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My happy soul shall drink and feast

On love's unbounded sea-
The glorious hope of endless rest,

Is pleasing news to me.
5 O come, my Saviour, coine away,

And bear me through the sky;
Nor let thy chariot wheels delay,

Make haste and bring it nigh!
I long to see thy beauteous face,

And in thy image shine-
To triumph in victorious grace,

And be for ever thine.
6 Then I shall tune my harp of gold,

To praise th' eternal King;
In ages that can ne'er be told,

I'll make his praises ring ;
And hail the glorious Son of God,

Who died on Calvary,.
And sav'd us by his precious blood,

From endless misery!
7 Ten thousand thousand join in one,

To praise th' eternal Three;
Prostrate before his throne they fall,

In deep humility;
Then rise and tune their harps of gold,

And sweep th' immortal lyre,
In ages that can ne'er be told,

They'll raise his praises higher.

123. 11's. Altered. The dying Christian in a happy frame. My

Could I meet with bright angels, I'd sing

them a song, I'd sing of my Jesus, and tell of his charms,

And beg them to bear me to his loving arms. 2 0 Jesus! sweet Jesus! thou balm of my soul, "Twas thou, my dear Saviour, that made my heart


O bring me to view thee, thou precious sweet King

In oceans of glory thy praises to sing.
3 A glimpse of bright glory o’erpowers my soul,

I sink in sweet visions to view the bright goal,
My soul, while I m singing, is leaping to go,-

This moment, for Jesus I'd leave all below.
A Farewell, my dear brethren; my Lord bids me come,

Farewell to all sorrow, I'm now going home :
Tho' worms my poor body may claim as their prey,

"Twill outshine, when rising, the sun at noon-day. 5 The sun shall be darken'd—the moon turn'd to blood,

The mountains all melt at the presence of God: Amid vivid lightnings, and thunder's loud roar, We'll ascend to sweet Jesus, to praise evermore.


124. 11's. Altered.
Master, it is good to be here! Mark ix. 5.


To converse with God in the duty of prayer ; With fervent devotion his throne I address,

And feel it is pleasant, indeed, to be here! 2 The Bible I open, my duty to learn,

And hear the blest volume his glory declare Tis Jesus can make my heart in me to burn,

And fill me with rapture-'tis good to be here! 3 With brothers and sisters in Christ I unite,

And often with singing to Salem repair;
His worship affords me substantial delight;

How precious the season 'tis good to be here! 4 When some sore affliction deprives me of rest,

And Satan's temptations exhibit despair;
If then with the smile of my God I am blest,

"Tis sweet conversation—'tis good to be here! 5 When some Christian brother, whose heart burns

with love,
By sweet consolation dispels gloomy fear,

And shows me the worth of my treasure above,

How charming the prospect ! 'tis good to be here! 6 How oft when thick darkness my way doth surround,

And I unto Salem for worship repair,
While hearing the gospel, how blissful the sound !

My heart burns within me—'tis good to be here!


125. 8. 8. 6. Harrison.
Contentment; or, the world renounced.
NELL me no more of earthly toys,

Of sinful mirth and carnal joys,
The things I lov'd before ;
Let me but view my Saviour's face,
And feel his soul-reviving grace,

And I desire no more.
2 Tell me no more of blooming health,
Of ease and plenty, fruits of wealth,

For these have all their snares;
Let me but feel my sins forgiven,
And see my name enroll'd in heaven,

And I am free from cares.
3 Tell me no more of lofty towers,
Delightful gardens, fragrant bowers,

For these are trifling things; The little room for me design'd, Will suit as well my easy mind

As palaces of kings.
4 Tell me no"more of crowding guests,
Of sumptuous feasts and gaudy dress,

Extravagance and waste ;
My little table, only spread
With simple herbs and wholesome bread,

Will better suit my taste.
5 Give me the Bible in my hand,
A heart to read and understand,

And faith to trust the word ;-
I'd sit alone from day to day,
And urge no company to stay,

Nor wish to rove abroad.

126. 10. 11. Anon.

The vanily of the world.
TELL me no more of this world's vain store,

The time for such trifles with me now is o'er A country I've found, where true joys abound,

To dwell I'm determin'd on that happy ground. 2 No mortal doth know what Christ can bestow,

What life, strength and comfort-go after him, go! So onward I move to meet him above

None knows how delightful my journey shall prove 3 Great spoils I shall win, from death, hell, and sin,

'Midst outward afflictions have comfort within: And still, which is best, I, in his dear breast,

As at the beginning, find pardon and rest. 4 When I am to die, receive me, I 'll cry,

For Jesus hath lov'd me, I cannot tell why;
But this I do find, we two are so join'd,

He 'll not live in glory and leave me behind. 5 In praises we'll meet, and harmony sweet

All glory to Jesus! I'll then be complete.
This blessing be mine, through favour divine,
And O, my Redeemer! the glory be thine.

127. P. N. Allered. Submission to Providence.

, Bids us be quiet under all his dealings; Never repining, but for ever praising

God our Creator. 2 Well may we praise him, all his ways are perfect

, With a resplendence infinitely glorious, Dazzling in glory on the sight of mortals

Struck blind by lustre. 2 Good is Jehovah in bestowing sunshine,

No less his goodness in the storm and thunder:
Mercies and judgments, both proceed from kindness

, Infinitę kindness,

4 Clouds and thick darkness, though his thronc sur

rounding, Teach us, like Moses, to approach and tremble: Light from his presence, like resplendent sunbeams,

Breaks through and cheers us. =Ö Then to the wisdom of my Lord and Master,

I will commit all that I have or wish for;
Sweetly as babes sleep will I give my life up,

When call'd to yield it.


128. 8.7. Pearce. Afflictions bring us nearer to God. N the floods of tribulation,


Jesus whispers consolation,

And supports my fainting soul:
Thus the lion yields me honey,

From the eater food is given;
Strengthen'd thus, I thus press forward,

Singing as I wade to heaven.
2 'Mid the gloom the vivid lightnings

With increased brightness play ;
And, of nights, the darkest season

Oft precedes the dawn of day:
Thus, in darkest dispensations,

Doth my faithful Lord appear,
With his richest consolations,

To reanimate and cheer.
3 Floods of tribulation heighten,

Billows still around me roar;
Those that know not Christ, they frighten,

But my soul defies their power:
In the sacred page recorded,

Thus his word securely stands,
• Fear not, I'm in trouble near thee,

• Nought shall pluck thee from my hands.'

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