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THE following Sermons were written, in like manner as a preceding volume on the Articles of Religion, in regular weekly succession, with some few exceptions, for the Sunday morning's service, and were preached in the parish church of St. Werburgh in the city of Bristol. They are now printed with the same object as the former volume, to supply families in the middle ranks of society with plain discourses, which may be suitable for reading on Sunday evenings, particularly in country places where there is no service in the parish church. The former volume contained a summary of the doctrine of the United Church of England and Ireland. These discourses show us the doctrines of Christianity, as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, when He condescended to dwell with sinful men on earth.

The Gospels appointed to be read in our churches relate the wonderful circumstances which attended the incarnation of our most adorable Redeemer; and lead us to contemplate many particulars in His most holy

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