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::07. c. do 30.

Author's Prefarr.

The first and greatest object that should most materially engage the attention of mankind is, the pursuit of that knowledge which tends to promote their welfare while on this transitory stage of life, and their eternal happiness in the world to conie. As, in our Blessed Redeemer only rests the whole of our eternal Salvation, let Him only engross our most serious attention: and let the example of his Holy Apostles inspire us with resolution to make ourselves emulous to be accounted voluntary servants of Christ, who condescended to suffer an ignominious death, to cleanse us from our sins, and to win for us a place in heaven.

Our Blessed Lord tells us, that if we are poor in spirit, we shall gain the kingdom of heaven-if we mourn here, we shall be comforted—if we hunger and thirst after righteousness, we shall be filled. All true knowledge, virtue, and perfection that a Christian can desire, or attain to, are contained in the Doctrines and Transactions of our Glorious Redeemer ; who teaches us, that righteousness and holiness consist in the inward purity and integrity of the mind, not in the outward show of works—in a conscience void of offence, not in the pompous applause of menin humility, not in ostentation in contempt, not in pursuit, of worldly honours ; and he farther teaches us to love our enemies as well as our friends. Here we read of the nature of true faith; of trusting in Christ alone; and how we ought not to glory, bui in Him. Here we also read of the certainty of salvation-the forgiveness of sins--the resurrection of the body, and of life eternal.

We most sincerely hope that the perusal of this Work will produce that effect for which it is so happily adapted, namely, the promotion of the cause of Christianity, and making mankind wise unto salvation. May it duly impress the young with the importance of cultivating while yet their faculties are undimmed, those principles of which Jesus Christ was so glorious an incarnation; inay it prompt their souls to aspire after

“Wisdom, the wing wherewith we fly to Heaven." To the young it is the key to treasures more precious than those which Ophir or Golconda enshrine ; it directs them where to find those “unsearchable riches,” which neither rust nor moth can corrupt, nor fire consume, nor thieves take away—the love the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. In a word, it would emphatically recall and enforce the lesson of the sweet Psalmist of Israel, “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh.”

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