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Although you tread enchanted ground,

Be bold, and never sear;
Fight on, fight on, ye conquering souls,

The heavenly land 's in view;
I soon shall gain fair Canaan's shore,

And hope to meet with you.

139. 8. 8. 6. Altered.

The trump of Jubilee. WHAT sound is this salutes mine ear!

Methinks the jub'lee trump I hear Long look'd for now is comeIt shakes the heaven, the earth, the sea, Proclaims the year of jubilee,

Return, ye exiles, home.
2 Behold! the new Jerusalem,
Illuminated by the Lamb,

In glory doth appear!
Fair Žion rising from the tomb,
To meet the Bridegroom, now he's come,

And hail the jub'lee year.
3 King Jesus takes her to his arms;
Transported with his heavenly charms,

She thus begins to sing ; • From'sins, and cares, and sighs, and pains, • I rise, where joy immortal reigns,

• To view the rosy Spring.'
4 As larks and linnets sweetly sing,
And hills and valleys round them ring-

Scap'd from the fowler's snare ;
A thousand years she here shall dwell,
And sing while Satan's chain'd in hell,

Which ends the jub'lee year.
The seventh trumpet we shall hear,
A great white throne shall then appear,

Ten thousand angels round ;
An angel turns the moon to blood,
Puts out the sun, consumes the flood,

And burns the solid ground.

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6 Arise, ye nations, and come forth!
From east to west, from south to north,

Behold the Judge is come!
What horrors seize the guilty breast!
Compellid to stand the solenin test,

And hear the final doom!
7 Depart, ye curs'd! go down to hell,

With howling fiends for ever dwell,

No more to see my face' • My solemn warnings you withstood, • You set at nought my precious blood

And scoff’d at sovereign grace.' 8 See parents anu their children part! Some shout for joy, some bleed in heart

No more to meet again.
In fiery chariots Zion flies,
And quickly gains the upper skies

On Canaan's dazzling plain.
9 My soul is struggling to be there,
I long to rise and wing the air,

And trace the heavenly roadAdieu! adieu, all earthly things ! O that I had an angel's wings,

I'd quickly see my God!

140. 8. 8. 6. Anon. Lunging for a place at the right hand of the Judge. WHEN thou, my righteous Judge, shalt come

Shall I among them stand ? Shall such a worthless worm as I, Who sometimes am afraid to die,

Be found at thy right hand ?
2 I love to meet amongst them now,
Before thy gracious feet to bow,

Though vilest of them all:
How can I bear the piercing thought,
What if my name should be left out,
When thou for them shalt call ?

3 Prevent, prevent it by thy grace!
Be thou, dear Lord, my hiding-place

In that accepted day;
Thy pard’ning voice, O! let me hear,
To still my unbelieving fear,

And teach me the right way. 4 Let me among thy saints be found, When the archangel's trump shall sound,

To see thy smiling face That I thy lofty praise may sing, And make the heavenly mansions ring

With shouts of sovereign grace.

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141. 7's. Leland.
How do


do? BI

RETHREN, I am come again,

Let us join to pray and sing; Joseph lives, and Jesus reigns,

Praise him in the highest strains. 2 (Many days and weeks have past

Since we met together last,
Yet our lives do still remain,

Here on earth we meet again. 3 Many of our friends are gone

To their long eternal home;
We are waiting here below,

Soon we after them shall go.]
4 Brethren, tell me how

your love continue true ? Are you waiting for your King,

When he shall return again ? 5 If you wish to know of me,

How I am, or what I be,-
Here I am, behold who will,
Sure I am a sinner still:

you do;

6 Weak and wounded, sick and lame,

All unholy, all unclean;
Yet I would from sin be free,
And the Lord remembers me.

142. P. M. Tune-Vernon.
A Social or Union Meeting Hymn.

“In our social meeting ;
* In this propitious hour,
“O may we feel thy power,

“In our social meeting !"
2 Draw nigh, thou blessed Jesus,

In our social meeting ;
In mercy now revive us,
In mercy, Lord, revive us,

In this social meeting.
3 Draw nigh, Almighty Spirit,

In our social meeting,
Reveal the blessed Jesus,
O melt, renew, and cleanse us,

In this social meeting. 4 O Father, Son, and Spirit,

Bless our social meeting;
In Christ the Mediator,
Unite us all together,

In this social meeting.
5 Draw us to thee, Jehovah,

In our social meeting ;
Give us to feel in union,
Ogrant us sweet communion,
In this social meeting.

143. 11's. Anon.
Affectionate parting of brethren.
WITH gladness, dear brethren, we met at this
To speak and to hear of God's rich and free grace
For all that are needy, afflicted and poor,
The Saviour has balsam and riches in store.

2 If hungry and thirsty, and burden'd with guilt,

For you, the dear Saviour, his blood freely spilt : If naked and wounded, just ready to die,

He waits, from his fullness, your wants to supply. 3 You 're welcome, poor sinners, no longer delay,

The gospel invites you to Jesus to-day;.
If you are but willing you need not to doubt,

For those that come to him he will not cast out. 4 On parting, my brethren, I give you my hand,

In token of friendship, that uniting band,
Since we here together no longer can stay,

Be sure you continue devoutly to pray. 5 Farewell, my dear brethren, belov'd of the Lord,

The footsteps of Jesus you 'll find in his word ;
Then follow your Leader wherever he goes,

Stand fast and unshaken whatever oppose. 6 The time 'tis approaching when Christ shall appear,

In glory, and then all his saints shall be there,
No fear then of parting, or grief or complaint,

Shall ever be heard from the tongue of a saint. 7 But praise and thanksgiving shall be our employ

Our souls always feasting, yet never shall cloyNew scenes then unfolding, new joys will afford, All glory and honour, and praise to the Lord.

144. L. M. Anon.
The parling hand.

Whose hearts in sweetest union prove;
Your friendship's like a drawing band,

Yet we must take the parting hand.
2 Your company's sweet, your union dear,

Your words delightful to mine ear.
Yet when I see that we must part,

You draw like cords around my heart.
3 How sweet the hours have pass'd away,

Since we have met to sing and pray,

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