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5 Long ere the sun shall run his round,
I may be buried under ground,

And friends the loss deplore;
Alas! one hour may close the scene,
And ere twelve months shall roll between

My name be heard no more.
6 But shall my soul be then extinct,
And cease to live, and cease to think?

It cannot, cannot be :--
No, my immortal cannot die:
What wilt thou do, or whither fly,

en death shall set thee free? 7 Will mercy then her arms extend? Will Jesus be thy guardian friend,

And heaven thy dwelling place?
Or shall insulting fiends appear,
To drag thee down to keen despair
Beyond the reach of

8 A heaven or hell, and these alone,
Beyond the present life are known;

There is no middle state.
To-day attend the call divine,
To-morrow may be none of thine,
Or it

be too late.
90! do not pass this life in dreams :
Vast is the change, whate'er it seems,

To poor unthinking men!
Lord, at thy focistool I would bow,
Bid conscience tell me plainly now

What it must tell me then.
10 If irf destruction's road I stray,
Help me to choose that better way

Which leads to joys on high:
Thy grace impart, my guilt forgive,
Nor let me ever dare to live

Such as I would not die.


135. L. M. Altered.

Young people expostulated with to come to Christ. MY , ,

Amid the gospel's joyful sound, Come, go with us, and seek to prove

The joys of Christ's redeeming love. 2 To-day, if you will hear his voice,

Now is the time to make your choice;
Say, will you to Mount Zion go?

Say, will you have this Christ or no? 3 Say, would you be for ever blest?

Come to the Saviour, in him trust :
From guilt and pain would you be free?

Flee from your sins, to Jesus flee.
4 [If we must leave you bound to hell,

Resolv'd with foulest fiends to dwell,
To rush in carnal pleasures on

And sink in endless ruin down ;-
5 If

’re determin'd not to pray, And put far off the evil day, Farewell, my friends, a long farewell,

For I'm resolv'd with Christ to dwell.] 6 And since his love is still the same,

I once more ask you in his name,
Say, will you to Mount Zion go ?
Say, will you have this Christ or no ?

136. 8. 8. 8. 8. 7. Altered.

Opposers expostulated with. WH

CHILE angels strike their tuneful strings

And veil their faces with their wings;
Each saint on earth his Jesus sings,
And joins to praise the King of kings,

That sav'd his soul from ruin.

2 But sinners fond of earthly toys,

Mock and deride, while saints rejoice ;
They close their ears at Jesns' voice;
They make the world and sin their choice,

And force their way to ruin. 3 The preachers warn them night and day;

For them the Christians weep and pray:
But sinners laugh and turn away,
And join the wicked, vain, and gay,

And throng the road to ruin.
4 Sometimes by preaching sinners see

They ’re doom'd to hell and misery ;
To turn to God they then agree,
But O! 'tis wicked company

That leads them on to ruin.

5 Sometimes, when nothing else will do,

Affliction will his danger show,
And bring the haughty sinner low;
Then he'll repent, and pray, and vow

To leave the road to ruin.
6 In dreadful visions of the night,

The Lord doth guilty souls affright
They tremble at the awful sight,
But often with the morning light

Pursue the road to ruin.
7 When every way is tried in vain-

No more the Spirit strives with man-
The blow is struck-the sinner's slain-
O'erwhelm’d with guilt, and fear, and pain,

He sinks to endless ruin.
8 O sinners, turn—long time you've stood

Oppos'd to God and all that's good:
Lay down your arms, submit to God,
And thus be sav'd, through Jesus' blood

From sin and endless ruin.

137. 11's. Christian Lyre.

Turn ye! why will you die? O ,

When God in his mercy is coming so nigh? Now Jesus invites you, the Spirit says, come,

And angels are waiting to welcome you home. 2 How vain the delusion, that while you delay,

Your hearts may grow better by staying away!
Come wretched, come starving, come just as you be,

While streams of salvation are flowing so free. 3 Now Jesus is ready your souls to receive;

O how can you question, if you will believe?
If sin is your burden, why will you not come?

'Tis you he bids welcome. -he bids you come home. 4 In wealth, and in pleasure what can you obtain

To soothe in affliction, or banish your pain ?
To bear up your spirits when summond to die,

Or waft you to mansions of glory on high?
5 Why will you be starving and feeding on air?

There's mercy in Jesus, enough and to spare;
If still you are fearing, make trial and see,

And prove that his mercy is boundless and free. 6 Come, give us your hand, and the Saviour your heart,

And trusting in heaven, we never shall part;
O how can we leave you ? Why will you not come !
We'll journey together, and soon be at home.


138. 8. 6. Altered.

The end of time.
A RISE and shine, Zion, fair

Thy glorious cong'ring King is near ;

to take his exiles home :

The trumpet's thund'ring through the skies,

To set poor captives free;
The day of wonder now is come,

The year of jubilee.
2 Ye heralds blow the trumpet loud,

Throughout the earth and sky ;
Go spread the news from pole to pole,

Behold the judgment 's nigh!
Enthron'd on clouds the Judge descends,

Inviting saints to come,
And angels whisper us away

To their eternal home.
3 • Arise! ye nations, from the tomb,

• Before the Judge appear!'
tongues and languages must come,

Their final doom to hear.
Blow out the sun, burn up the earth,

Consume the rolling flood;
Let nature groan in pangs of death,

The moon be turn'd to blood ! 4 The joyful news of gospel grace,

To sinners now is o'er;
The trump in Zion now is still,

And to be heard no more :
The watchmen all have left their walls,

And with their flocks above,
They join with all the heavenly hosts,

To sing redeeming love. 5 Behold a pilgrim as he dies,

With glory in his view;
To heaven he lifts his longing eyes,

And bids the world adieu !
While friends are weeping all around,

And loth to let him go,
He shouts with his expiring breath,

And leaves them all below.
6 Farewell, my brethren in the Lord,

I hope to meet you there;

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