a distance from heaven, in a world of contenTo cultivate peace was our wish and intention, But though by her olive we wish to be shaded, We 'll boldly resist when the truth is invaded.

Arise, believer! arise, believer!
And firmly resist when the truth is invaded.
2 0 Zion, by peace is thy interest promoted,

To love peace and truth may thy sons be devoted ;
But Satan and sin will presume your suppressioni,
And dare you to war by their hostile aggression :

Arise, believer! arise, believer!
Arise, and repel every hostile aggression.
3 Defence, be the cry of the heirs of salvation,

To defend ourselves let us make preparation;
Let us gird on the armour the gospel's provided,
And quit us like men till the conflict's decided :

Arise, believers! arise, believers !
And quit you like men till the conflict's decided.
4 Then peace be the cry of the heirs of salvation,
Let peace and goud will be proclaim'd through the

nation; Let us love all mankind, and adore our sweet Jesus, And press to the world that from sin shall release us :

Arise, believer! arise, believer! And press to the world that from sin shall release us. 5 The smile of our Jesus our souls shall enliven,

And bring us all safe through our conflicts to heaven,
Inspire new joy at the kindling reflection,
His banner's unfurl'd for the church's protection :

Arise, believer! arise, believer!
His banner's unfurl'd t’insure you protection.
6 A few conflicts more, and the war will be ended,

And you, with your Captain, to glory ascended,

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There join the bright army, and shout forth his praises, And make heaven ring with the fame of your

Jesus :
Arise, believer! arise, believer!
And make the earth ring with the fame of your Jesus.

i10. Newton.
Coldness Lamented: A Revival Desired.

Grant us, Lord, a gracious rain;
All will come to desolation,

Unless thou return again.
Chorus.-Lord, revive us,-Lord, revive us,

All our help must come from thee. 2 Keep no longer at a distance,

Shine upon us from on high,
Lest for want of thine assistance,
Every plant should droop and die.

Lord, revive us, &c.
3 Surely, once thy garden flourish'd,

Every part look'd gay and green, Then thy word our spirits nourish'd, Happy seasons we have seen.

Lord, revive us, &c.
4 But a drought has since succeeded,

And a sad decline we see;
Lord, thy help is greatly needed,
Help can only come from thee.

Lord, revive us, &c.
5 Where are those we counted leaders,

Filld with zeal, and love, and truth?
Old professors, tall as cedars,
Bright examples of our youth?

Lord, revive us, &c.
6 Some in whom we once delighted,

We shall meet no more below;
Some, alas! we fear are blighted,
Scarce a single leaf they show!

Lord, revive us, &c.
7 Younger plants,--the sight how pleasant !

Cover'd thick with blossoms stood,

But they cause us grief at present,
Frost has nipt them in the bud.

Lord, revive us, &c.
8 Dearest Saviour, hasten hither,

Thou canst make them bloom again;
O permit them not to wither,
Let not all our hopes be vain..

Lord, revive us, &c.
9 Let our mutual love be fervent,

Make us prevalent in prayer,
Let each one esteem'd thy servant,
Shun the world's bewitch snares.

Lord, revive us, &c.
10 Break the tempter's fatal power,

Turn the stony heart to flesh,
And begin from this good hour,
To revive thy work afresh.
Lord, revive us, &c.

111. 8's. Anon. Encouragement to holiness of heart and life. AY now, ye lovely, social band,

That walk the way to Canaan's land ;
Ye, who have fled from Sodom's plain,
Say, wish you to return again?
Have you just ventur'd to the field,
Well arm'd with helmet, sword and shield;
And shall the world, with dread alarms,

Compel you now to ground your arms ! 2 Beware of pleasure's syren song,

Alas! it cannot soothe you long;
It cannot quiet Jordan's wave,
Nor cheer the dark and silent grave:
O let your thought delight to soar,
Where sinful pleasures all are o'er;
Explore by faith the heavenly fields,

And pluck the fruit that Canaan yields 3 There see the glorious hosts on wing,

And hear the heavenly seraphs sing!

The shining ranks in order stand,
Or move like lightning at command;
There sits the Saviour on his throne,
And there Jehovah reigns alone;
There angel-bands submissive wait,

And armies worship at his feet. 4 Behold! I see among the rest,

An host in richer garments drest,
And nearer to the

throne they stand,
With palms of vict'ry in their hand;
There, on that peaceful, happy shore,
They're met at last to part no more,
Where flesh and sin shall ne'er control

The sacred pleasures of the soul.
5 These are the foll’wers of the Lamb,

Whose robes are wash'd from every stain,
Who once were fill'd with pain and care,
But now they heavenly garments wear:
Soon on the wings of love you'll fly,
To join them in that world of joy ;
Then be it now your chiefest care,
The image of your Lord to bear.


112. 11's. Altered. Ministers exhorted and encouraged. A WAKE, my dear brethren, who trust in the Lord,

word ; Go, teach all the nations, and when they believe,

Then lead them to Jordan and baptism give. 2 Be sober, be prudent, and watch unto prayer,

And be ye examples of piety here,
That others, beholding the works that you do,

May glorify Jesus in righteousness too.
3 Be faithful, dear brethren, and stand for his cause,

And preach for his honour, and not for applause;
The glory to Jesus be careful to give,
And he will be with you as long as you live.

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