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EPITAPH on Sir Palmes FAIR Bone's

Tomb in Westminster-Abbey.



Sacred to the Immortal Memory of Sir Palmes Fairbone,

Knight, Governor of Tangier ; in Execution of which
Command, be was mortally wounded by a Shot from
the Moors, then besieging the Town, in the forty fixth
Year of his Age. October 24, 1680.
E Sacred Relicks, which your Marble keep,

Here, undisturbid by Wars, in quiet sleep : = Discharge the Trust, which, when it was below,

Fairbone's undaunted Soul did undergo,
And be the Town's Palladium from the Foe.
Alive and dead these Walls he will defend :
Great Actions great Examples must attend.
'The Candian Siege his early Valour knew,
Where Turkish Blood did his young Hands imbrue.
From thence returning with desery'd Applause,
Against the Moors his well-flesh'd Sword he draws ;
The fame the Courage, and the fame the Cause.
His Youth and Age, his Life and Death, combine,
As in some great and regular Design,
All of a Piece throughout, and all divine.
Still nearer Heav'n his Virtues shone more bright,

Like rising Flames expanding in their height; so

The Martyr's Glory crown'd the Soldier's Fight.
More bravely British General never fell,
Nor General's Death was e'er reveng’d so well ;
Which his pleas’d Eyes beheld before their close,
Follow'd by thousand Victims of his Foes.
To his lamented Loss for time to come
His pious Widow confecrates this Tomb.


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Under Mr. Milton's Picture, before bis

Paradise Lost.


"Hree Poets, in three diftant Ages born,

Greece, Italy, and England did adorn.
The first in Lostiness of Thought surpass'd;
The next in Majesty ; in both the last.
The force of Nature cou'd no further go ;
To make a Third the join'd the former two.

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St. CECILI A’s Day, 1687.

I. er ROM Harmony, from Heav'nly Harmony F

This Universal Frame began :
When Nature underneath a heap

Of jarring Atoms lay,

And cou'd not heave her Head,
The tuneful Voice was heard from high,

Arise, ye more than dead.
Then cold, and hot, and moist, and dry,
In order to theit stations leap,

And Mufick's Power obey.
From Harmony, from Heavenly Harmony

This Universal Frame began :

From Harmony to Harmony
Through all the compass of the Notes it ran,
The Diapason closing full in Man.

What Passion cannot Mufick raise and quell!

When 7 ubal struck the corded Shell,
His liftning Brethren stood around,
And, wond'ring, on their faces fell

To worship that Celestial Sound,
Less than a God they thought there could not dwell.
Within the hollow of that Shell,


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