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HE success of SONGS OF REDEEMING LOVE, No. 1, has been so

great that the editors have determined to issue SONGS OF RB

DEEMING LOVE, No. 2. We send it out upon its merits, confident that it will meet with the heartiest commendations of all who use it.

Hymns new and old are found within its pages. Many hymns of the Wesleys have been selected, for no hymn book seems complete without them. There are many new pieces here published for the first time which we well know will soon be resounding in prayer meetings, revivals, and camp meetings all over the Republic. There are some pieces here that everybody must learn and must sing, simply because they cannot help it.

More than a million copies of the books made rich by the best productions of Messrs Sweney, Kirkpatrick, and O’Kane have already been sold. That fact is a sufficient comment upon their excellence.

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CAUTION :-Nearly all the hymns and music herein are copyright property. No person may PRINT, for any purpose, such hymns without first obtaining the written consent of the owners.

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Let not Your Heart be troubled.

T. C. O'K.


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1. “Let not your heart be trou- bled, Nei- ther let it be

fraid," 2. In heaven are man - y -sions, He has hastened to pre- pare, 3. To he gives this prom - ise, Bid- ding each to fol - low him,



Were words of sweet- est com- fort, By our dear Re - deem- er said. That all his true dis - ci - ples In his end- less bliss might share. And we thro' this way on - ly, Heav - en's gates can en - ter in.


There is joy

for the ransomed, Joy for the ransomed, There is

joy, endless joy for you, Where the saints sing forever, Near E- den's

yes, endless joy for


riv- er, There is joy, endless joy for you.

4 He sends his Holy Spirit,

As the Christian's daily guide, And gives a blessed fortaste

Of those joys that e'er abide. 5 Then onward, brother Christian,

Ever keep the narrow road, Till Jesus comes to bear you

To his heavenly abode.



Sing, my soul!


1. Sing, my soul! proclaim the ho - ly rap - ture Burst-ing now from 2. Sing, my soul! the rock whereon thou standest Firm, unmoved, thy 3. Hark, my soul! from distant realms e-ter - nal, Borne in light 4. Look, my soul! the morrow's dawn is breaking; Hail, oh, hail thy


4. 4


Never told the bliss of a joy like mine. Saved and redeem'd, thro’simple faith in Calms the troubled wave like a child to sleep.

Songs that by and by thou wilt learn to sing. Holds the blessed crown that will soon be won.

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