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The object of transcendant love,
In and by whom all creatures move,-
Grant me perpetual smiles, whilst I

Struck by glory,

Fall before thee,
Holy holy, holy, cry.
2 When I shall quit this house of clay,

Glorious angels shall convey,
Upon their golden wings shall 1
Be wafted far above the sky;
There to behold him free from harms;

Beauties vernal,

Spring eternal
In my lovely Saviour's arms.
3 What hath the world to equal this?

The solid joys of heavenly bliss ;
The joys immortal-love divine;
The love of Jesus ever mine;
For greater joys I'm bound to know,

From terrestrial,

To celestial,
When I up to Jesus go :
4 There, in sweet, silent raptures wait,

Till the saints' glory is complete;
Till the last trump of God shall sound,
Brcak up the graves and tear the ground,
And then, descending with the Lamb,

Every spirit

Shall inherit Bodies of immortal frame. 5 O tiresome world when will it end?

When shall I see my heavenly Friend? When will the lovely Saviour come, And take his weary pilgrim home? When shall I meet him in the sky,

There adore him,

Fall before him,
Welcome, welcome, welcome, cry?

H !

119. 8. 6. Broaddus's Collection.

The bliss of the Christian's slate.
COW happy's every child of grace,
This earth, he cries, is not my place,

I seek a place in heaven;
A country far from mortal sight,

Yet, O, by faith I see-
The land of rest, the saint's delight,

A heaven prepar'd for me!
2 A stranger in this world below,

I only sojourn here;
Nor can its happiness or woe,

Provoke my hope or fear;
Its evils in a moment end

Its joys as soon are past;.
But, O! the bliss to which I tend,

Eternally shall last.
3 To that Jerusalem above,

With singing I repair;
While in this vale, by hope and love

My ravish'd soul is there-
T'here my exalted Saviour stands,

My merciful High Priest,
And still extends his wounded hands,

To take me to his breast.
4 What is there here to court my stay

Or keep me back from home,
When angels beckon me away,

And Jesus bids me come?
Shall I regret to leave my friends

Here in this vale confin'd ?
To Christ the Lord my soul ascends-

Farewell to all behind!
5 O what a blessed hope ours,

While here on earth we stay!
We more than taste the heavenly powers,

And antedate that day;

We feel the resurrection near,-

Our life in Christ conceal'd-
And with his glorious presence here,

Our longing hearts are fill'd. 6 When he shall more of heaven bestow, And bid


soul remove, And let my trembling spirit go

To meet the God I love;
With rapt'rous awe on him I'll gaze,

Who died to set me free,
And sing and shout redeeming grace,

Through all eternity.

120. C. M. Enlarged.

Desiring the promised land.
N Jordan's stormy banks I stand,

And cast a wishful eye
To Canaan's fair and happy land,

Where my possessions lie:
O the transporting, rapturous scene,

That rises to my sight!
Sweet fields, array'd in living green,

And rivers of delight!
2 There generous fruits, that never fail,

On trees immortal grow:
There rocks, and brooks, and hills, and vales,

With milk and honey flow:
O'er all those wide-extended plains

Shines one eternal day;
There God, the Sun, for ever reigns,

And scatters night away.
3 No chilling winds, nor pois'nous breath,

Can reach that healthful shore;
Sickness and sorrow, pain and death,

Are felt and fear'd no more :
When shall I reach that happy place,

And be for ever blest?
When shall I see my Father's face,

And in his bosom rest?

4 Fili'd with delight, my raptur'd soul

Can here Tubonger stay ;
Though Jordan's waves around me roll,

Fearless I'd launch away;
With joy exchange all earthly things,

For Gud's eternal love :
Ye angel bands, expand your wings,
And bear my soul above!

121. C. M. Anon.

The Chrislian's Home.
ERUSALEM! my happy home,

O how I long for thee!
When will my sorrows have an end ?

Thy joys, when shall I see?
2 Thy walls are all of precious stones,

Most glorious to behold ?
Thy gates are richly set with pearls,

Thy streets are pav'd with gold.
3 Thy gardens and thy pleasant green,

My study long have been;
Such sparkling light, by human sight,

Has never yet been seen.
4 Jerusalem!-my gracious Lord !-

Why should I stay from thence ? What folly 'tis that I should dread

To die and go from hence! 5 Reach down, reach down thine arm of grace,

And cause me to ascend
Where congregations ne'er break up,

And Sabbaths never end.
6 Jesus, my love, to glory's gone,

Him will I go and see;
And all my brethren here below

Will soon come after me.
7 My friends, I bid you all adieu,

I leave you in God's care, And if I here no more see you,

Go on, I'll meet you there.

8 There we shall meet, no more to part,

And heaven shall ring with praise ; While Jesus' love, in every heart,

Shall tune the song free grace. 9 Millions of years around shall run, Our song

shall still go on, To praise the Father, and the Son, And Spirit, Three in One.

122. 8. 6. Granade. The prospect of Heaven is delightful. WEET rivers of redeeming love,

Had I the pinions of a dove,

I'd to those rivers rise ;
I'd rise superior to my pain;

With joy outstrip the wind,
And cross bold Jordan's stormy main,

And leave the world behind.
2 While I'm imprison'd here below,

In anguish, pain, and smart,
Oft-times my troubles I forego,

While love surrounds my heart:
In darkest shadows of the night,

Faith mounts the upper sky,-
I then behold my heart's delight,

And could rejoice to die.
3 I view the monster death, and smile,

For he has lost his sting ;
And satan trembles all the while,

Triumphant I can sing:
I hold my Saviour in my arms,

And will not let him go;
I'm so delighted with his charms,

No other good I know
4 A few more days or years at most,

My troubles will be o'er;
And I shall join the heavenly host,

On Canaan's peaceful shore:

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