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5 The stream shall not affright me,
Although 'tis deeper than the grave;

If Jesus stand beside ine,
I'll smoothly ride on Jordan's wave;

His word has calm'd the ocean ;
His lamp has cheer'd the gloomy vale;

0! may this friend be with me, When through the gate of death sail 6 Then, come, thou king of terrors, And with thy dagger lay me low;

Soon I shall reach those regions, Where everlasting pleasures flow;

O sinners, shall I leave you, No more to join your social band,

No more to stanı heside yoii, Till at the judgment-bar we stand? 7 Soon the archangel's trumpet Shall shake the globe from pole to pole,

And all the wheels of nature Shall, in a moment, cease to roll;

Then we shall see the Saviour,
With shining ranks of angels, come

To execute his vengeance,
And take his ransom'd people home.


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103. 8. 7. Soldiers of Christ exhorted. NRUMP of war! awake the soldier,

Ah! methinks he sleeps too long, Soldier, mouse! behold the danger!

See thy focs a thousand strong: Thirk besides an untold number,

Some without, and some within ; Rise, and buckle on thy armour

Fight the hosts of hell and sin.

2 Fiery lakes behind are burning;

Foes beset thee all around; Forward go!-there's no returning;

Death or conquest is the souud :
Bind the truth a girdle round thee,

With this plume adorn thy head,
Hope through grace, the proven helmet;

In the path of precept tread.
3 More than all, thy shield rely on,

Faith in God's eternal aid;
Take the two-edg’d glorious weapon,

Spirit's sword, nor be afraid;
On ihy knees still fight with courage,

Trusting in thy Captain's might,
Fervent prayer 's a conquering weapon,

On thy knees still stand and fight. 4 Has thy Captain come to succour?

Have thy enemies all fled?
Watch and pray, there still is danger,

Though they're gone, they are not dead:
Soldier! now be doubly watchful,

Mark with care the victory won; Let not self assume the honour,

That belongs to Curist alone. 5 O thou captain of salvation,

I to thee for succour fly;
At thy feet I bend repentant,

Save me, save me! or I die:
Often thou hast led to conquest,

And through thee I conquering go, Jesus, save me from my weakness,

Save me from my bosom foe.

104. 11's. Hopkins.

Why sleep ye?
HY sleep ye, my brethren-come let us anse,

in sight Salvation is near-our days are far spent, O, let us be activeawake! and repent.

2 O, how can we slumber! the Master is come,

And calling on sinners to seek them a home:
The Spirit and Bride now in concert unite,

The weary they welcome the careless invite. 3 O how can we slumber! our foes are awake; To ruin poor souls ev'ry effort they make;

T accomplish their object no means are untried,

The careless they comfort--the wakeful misguide. 40, how can we slumber! when so much was done,

To purchase salvation by Jesus the Son!
Now mercy is proffer'd, and justice display'd,

Now God can be honour'd, and sinners be sav'd. 3 0, how can we slumber! when death is so near,

And sinners are sinking to endless despair!
Now prayers may avail. and they gain the high prize,

Before they in torment shall lift up their eyes. 6 O, how can we slumber !-ye sinners, look round,

Before the last trumpet your hearts shall confound;
Now fly to the Saviour, he calls you to-day;
While mercy is waiting, O make no delay!

1 105. 7's. Swain.
Child ! come home.

Fight we must, but should not fear;
Foes we have, but we've a Friend,
One that loves us to the end :
Forward, then, with courage go
Long we shall not stay below,
Soon the joysul news will come,

Child, your Father calls- come home. * In the way a thousand snares

Lie, to take us unawares;
Satan, with malicious art,
Watches each unguarded part;
But from Satan's malice free,
Saints shall all victorious be ;-
Soon the joyful news will come,
Child, your Father calls—come home.

3 But, of all the foes we meet,

None so oft mislead our feet,
None betray us into sin,
Like the foes that dwell within ;-
Let not all this spoil our peace,
Christ shall also conquer these, -
Then the joyful views will come,
Child, your Father calls-come home.


106. 11's. Allered.
Sinners warned, and Saints encouraged.

! Ye trav'llers to Zion, how slowly you creep! Awake from your slumber, and march on your way

Through earth's dreary regions to eternal day. 2 Awake, and attend to the Saviour's sweet voice

"Tis music so charming, we all should rejoice, And leave all behind us, and fly to his arms,

Though sinners reject him for stores and for farma 3 0 sinners, you 're passing from life unto death,

A few scenes remaining will finish your breath;
Your bodies must moulder, and crumble to dust,

Till the resurrection of just and unjust.
4 Reflect, for a moment! if then in your guilh,

No change for the better can ever be felt,
Depart, ye accursed, then Jesus will say,

When once I invited, you would not obey.
3 How happy the righteous! whom angels convey

From all their afflictions, to glory away,
To dwell with sweet Jesus, bright angels, and saints.

Where all is enjoyment—there are no complaints. 6 And when the archangel the trumpet shall sound,

To wake all the nations that sleep under ground, With shouts, all triumphant, their bodies shall rise, And fly to meet Jesus the Lord, in the skies.

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107. 8. 8. 6. Wesley's Coll.

Mutual encouragement
NOME on, my partners in distress,

My comrades through the wilderness,
Who still your bodies feel;
Awhile forget your griefs and fears,
And look beyond this vale of tears,

To that celestial hill.
2 Beyond the bounds of time and space,
Louk forward to that heavenly place,

The saints' secure abode;
On faith's strong eagle pinions rise,
And force your passage to the skies,

And scale the mount of God.
3 Who suffer with our Master here,
We shall before his face appear,

And by his side sit down;
To patient hope the prize is sure,
And all that to the end endure

The cross, shall wear the crown. 4 Thrice blessed, bliss-inspiring hope, It lifts the fainting spirit up,

And brings to life the dead;
Our conflicts here shall soon be past,
And you and I ascend at last,

Triumphant with our head.
5 In hope of those ecstatic joys,
Jesus, we now sustain the cross,

And at thy footstool fall;
Till thou our hidden life reveal,
Till thou our ravish'd spirits fill,

And God be All in All.

108. 8. 6.
Soldiers of the Cross encouraged.
A cross,

And gird your armour on;

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