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The Face of Heav'n with fewer Stars is crown'd,
Than Beauties in the Roman Sphere are found.

Whether thy Love is bent on blooming Youth,
On dawning Sweetness in unartful Truth ;
Or courts the juicy Joys of riper Growth ;
Here mayit thou find thy full Desires in both.
Or if Autumnal Beauties please thy Sight
(An Age that knows to give, and take delight ;)
Millions of Matrons of the graver Sort,
In common Prudence, will not balk the Sport.

In Summer Heats thou need'it but only go
To Pompey's cool and shady Portico ;
Or Concord's Fane ; or that proud Edifice,
Whose Turrets near the baudy Suburb rise :
Or to that other Portico, where stands
The cruel Father urging his Commands,
And fifty Daughters wait the Time of Reft,
To plunge their Poniards in the Bridegrooms Breaft:
Or Venus' Temple; where, on Annual Nights,
They mourn Adonis with Asyrian Rites.
Nor Ahun the Jewish Walk, where the foul Drove,
On Sabbaths, rest from ev'ry thing but Love :
Nor Ifis' Temple ; for that facred Whore
Makes others, what to Jove she was before.
And if the Hall it self be not bely'd,
E'en there the Cause of Love is often try'd;
Near it at least, or in the Palace Yard,
From whence the noisy Combatants are heard.
The crafty Counsellors, in formal Gown,
There gain another's Caufe, but lose their own.
There Eloquence is nonplaft in the Suit;
And Lawyers, who had Words at Will, are mute.
Vexxs, from her adjoining Temple, smiles,
To see them caught in their litigious Wiles.


Grave Senators lead home the youthful Dame,
Returning Clients, when they Patrons came.
But, above all, the Play-house is the Place ;
There's Choice of Quarry in that narrow Chace.
There take thy Stand, and sharply looking out,
Soon may it thou find a Mistress in the Rout,
For length of Time, or for a single Bout.
The Theatres are Berries for the Fair:
Like Ants on Mole-hills, thither they repair ;
Like Bees to Hives, so num'rously they throng,
It may be faid, they to that place belong.
Thither they swarm, who have the publick Voice :-
There choose, if Plenty not distracts thy Choice.
To fee, and to be seen, in heaps they run';;,
Some to undo, and some to be undone.

From Romulus the Rise of Plays began,
To his new Subjects a commodious Man;
Who, his unmarried Soldiers to supply,
Took care the Commonwealth should multiply :-
Providing Sabine Women for his Braves,
Like a true King, to get a Race of Slaves.
His Play-house not of Parian Marble made,
Nor was it spread with purple Sails for Shade.
The Stage with Rushes, or with Leaves they strew'd :
No Scenes in Prospect, no machining God.
On Rows of homely Turf they fat to see,
Crown'd with the Wreaths of ev'ry common Tree.
There, while they fat in rustick Majesty,
Each Lover had his Mistress in his Eye ;
And whom he faw most fuiting to his Mind,
For Joys of matrimonial Rape design'd.
Scarce cou'd they wait the Plaudit in their Halte ;:
But, ere the Dances and the Song were past,

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The Monarch gave the Signal from his Throne ;
And, rifing, bade his merry Men fall on.
The Martial Crew, like Soldiers ready prest,
Just at the Word (the Word too was, The Best)
With joyful Cries each other animate ;
Some choose, and some at Hazard seize their Mate,
As Doves from Eagles, or from Wolves the Lambs,
So from their lawless Lovers fly the Dameș.
Their Fear was one, but not one Face of Fear ;
Some rend the lovely Tresses of their Hair ;
Some shriek, and some are struck with dumb Despair.
Her absent Mother one invokes in vain;
One stands amaz’d, not daring to complain ;
The nimbler trust their Feet, the now remain.
But nought availing, all are Captives led,
Trembling and Blushing, to the Genial Bed.
She who too long refifted, or deny'd,
The lufty Lover made by force a Bride ;
And, with superior Strength, compelld her to his side.
Then footh'd her thus : - My Soul's far better Part,
Cease weeping, nor afflict thy tender Heart :
For what thy Father to thy Mother was,
That Faith to thee, that solemn Vow I pass.

Thus Romulus became so popalar;
This was the way to thrive in Peace and War ;
To pay his Army, and fresh Whores to bring :
Who wou'd not fight for such a gracious King ?

Thus Love in Theatres did first improve;
And Theatres are still the Scene of Love.
Nor Thun the Chariot's, and the Courser's Race;
The Circus is no inconvenient Place.
No need is there of talking on the Hand ;
Nor Nods, nor Signs, which Lovers understand.


But boldly next the Fair your Seat provide ;
Close as you can to hers, and Side by Side.
Pleas'd or unpleas'd, no matter ; crouding fit:
For fo the Laws of publick Shows permit.
Then find occasion to begin Discourse ;
Inquire, whose Chariot this, and whose that Horse ?
To whatsoever Side she is inclin'd,
Suit all your Inclinations to her Mind;
Like what she likes; from thence your Court begin ;
And whom she favours, wish that he may win.
But when the Statues of the Deities,
In Chariots roll'd, appear before the Prize ;
When Venus comes, with deep Devotion rise.
If Dust be on her Lap, or Grains of Sand,
Brush both away with your officious Hand.
If none be there, yet brash that Nothing thence;
And fill to touch her Lap make some Pretence.
Touch any thing of hers; and if her Train
Sweep on the Ground, let it not sweep in vain ;
But gently take it up, and wipe it clean ;
And while you wipe it, with observing Eyes,
Who knows but you may fee her naked Thighs !
Observe, who fits behind her; and beware,
Left his incroaching Knee should press the Fair.
Light Service takes light Minds: For some can tell :
Of Favours won, by laying Cushions well:
By fanning Faces fome their Fortune meet ;
And some by laying Footstools for their Feet.
These Overtures of Love the Circus gives ;
Nor at the Sword-play less the Lover thrives ;
For there the Son of Venus fights his Prize ;
And deepest Wounds are oft receiv’d from Eyes. -
One, while the Crowd their Acclamations make, .
Or while he bets, and puts his Ring to Stake,



Is ftruck from far, and feels the flying Dart;
And of the Spectacle is made a Part.

Cæfar wou'd represent a Naval Fight,
For his own Honour, and for Rome's Delight.
From either Sea the Youths and Maidens come;
And all the World was then containd in Rome.
In this vaft Concourse, in this Choice of Game,
What Roman Heart but felt a foreign Flame?
Once more our Prince prepares to make us glad;
And the remaining East to Rome will add.
Rejoice, ye Roman Soldiers, in your Urns ;
Your Enfigns from the Parthians shall return;
And the slain Craffi shall no longer mourn.
A Youth is fent those Trophies to demand ;
And bears his Father's Thunder in his Hand :
Doubt not th' Imperial Boy in Wars unseen ;
In Childhood all of Cæsar's Race are Men.
Celeitial Seeds shoot out before their Day,
Prevent their Years, and brook no dull Delay.
Thus Infant Hercules the Snakes did press,
And in his Cradle did his Sire confefs.
Bacchus, a Boy, yet like a Hero fought,
And early Spoils from conquer'd India brought.
Thus you your Father's Troops shall lead to Fight,
And thus fall vanquish in your Father's Right.
These Rudiments you to your Lineage owe;
Born to increase your Titles, as you grow..
Erethren you had, revenge your Brethren sain ;
You have a Father, and his Rights maintain.
Arm'd by your Country's Parent, and your own,
Redeem your Country, and restore his Throne.
Your Enemies asiert an impious Cause;
You fight bosh for divine and human Laws.

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