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is experienced by every TREBIA.

New Thief. Thrashing Machines, are most used in the season of THRASYMENE.

Hunting. A Can,

is a kind of CANNE.

New Dish. A Meteor,

looks as brilliant as METAURUS.

A Nosegay. A Zany,

would never ZAMA.

Know a Zany. A Magnet, is a more useful jewel than the MAGNESIA.

Topaz Pythias, PYDNA.

A Witty Chief A Farce,

is often acted under PHARSALIA.

A Roof Money,

is frequently put in MUNDA.

A Roll. Philopæna,

is a game that is played by PHILIPPI.

A Heroine. Actors,

sometimes act their plays in · ACTIUM.

A Meadow 10


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Modern Battles.

1. CLONTARF; Brien, Irish Monarch, vs. Danes, A. D. 1014 HASTINGS; William the Conq., Norman, vs. Harold II., Eng., 1066 Ascalon; Richard I., Eng., vs. Saladin, Saracen, 1192 BOUVINES; Philip II. (Augustus), Fr., vs. King John, Eng., 1214 EVESHAM; Prince Edward, Eng., vs. Leicester, Eng., 1265 FALKIRK ; Edward I., Eng., vs., Wm. Wallace, Scot., 1298 BANNOCKBURN; Robert Bruce, Scot., vs. Edward II., Eng., 1314 DUNDALK; Ld. Birmingham, Eng., vs. David Bruce, Scot., 1318 Halidon Hill; Edward III., Eng., vs. David Bruce, 1333 CRESSY; Edward III., Eng., vs. Philip VI., Fri,

1346 CALAIS; Edward III., Eng., vs. French,

1347 POICTIERS; Edward the Bl’k Prince, Eng., vs. John II., Fr., 1356. OTTERBURN, or Chevy Chase; Earl Douglas, Scot., vs. Percy (Hotspur), Eng.,

1388 ANGORA ; Tamerlane, Tartar, vs. Bajazet, Turk,

1402 SHREWSBURY; Henry IV., Eng., vs. Hotspur, who was killed,

1403 AGINCOURT; Henry V., Eng., vs. French,

1415 VERNEUIL; Duke of Bedford, Eng., vs. French,

1424 ORLEANS, SIEGE OF; Joan of Arc, Fr., vs. Duke of Bedford, 1429 PATRAY; Joan of Arc vs. Talbot, Eng.,

1429 SEVEN OAKS; Jack Cade and Rebels, vs. Sir H. Stafford, Eng.,

1450 CONSTANTINOPLE TAKEN; Mahomet II., Turk, vs. Constantine I., Greek,

May 29th., 1453 ST. ALBANS ; Edward IV., Eng., vs. Henry VI., Eng., 1461 Towton; Edward IV. and Warwick vs. Henry VI. and Margaret of France,

1461 HEXHAM ; Edward IV. vs. Margaret, Fr., .

1463 BARNET; Edward IV. vs. Henry VI. and Warwick, 1471 TEWKSBURY ; Edward IV. vs. Henry VI. and Margaret, 1471 MORAT; Swiss vs. Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, 1476 BOSWORTH FIELD; Henry VII., Eng., vs. Richard III., 1485 RAVENNA; Gaston de Foix, Fr., vs. Spaniards,

1512 FLODDEN FIELD; English vs. James IV., Scot.,

1513 MARIGNAN; Francis I., Fr., vs. Swiss,

1515 Pavia; Charles V., Ger., vs. Francis I.,

1525 Solway Moss; English vs. Scotch,


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Modern Battles.

2. ST. QUINTIN; Spaniards vs. French,

A. D. 1557 LEPANTO; John of Austria vs. Turks,

1571 SPANISH ARMADA DEFEATED; Howard and Drake, Eng., vs. Duke of Medina, Span.,

1588 IVRY; Henry IV., Fr., vs. Duke of Mayenne,

1590 LEIPSIC; Gustavus Adolphus, Swede, vs. Imperialists, 1631 Lutzen; Gustavus Adolphus vs. Imp: Gustavus killed, 1632 NORDLINGEN; King of Hungary and Imperialists vs. Swedes, 1634 EDGEHILL; Essex, Eng., vs. Army of Charles I.,

1642 Marston Moor; Cromwell and Fairfax vs. Prince Rupert, 1644 NASEBY ; Cromwell vs. Prince Rupert,

1645 DUNBAR; Cromwell vs. the Scots,

1650 WORCESTER; Cromwell vs. Charles II.,

1651 BOTHWELL BRIG; Duke of Monmouth, Eng., vs. Scottish Covenanters,

1679 KILLIKRANKIE ; Lord Dundee and the Highlanders vs. English Troops,

1689 BOYNE; William III., Eng., vs. James II. and Tyrconnell, 1690 La Hogue; English fleet vs. French fleet.

1692 NARVA; Charles XII., of Sweden, vs. Peter the Great, of Russia,

1700 BLENHEIM; Marlborough and Prince Eugene, Allies, vs. Marshal Tallard, Fr.,

1704 OUDENARDE ; Marlborough and Allies vs. French,

1708 PultowA; Peter the Great vs. Charles XII.,

1709 MALPLAQUET ; Marlborough and Eugene vs. French, 1709 SHERIFFMUIR; Duke of Argyle, Scot., vs. Earl of Mar, Eng.

1715 PETERWARDIN; Prince Eugene and Allies vs. Turks, 1717 BELGRADE ; Prince Eugene vs. Turks,

1717 DETTINGEN ; English and Allies vs. French,

1743 FONTENOY; Saxe, Fr., vs. Duke of Cumberland, Eng., 1745 PRESTON Pans; Highlanders vs. Sir John Cope,

1745 CULLODEN; Duke of Cumberland vs. Charles Stuart, the - Pretender,”

1746 MINDEN ; Duke of Brunswick, Eng., vs. French,

1759 KUNNERSDORF; Russians vs. Frederick the Great, Prus., 1759 FLEURUS; Jourdan vs. Prince of Coburg,




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Modern Battles.

3. PRAGA; Suwarrow, Russ., vs. Polos,

A. D. 1794 MONTENOTTE ; Bonaparte, Fr., vs. Austrians,

1796 Lodi's BRIDGE ; Bonaparte vs. Austrians,

1796 ARCOLA; Bonaparte and Augereau vs. Austrians,

1796 Rivoli; Bonaparte and Massena vs. Austrians,

1797 PYRAMIDS ; Bonaparte vs. Mamelukes,

1798 NILE; Sir H. Nelson os. French, .

1798 ABOUKIR; Bonaparte vs. Turks,

1799 ZURICH ; Massena, Fr., vs. Russians,

1799 MONTEBELLO; Lannos and Victor vs. Austrians,

1800 MARENGO ; Bonaparte, Lannes, Victor and Dessais, vs. Melas and Austrians : Dessaix killed, .

1800 Genoa, SIEGE OF; Allies us. Massena,

1800 HOHENLINDEN; Moreau and Ney vs. Archduke John, of Austria,

1800 ELCHINGEN; Marshal Ney, Fr., vs. Austrians,

1805 TRAFALGAR; Lord Nelson, Eng., vs. Villeneuve, Fr., 1805 AUSTERLITZ; Napoleon, Soult, Lannes, Davoust, Auger

eau, Murat and Bernadotte, Fr., vs. Alexander of
Russia, and Francis II., of Austria,

1805 Maida; Sir John Stuart, Eng., vs. French,

1806 JENA; Napoleon, Ney and Bertrand vs. Prussians,

1806 AUERSTADT; Davoust, Fr., vs. Prussians,

1806 EYLAU ; Napoleon and Murat vs. Russians,

1807 FRIEDLAND; Napoleon and Ney vs. Russians,

1807 Rio Seco; Bessieres, Fr., vs. Spanish,

1808 VIMEIRA ; Sir Arthur Wellesley, Eng., vs. Junot, Fr., 1808 CORUNNA ; Soult vs. Sir John Moore, Eng.: death of Moore, 1809 SARAGOSSA; French vs. Spanish,

1809 ECKMUHL; Napoleon, Davoust and Lannes, vs. Archduke Charles, Aust.,

1809 ASPERN ; Archduke Charles vs. Napoleon, Lannes, Massena, Davoust and Bessieres,

1809 WAGRAM; Napoleon and Macdonald vs. Archduke Charles, 1809 TALAVERA; Wellesley vs. Joseph Bonaparte and Marshal Victor,

1809 ALMEIDA; Massena vs. Lord Wellington,

1810 Busaco; Wellington vs. Massena,



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Modern Battles.

4. BAROSSA ; British vs. Marshal Victor,

A. D. 1811 ALBUERA; British vs. Soult,

1811 SAGUNTUM; Suchet, Fr., vs. British,

1811 SALAMANCA; Wellington vs. Marmont, Fr.,

1812 SMOLENSKO; Napoleon vs. Russians,

1812 PolotsK; Napoleon vs. Russians,

1812 BORODINO; Napoleon vs. Kutosoff and Russians,

1812 LUTZEN; Napoleon, Bessieres and Oudinot, vs. Allies, 1813 BAUTZEN; Napoleon, Noy, Oudinot and Duroc, vs. Alexander, Russ., and Blucher, Prus.,

1813 VITTORIA ; Wellington vs. French,

1813 DRESDEN; Napoleon, Ney, St. Cyr and Marmont, vs. Moreau and Allies : Moreau killed,

1813 LEIPSIC; Allies vs. Napoleon, Poniatowski and Macdonald, 1813 LAON; Blucher vs. Napoleon,

1814 QUATRE BRAS; Napoleon vs. Allies : the Duke of Brunswick killed,

1815 WATERLOO; Lord Wellington, Blucher and Allies, vs.

Napoleon, Ney and the French : downfall of Napo-

June, 18th., 1815 NavaBINO; French and English vs. Turks,

1827 WARSAW; Russians vs. Poles : downfall of Poland, 1831 MOODKEE; British vs. Sikhs,

1845 ALIWAL; British vs. Sikhs,

1846 10*

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