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God, and yet not too much so for private or domestic use. It is more difficult to point out the distinguishing marks of such hymns, than to perceive them when exhibited in the hymns themselves. It is my desire, as I have before intimated, that this volume may be found worthy to become a Manual of Devotion; to be taken by the worshipper to church, and back to his house again; to go with the traveller on his journey, and the sailor on the sea; and it is my prayer that it may everywhere be accompanied by the gracious blessing of God. F. W. P. G.

BosTon, Nov. 1, 1831.

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PROPER Lessons from the Old Testament,
Morning Prayer,

Evening Prayer, . -
Second Form of Evening Prayer,
Occasional Prayers and Thanksgivings,
Collects, Gospels, and Epistles, .
Selections from Saints' Days, - - -
Collects and Prayers before and after Sermon,
The Communion, - -

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Meditations and Prayers before and after Communing, 101

The Communion of the Sick, .
The Baptism of Infants, - -
The Baptism of those of Riper Years,
Matrimony, - - - -
The Visitation of the Sick,
Burial of the Dead,
A Selection from the Psalms, .
Anthem and Psalms for Christmas,
Anthem and Psalms for Good Friday,
Anthem and Psalms for Easter Day,
Anthem and Psalms for Whitsunday,
A Service for Days of Thanksgiving,
A Service for Days of Fasting,
Prayers to be used at Sea,

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IT is not intended that the minister should be confined to the
chapters selected in the above table, nor that every chapter should ||
be read through. The minister is at liberty to change the Lesson
whenever he thinks proper so to do; and also to read a portion only
of the appointed chapter, if it is not convenient to read the whole.

The appointed Lessons from the New Testament are to be
found under the daily Collects. The Gospel is to be read in the
morning, and the Epistle in the evening.

Proper Psalms for particular days are to be found by referring
to the Table of Contents.

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