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Discoveries, Inventions and Improvements.

5. New Style introduced into England,

A. D. 1752 Identity of Lightning and Electricity disc. by Franklin, 1752 First Canal in England : the Duke of Bridgewater's, 1757 Achromatic Lenses invented, by Dollond, Eng.,

1758 Crayon-drawing first invented, by Bonnett, Fr.,

1759 Chronometer invented, by Sir John Harrison,

1764 Longitude discovered, by chronometer, by Sir J. Harrison, 1764 Spinning Jenny invented, by Arkwright, Eng.,

1769 Lightning-rods invented, by Franklin, Am.,

1770 Hydrogen Gas discovered by Cavendish, Eng.,

1775 Oxygen Gas discovered to be a part of atmospheric air, 1777 Tar and Pitch first made from pit-coal, at Bristol, Eng., 1779 Argand lamp invented,

1780 Bank first established in the United States, .

1781 Planet Herschel discovered, by Sir Wm. Herschel, Eng., 1781 Air-balloons invented and used, by Mongolfier, Fr., 1782 Sunday schools first established, in England, by R. Raikes, 1784 Power-loom invented, by Cartwright, Eng.,

1785 Agricultural Societies first established in England,

1787 Mesmerism, or Animal Magnetism, disc. by Mesmer, Fr., 1788 Rail-roads first built in England,

1791 Money first coined in the United States,

1792 Cotton-gin invented, by Whitney, Am.,

1794 Vaccination first practiced, by Jenner, Eng.,

1796 Galvanism discovered, by Galvani, It.,

1798 Lithography invented, by Schenefelder, Ger.,

1800 Planet Ceres (1st. of the Asteroids) discovered, by Piazzi, 1801 Planet Pallas discovered, by Olbers, Ger.,

1802 Life-boats invented, by Greathead, Eng.,

1802 Steel pens first made,

1803 Planet Juno discovered, by Harding, Ger.,

1804 Phrenology discovered, by Dr. Gall, Ger.,

1805 Mnemotechnic Alphabet first invented,

1807 Planet Vesta discovered, by Olbers, Ger.,

1807 Steam first used to propel boats, by Fulton, Am.,

1807 Lancasterian Schools established in Europe,

1810 Gas first used for lighting streets, in London,

1814 Kaleidescope invented at Edinburgh, by Brewster,


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Discoveries, Inventions and Improvements.

6. Steam cars first used in England,

A. D. 1815 Infant schools first established,

1816 Safety-lamp invented, by Sir Humphrey Davy, Eng., 1816 Musical boxes first invented,

1817 Engraving on steel first invented, by Perkins, Am., . 1818 Gas first used for lighting streets in the United States, 1821 Egyptian Hieroglyphics first deciphered by Champollion, 1822 McAdamizing streets commenced in London, by McAdam, 1824 Hydrostatic bed invented,

1827 Stomach pump invented,

1828 Electro-Magnetic Telegraph invented, by Morse, Am., 1832 Sea-water first purified for drinking,

1834 Daguerreotype portraits first taken, by Daguerre, Fr., 1839 Penny postage established in England, by Rowland Hill, 1840 Gutta Percha first discovered,

1842 Mnemotechny first taught in the United States,

1844 Postage reduced to five and ten cents, in the United States, 1845 Planet Neptune discovered, by Le Verriere, Fr., . 1846 Gun-cotton first made, by Schonbein, Ger.,

1846 A Perfect Alphabet invented, by Dr. Andrew Comstock, Am., 1846 Letheon and Chloroform discovered,

1847 Sewing machine invented, by Thimonnier, Fr.



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Paper was first made of cotton rags, of

Two Sizes. Musical Notes by Guido Aretino, were notes that Mu. sicians soon concluded to

Disannul The Curfew bell was established by William the Conqueror,

A Witty and Wise Chief The Doomsday book was made by William the Conquer.

or, after he returned from A Hasty Sea-voyage. Sur-names were first used by the Nobility in England, not by

A White Savage. Furnaces were first used in England, to cook

A White Sea-fish. Heraldry had its rise, in making Coats of Arms, to show the

Date of the Houses. The Bank first established in Europe, at Venice, was secured by

A Stout Lock. Glass Windows were first used in England, in

A White Edifice. Chimnies were first used in England, in

Stone Houses. When Colleges were first established in Europe, in

Paris, their time was regulated by A Sun-dial. Astronomy and Geometry introduced into England by

the Moors, was perhaps learned of the Athenians. Coal was first discovered in England, in

A Stony Moor. Leaden pipes for conveying water, were of more utility than

A Wooden Image. Tin-mines discovered in Germany, have furnished many

A Tin Rod. Glass Mirrors and magnifying glasses were made by Roger Bacon, of

New Ashes.



The Mariner's Compass, when first known in Europe,

was used to guide the path of A New Ship Spectacles were invented by Bacon, and worn on many

A Heathen Face. Wind-mills were invented, and were the property of

Nabob. Gold was first coined in modern times, and made into

Monies. Gunpowder first made by Schwartz, while exploding,

Some Noise. Musical notes as now used, will enable musicians to keep

Time with a Muse. Weaving cloth was first practiced in England, where it is

Home-made. Cannons were first made by the French, and used in

Time of Wars. The Copper money first used in Scotland and Ireland, was made with

Hammers. Painting in oil was first practiced, and the paintings used to adorn

A Merry House. Patent-rights were first granted to inventors, for some machine; perhaps

A Steam Orrery. Wire-drawing invented at Nuremburg, is a better mode

of making wire, than pounding it with A Mallet. Law pleading was changed from French into English,

and the French lawyers sent on a foreign Mission The Bible was first translated by Wicliffe, who made a correct translation from the

Time of Job. Theatrical performances were first given in England,

in some room that looked like A Home in a Cave. Playing-cards invented for the French King, gave rise to some games that

Impious. Algebra was introduced into Europe by the Saracens, when language was principally

Written. Paper made of linen rags, is much used for



Muskets invented in England, are often used in

A Deer Hunt Pumps were invented, and used to pump the

Water of the Nile. Printing invented by Faust, is most certainly

A True Art. Engraving on Copper, is cut on a plate, and printed by being

Rolled. Engraving on Wood, has brought many a man

Riches. The Post-office first established in Europe, has conveyed many

A Treasure. Almanacs were first published at Buda, on paper made of

Rags. Casts in plaster invented at Florence, are as hård as

Rocks. Printing introduced into England by Caxton, has fur. nished business for many

A Worker. When Violins were first invented, every violin was called

A Dear Gewgaw. When Watches were first made, they were not like clocks fond of

Striking. Canals in modern style first made in Europe, have float

A Raft. Diamonds when first polished and cut, looked like

A Rough Pea. Maps and Charts were first brought to England, to show the locality of every

Wharf and Bay. Since the Greek Language was introduced into Eng. land, its progress has been very

Rapid. Fortifications built in the present style, look like

Tall Houses. Sugar refining first practiced by a Venetian, made the sugar

Sweet and Wholesome, Hats first made in Europe, were worn by

A Tall Seer.

ed many

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