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American Chronology.

5. Royal family of Portugal returned from Brazil, A. D. 1820 Peru, Mexico, and Guatimala, declared independent, 1821 Stroots first lighted with gas, in the U. S., at Baltimore, 1821 Brazil erected into an Independent Empire,

1823 Corner-stone of Bunker Hill monument laid, by La Fayette, 1825 Erie Canal in New York finished,

1825 Death of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, July 4th. 1826 Jackson inaugurated President,

March 4th. 1829 Venezuela declared independent,

1829 Spanish army invaded Mexico, and surrendered at Tampico, 1829 Mount Auburn Cemetery, near Boston, dedicated,

1831 Death of Charles Carroll, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence,

1832 South Carolina passes the “ Nullification Act,"

1832 Black Hawk war commenced,

1832 Cholera breaks out at New York,

June 27th. 1832 Electro-Magnetic Telegraph invented by Morse, Am., 1832 Texas declared independent,

1835 Florida war commenced,

1835 Banks in the United States suspended specie payments, 1837 Caroline Steamer burned at Schlosser, and the crow murdered, by the Canadians,

1837 United States Ex. Expedition under Com. Wilkes, sailed, 1838 President Steamer lost on the Atlantic,

March, 1841 Insurrection in R. Island, in favor of a new constitution, 1842 Treaty of Commerce with China, made by Caleb Cushing, 1844 Mnemotechny first taught in the United States,

1844 Electro-Magnetic telegraph completed at Washington, 1844 Philadelphia riots between the Americans and Irish, 1844 Postage reduced to five and ten cents, in the U. States, 1845 Texas annexed to the United States,

1845 Death of General Jackson, at the age of 78,

June 8th. 1845 United States declared war against Mexico,

1846 Mexicans 20,000 strong, under Santa Anna, at Buena Vista,

defeated by Gen. Taylor, with 5,000 men, Feb. 22nd. 1847 Vera Cruz and the Castle of San Juan d'Ulloa, captured by General Scott,

March 29th. 1847 The city of Mexico taken by Gen. Scott, Sept. 14 th. 1847

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The American Continent was discovered by the Northmen, who built

A Hut by the Sea-side. America was discovered by Columbus, who sailed to the West Indies, and caught

A Terrapin. The St. Lawrence River was discovered by the French, who sailed there on the

Tall Sea-wave. Florida was discovered by Ponce de Leon, who found it a land of oranges and

Wild Honey. The Pacific Ocean was discovered by Balboa, and he soon after

Sailed Home. Peru was discovered by Perez de la Rua, not very

Lately. Mexico was conquered by the Spaniards under Cortez,

who fought the Indians, to obtain their Land. Peru was conquered by the Spaniards under Pizarro, who went there to

Steal Money. Lima was founded by Pizarro, who built

Lima in a Year. The Amazon river was discovered by Francisco Orele. ana, a Spanish

Lord. The Mississippi river was discovered by Hernando de Soto, another Spanish

Lord. The Silver mines of Potosi, were discovered by an Indian, who found

A Dollar in a Hill. Brazil was settled by the Portuguese, who rather live there than

Dwell in Europe. Florida was settled by the Spaniards at St. Augustine,

where a fort was built that looked like A Tall Jail. Printing was introduced into Mexico, after taking a printing press there in

A Tall Ship. Jamestown in Virginia was first settled, that being the place of the colonists' own

Choosing. Canada was first settled by the French, who sailed there over the

Huge Sea-wave. Hudson's river and Hudson's bay were discovered by

Hudson, when his crew left him on A Sheet of Ice. Pocahontas an Indian Princess, married Rolfe, at the

Age of Eighteen. New York city was settled by the Dutch, and recorded by

A Dutch Author. Tobacco was first cultivated in Virginia, by the

Swedish Dutch. Plymouth in New England, was settled, some time after

the country was discovered by A Genoese. Slaves were first brought to the United States by the Dutch, who transported them in

Chains. Boston was settled by a colony under Blackstone, who went there and built

Showy Homes. Harvard University, the first College in the United States,

was founded, without the help of A Chum's Fee. The Printing press first established in the United States,

at Cambridge, has printed many A Huge Map The Sugar-cane first cultivated in the West Indies, made a field look like

A Hedge of Reed. The New England Colonies formed a Confederation, to defend themselves against the

Dutch Army New York was surrendered by the Dutch to the English, by the unanimous decision of

A Dutch Jury. King Philip's War commenced in Rhode Island, when every Indian fought like

A Jackal The Rebellion in Virginia under Bacon, continued until

the rebels were carried off in A Dutch Coach. Philadelphia was founded by William Penn, who made

A Chief who was Nigh. The Mississippi river was first navigated by La Salle,

who was not afraid to Dash through Foam. Massachusetts being deprived of her charter by Sir Ed. mund Andross, was

A Dashy Affair.

a treaty with

The Charter of Connecticut was hid in an oak tree by
Captain Wadsworth,

A Chief Whig Schenectady was destroyed by the French and Indians, who burnt all the houses and

Shops. The Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies were

united, to resist every Indian and Showy Pawnee. The Witchcraft superstition in New England, made the people talk about

A Witch and a Penny. Yale College founded at New Haven, has some students who can write

A Dutch Poem. Rice was introduced into the United States, and culti. vated with

A Ditch Plough. Louisiana was settled by the French at Iberville, being directed there by

A Ship-boy. Cotton cultivated in the United States, is a word that sounds some like

Cousin The Newspaper first published in the United States, at

Boston, made every Yankee a good Guesser. The Indians invaded New England, and destroyed Ha

verhill, when no one could go out at night and Go Safe. The Post Office first established in the United States at New York, made people

Good and Wise, New Orleans was founded, and protected from the Mississippi river by

A Thick Dike. Potatoes were first cultivated in the United States, by some industrious and

Good Boy. Tea was first used in the United States, and kept in

Tea Cans. Baltimore was founded, by men who worked for the public, and

Took No Pay. The Diamond mines of Brazil, produce a precious stone that is more valuable than

Cameos. The Freemasons established a Lodge in Am., at Boston,

where they first carried their Scheme from Home. The Quadrant invented by Godfrey, is divided into

Degrees. Lima was destroyed by an earthquake, that broke down the houses with a terrible

Crash Indigo first raised in the United States, is an article that will easily color or

Crock. Identity of Lightning and Electricity was discovered by

Franklin, while in the Pennsylvania Colony. The Bible was first printed in America, in the Massachusetts

Colony The Old French war was declared by Great Britain, when soldiers fought for

Glory At Braddock's defeat near fort Du Quesne, the Indians

fought the whites, and endeavored to Kill All The Massacre of American wounded and prisoners at

Ft. Wm. Henry, was an example of murderous Killing. Quebec, Ticonderoga and Crown Point, were taken by the British, at one

Clip. Canada was ceded to Great Britain by France, after it had cost them

Cash at Home. The Philadelphia Medical School being founded, some

of our first Medical Professors there Took a Chair. The Stamp Act passed by Parliament, put a stamp duty on every

Wedding Shawl. The Colonial Congress met at New York, in some building that was larger than

An Egg-shell. The Duties imposed on tea, paper, etc., that the British

sent to the colonies, did not prove a very Gay Joke. Lightning-rods were invented by Franklin, who received for his invention the homage of

Kings. The Boston Massacre took place, while the Bostonians were fighting in the

Whig Cause. The Tea destroyed at Boston, was called

A Whig Game. The Continental Congress first met at Philadelphia, to advise King George to

Take Care. When the Revolutionary war commenced with Great

Britain, all the soldiers had liberty to Go and Kill

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