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Ticonderoga was taken by Col. Ethan Allen, who com

manded the British officer to surrender very Quickly. Paper currency first established in the United States, depreciated in value very

Quickly. Boston was evacuated by the British troops, who left by sea rather than

Go in a Coach. New York city was taken by the British troops, who captured the city and

Took the Cash. The Declaration of Independence of the United States,

was a movement that was Gay and Whiggish. Miss Jane M'Crea was murdered by a band of Indians, from the banks of the

Hockhocking The Confederation of the Thirteen States was formed, to resist the

Attack of the King. Washington and his Army wintered at Valley Forge,

and were nearly starved for Whiskey and Cake. Cherry Valley and Wyoming were pillaged by Tories

and Indians, who commenced Attacking the Foe. After the Treaty of Alliance with France, the French

helped the Americans Attack a Gay Foe. After Arnold's treason and the death of Andre, the trai. tor enlisted in the

King's Pay. Stony Point was stormed and taken by Gen. Wayne, who marched up and

Took the Cape. Savannah was captured by the British, who sailed there and

Took the Cape. Charleston was taken by the British, the Charlestonians

finding themselves in the hands of Gay Foes. At the Siege of Savannah by the Americans, Count

Pulaski was killed, while fighting Gay Foes. The Americans under Gen. Gates were defeated at Cam

den, and Baron de Kalb was killed, by Gay Foes. The British and Tories were defeated at Ninety-six, by

the Americans, who conquered their Gay Foes. At the Massacre of 300 American Prisoners at Wax

haw, by Col. Tarleton, they were killed by Gay Foes. The British under Cornwallis were defeated at York

town, by Washington, who gave them A Thick Fight. The Bank of North America was instituted, to negoti. ate loans, not to make

A Gift. The Insurrection in Peru by Tupac Amaru, caused

more bloodshed than would a common Dog-fight. The War-ship first built in the United States, could very easily

Go to Havana. Peace with Great Britain, and Independence acknowl

edged, when the soldiers concluded to Go off Home. New York city was evacuated by the British troops,

when they thought they would Go off Home. Washington took leave of his officers, to

Go and Have a Home. The First American voyage to China, was by a ship that took passengers for

Deck Fare. In Shays' Insurrection in Massachusetts, the leaders did not embark on

A Gay Voyage. The Constitution of the U. S. was adopted, after the

armies had marched to the music of A Whig Fife. Congress under the Constitution first met at New York,

after the British closed the war and Gave Up The District of Columbia ceded to the U. S. by Md.

and Va., is better land than the Virginia Capes. The Census of the United States was taken, just after the war, when they had

A Gay Peace. In the Circumnavigation first performed by a U. S. Ship, they sailed round the

Two Capes. Washington city was founded, on a spot of ground that the government has ever since

Occupied The United States Bank was instituted, and afterwards had for President

A Gay Poet. The United States Mint established by Congress, has issued inany

A Thick Penny. The Insurrection in Pennsylvania was on account of distilled spirits, and

Thick Beer.

The Treaty of Commerce with Great Britain, was negotiated with some

Gay Peer, The Cotton-gin was invented by Whitney, to clear the cotton of every

Twig and Berry. The Seat of Government was removed from Phila. to

Washington, a central place being more Equable. The Blacks in St. Domingo declared their Independence,

preferring to trust themselves to their own Keeping. Hostilities were commenced with France, to make them

Go and Behave. At the Death of Washington, he had a purer fame than the

Gay Pope. Louisiana was purchased of France by President Jef. ferson, who

for it

A Heavy Sum. In the War between the United States and Tripoli, the Americans drove their

Foes Home. Hamilton was killed in a duel by Burr, which was the cause of

Heavy Sorrow. In the Middlesex canal, the first in the U. S., the boats were drawn by

A Heavy Hawser. Lewis and Clarke's expedition over the Rocky Mountains, proved

A Tough Siege. Aaron Burr was tried for conspiracy, a scheme that he had been cunningly

Devising.' Steam first used to propel boats, made them run faster than

A Heavy Scow. The Royal Family of Portugal removed to Brazil, be

cause they were of their own country Half Sick. The Slave trade was abolished by law in the U. S.,

Congress following the Advice of a Few. The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign

Missions, has members who are Devout and Wise. The Steamboats that first navigated the Mississippi and

Ohio, ran up the stream, against A Heavy Tide. At the Declaration of the last war against England, the Americans engaged in

A Fight New.

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The Constitution captured the Guerriere, after it had

Fought a New Way Jackson defeated the Indians at Tallapoosa, showing them that he was a good

Fighter The Sortie of Fort Erie, was

A Fight at Erie. Washington city, Capitol, etc., were burned by Gen. Ross, who gave them the

Fate of War. Peace was concluded with Great Britain, after we had had

A Fight and a War. Jackson defeated the British at New Orleans, in a battle that was very

Fatal. The American Bible Society was founded, in

A Devout Age. Chili was declared Independent, after the Chilians had successfully

Fought the Foe. Florida was ceded to the United States by Spain, and they received for it

Fat Pay. The Steamer that first crossed the Atlantic from Savannah, sailed over the

Wave's Top. The I. 0. O. F, since first established in America, has been joined by many

A Foot-boy. The University of Virginia founded by Mr. Jefferson, has educated many

A Fat Boy. The Royal Family of Portugal returned from Brazil, at the request of the

Divines. Peru, Mexico and Guatimala were declared Independ

ent, they choosing their own fortunes to Defend. Gas first used for lighting streets in the U. S., made the nights nearly as light as

A Fine Day. Brazil was erected into an Independent Empire : they

built a throne that they might View the Enemy. Corner-stone of the Bunker Hill Monument was laid by La Fayette, on the top of

A Fine Hill. The Erie Canal in New York was finished, being brought to its


Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died, having lived to

A Fine Age. Jackson was inaugurated President, an office that draws

Fine Pay. Venezuela was declared Independent, after its armies

were led to victory by Bolivar, A Funny Boy. The Spanish Army invaded Mexico, and surrendered at Tampico, to Santa Anna,

A Fine Boy. Mount Auburn cemetery near Boston, was dedicated, and has since become very much

Famed Charles Carroll, the last signer of the Declaration,died, while his

Fame was New. South Carolina passed the Nullification Act, to save

paying away in duties, their Heavy Money. The Black Hawk War commenced, against a chief, who was to the whites,

A Foeman. The Cholera broke out at New York, showing pestilence to be worse than

Famine. The Electro-Magnetic Telegraph was invented, that let

ters could go by lightning, and Save Money. Texas declared Independence, being determined to be

reckoned no longer in the Mexican Family. The Florida War commenced, after the Indians had murdered many

A Family Banks in the United States suspended specie payments,

and created among business men quite A Fuming. The Caroline Steamer was burned, and crew murdered,

while they were sleeping in A Safe Hammock. The U. S. Exploring Expedition under Commander Wilkes, sailed over the

Foamy Wave. The President Steamer was lost on the Atlantic, with all her passengers and

Freight. At the Insurrection in Rhode Island, Gov. Dorr and his party were finally

Overrun A Treaty of Commerce with China was negotiated by Col. Cushing, to prevent

A Fiery War.

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