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Specific Gravities.

Specific Gravities of METALS.--Distilled Water being 1. Copper,

8. 788 Gold,

19. 258 Iron,

7. 207 Lead,

11. 351 Mercury,

13. 598 Platina,

19. 560 Silver,

10. 474

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Specific Gravities of WOODS...Distilled Water being 1. Apple tree, .

0. 793 tree,

0. 852 Cork,

0. 240 Live Oak,

1. 170 Mahogany, .

1. 064 Maple, .

0.750 Pomegranate tree,

1. 351 Specific Gravities of LIQUIDS...Distilled Water being 1. Alcohol, .

0. 792 Champagne wine,

0. 997 Honey, .

1. 450 Sea-water,

1. 026 Sperm Oil,

0. 923 Sulphuric Acid, .

1. 841 Water of the Dead Sea,

1. 240

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Specific Gravities of ELASTIC FLUIDS.-Air being 1. Chlorine,

2. 470 Gas from Marshes, ·

0. 555 Hydrogen Gas,

0. 069 Oxygen Gas, .

1. 104 Steam,

0. 624 Vapor of Ether,

5. 475 Vapor of Turpentine Oil,



The Arabs, are a parcel of

The Asiatic Isles, are in the arms of

A Sunny Sea. An Oyster, - when caught, can not AUSTRIA.

Swim Home... A Beaver, - is a larger animal than BAVARIA.

A Hare. The Belgian Giant, has probably gone BELGIUM.

Home. Bolivar,

as a warrior, could fight like BOLIVIA.

A Hyena. The Brazilians, have a country that is not as BRAZIL. large as

Asia Chilly weather, is experienced during the season CHILI. of

Snow. The Chinese, are idolaters, and worship CHINA.

Images. A Den,

would be a good residence for DENMARK.

A Hen. Gipseys,

once lived in EGYPT. .

Syria. France,

is a delightful country in FRANCE.

Summer. The Island of Great Britain, is GREAT BRITAIN.

A Home in the Sea Grease,

is about the consistency of GREECE.

Honey. Holland Gin, like whiskey, is made from HOLLAND.

Rye. The Italians, have some large ITALY.


Japan Ware, is as white as

A Sunny Hill.
The Mexicans, find in the United States,

A Foe. The Indians, are passing away, and leaving no AMERICAN INDIANS.

Sign. A Purse,

full of money, would be prized PERSIA. by

A Boy. A Peri,

is seen in the clime of the East, PERU. and the land of the

Sun A Portuguese man-of-war, is used in PORTUGAL.

War. Prussic Acid, - does not taste PRUSSIA.

Sweetly. The Russians, are compelled to be RUSSIA.

Loyal The Sikhs,

live in SIKHS.

Asia. The Siamese, live in SIAM.

Siam. Spain,

is nearly surrounded by SPAIN.

Water. The Swedes in Norway, live in a country that is SWEDEN AND NORWAY.

Hilly. Swiss Land, presents many a splendid SWITZERLAND.

Scene. Syria,

is not far from Mount SYRIA.

Sinai. To Catch a Tartar, you must go into the TARTARY.

Woods. The Tiber,

is a river where can be seen THIBET.

Sea-mews. Turkeys,

are a fine bird to TURKEY.

Hunt. The U. States, increase in population, as if they U. STATES. never would


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A Habitation, is usually more agreeable than

A Jail
A Warm bath, is as warm as

A Muff. A Burnt ham, - would be better food than BIRMINGHAM.

White Foam. Bolts,

are often driven into BOLTON.

Walls. Brads,

are usually driven with BRADFORD.

A Hammer. Brighton watering place, is nearly equal to BRIGHTON.

Rockaway. Bristles,

do not grow on BRISTOL.

A White Horse. The Cheltenham Springs, are full of CHELTENHAM.

Mud. A Cove,

is sometimes as pleasant as COVENTRY.

A Meadow. A Darky,

is usually fond of DERBY.

Money. A Ton of Tea, is often brought from DUNDEE.

China. The Edinburgh people, patronise EDINBURGH.

Authors. An Axletree, of iron, is usually made by Exeter.

A Smith. Glass,

would not make a very good GLASGOW.

Anchor, A Green block, could be made into GREENOCK.

An Image. The Greenwich Observatory, is larger than GREENWICH.

A Mouse.

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grow on

The hull of a ship, is sometimes made of

Leaves, -

Boughs. A Lustre,

is not seen on an article that is LEICESTER.

Rough. Liverpool,

is a good landing place, after LIVERPOOL.

A New Voyage. London town,

makes a greater show than LONDON.

A Hut on a Half-Acre. Manchester factories, make clothing that is MANCHESTER,

New and Warm. A New Castle, would be a good residence for NEWCASTLE.

A Chief. A Narrow ridge, is higher than the NORWICH.

Ocean. Nothing but, NOTTINGHAM

A Lamb. An Old man,

likes to keep his OLDHAM.

Room. Pay-day,

is sure to PAISLEY.

Arrive. Plymouth rock, would make a good PLYMOUTH.

Mug. A Seaport, - has walls laid in PORTSMOUTH.

Lime. A Present,

is often given a pretty PRESTON.

Lass. Salvage,

is allowed wreckers who save a SALFORD. ship by the

Helm. Sheffield, - sounds like SHEFFIELD.

Sheffy. Western Cities,

to every traveller, are WESTMINSTER CITY.

Now Known Wolves,

would probably eat WOLVERHAMPTON.


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