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A Soaring Gosling, will fly as high as


A Dove or a Wasp.

The Prince of Eckmuhl, (Marshal Davoust,) made his

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Foes Obey.

Heavy Asp.

A Thief or a Sea-boy.

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will stop the flight of

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makes his

is usually in many

Foes Obey.


A Dove in the Woods.

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lives like

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in time of battle,

A Safe Gun, -

A Salamander,


A Smoker, -

A Pole-axe,


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Fight and Die.

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A Borrowed Dinner, is sometimes partaken, when a

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A Quart of brass, would not make a good

The Battle of Waterloo, was terribly

Navarino Bonnets, used to be worn in the

A Heavy Time.

A Wave of Water.



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A Hollow Wall, is often built in the form of


A Heavy Arch.

would not suit sailors

Very Well.


In the formulas for the Dates of American Battles, the month, day of the month, and year, are all represented. Each month is known by a number; January is number 1, February, 2, March, 3, April, 4, May, 5, June, 6, July, 7, August, 8, September, 9, October, 10, November, 11, and December, 12.

The Mnemotechnic Phrase stands first for the figure or figures that represent the number of the month: the next two articulations are for the day of the month, and the final two articulations represent the last two figures in the year; the judgment of the student deciding whether the Battle. took place between the years 1700 and 1800, or since the year 1800. The student will observe that if the last two articulations in the formula stand for more than fifty, the number 17 must be prefixed, to make the date complete; and if the last two figures are less than fifty, the number 18 must be prefixed.

Whenever a Phrase represents first a cipher, and next a figure 1, the learner will see that the month represented is January; but if the first articulation stands for a figure 1, then two articulations are to be taken for the month, which will show the month to be the 10th., 11th., or 12fth., or October, November or December.

0 1.0 3. 7 7. se, te, se, me, ke, ghe.



usually live in PRINCETON. A City with Some King.

1 1. 0 7. 1 1. A Little Canoe,. often takes te, te, se, ghe,te,de. TIPPECANOE. AWet Tossing on the Tide.

The Battle of PRINCETON, it will be observed, was in the 1st. month (January), the 3rd. day, and in the year '77, or


The Battle of TIPPECANOE, was in the 11th. month (November), 7th. day, and in the year '11, or 1811.

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Apr. 19. 1775 June 17. 1775 Aug. 26. 1776

Oct. 28. 1776

Dec. 25. 1776

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Jan. 3. 1777

BUNKER HILL; Howe vs. Putnam and Warren,
FLATBUSH; Howe, Br., vs. Putnam, Am.,
WHITEPLAINS; Howe vs. Washington,
TRENTON; Washington vs. Rahl, Br.,
PRINCETON; Washington vs. Mawhood, Br.,
BENNINGTON; Stark, Am., vs. Baum, Br.,
BRANDYWINE; Howe vs. Washington,
STILLWATER; Gates, Am., vs. Burgoyne, Br.,
GERMANTOWN; Howe vs. Washington,
SARATOGA; Gates vs. Burgoyne,

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Aug. 16. 1777

Sept. 11. 1777

Sept. 18. 1777
Oct. 4. 1777
Oct. 17. 1777

June 28. 1778

Aug. 29. 1778

June 20. 1779

Aug. 16. 1780

MONMOUTH; Washington vs. Sir H. Clinton, Br.,
RHODE ISLAND; Sullivan, Am., vs. Pigott, Br.,
STONO FERRY; Lincoln, Am., vs. Maitland, Br.,
CAMDEN; Cornwallis, Br., vs. Gates,
KING'S MOUNTAIN; Campbell, Am., vs. Ferguson, Oct. 7. 1780
COWPENS; Morgan, Am., vs. Tarleton, Br., Jan. 17. 1781
GUILFORD CT. HOUSE; Cornwallis vs. Greene, March 15. 1781
HOBKIRK'S HILL; Lord Rawdon, Br., vs Greene, Apr. 25. 1781
EUTAW SPRINGS; Greene vs. Stuart, Br.,

YORKTOWN; Washington vs. Cornwallis,

MIAMI; Wayne, Am., vs. Indians,

TIPPECANOE; Harrison, Am., vs. Indians,
QUEENSTOWN; British vs. Americans,

FRENCHTOWN; Proctor, Br., vs. Winchester, Am.,
SACKET'S HARBOR; Brown, Am., vs. British,
LAKE ERIE; Perry, Am., vs. Barclay, Br.,
THAMES; Harrison vs. British and Indians,
CHIPPEWA; Brown vs. Riall, Br.,

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Sept. 8. 1781

Oct. 19. 1781 Aug. 20. 1794 Nov. 7. 1811

Oct. 13. 1812

Jan. 13. 1813

May 29. 1813

Sept. 10. 1813

Oct. 5. 1813

July 5. 1814

BRIDGEWATER, or LUNDY's LANE; Scott and Brown,

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July 25. 1814

Ams., vs. Drummond, Br., BLADENSBURG; Ross, Br., vs. Winder, Am., Aug. 24. 1814 LK. CHAMPLAIN; McDonough, Am., vs. Downie, Sept. 11. 1814 PLATTSBURGH; Macomb, Am., vs. Prevost, Br., Sept. 11. 1814 BALTIMORE; Americans vs. Gen. Ross, Sept. 12. 1814 NEW ORLEANS; Jackson vs. Packenham, SAN JACINTO; Texans vs. Santa Anna, Mex.,

Jan. 8. 1815 Apr. 21. 1836

American Battles.


May 8. 1846

May 9. 1846 Sept. 24. 1846 Feb. 22. 1847 Feb. 28. 1847

PALO ALTO; Gen. Taylor, Am., vs. Mexicans,
RESACA DE LA PALMA; Gen. Taylor vs. Mexicans,
MONTEREY; Gen. Taylor, vs. Mexicans,
BUENA VISTA; Gen. Taylor vs. Santa Anna, Mex.,
SACRAMENTO; Doniphan, Am., vs. Mexicans,
VERA CRUZ; Gen. Scott, Am., vs. Mexicans,
CERRO GORDO; Gen. Scott vs. Santa Anna, Mex., Apr. 17. 1847
CHURUBUSCO; Gen. Scott vs. Santa Anna, Mex.,

CHAPULTEPEC; Gen. Scott vs. Mexicans,

MEXICO TAKEN ; Gen. Scott vs. Mexicans,

March 29. 1847

Aug. 20. 1847

Sept. 13. 1847

Sept. 14. 1847

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