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The Chapel

The Pilgrim Press
Congregational Sunday Scbool and Publisbing Society

Boston and Cbicago



COPYRIGHT, 1898 Trustees of The Presbyterian

Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work

Dec, 22,1927


COPYRIGHT, 1898 Congregational Sunday-School

and Publishing Society

Four Hundred and Sixty-Ninth Thousand.



This Hymnal has been prepared by the following Committee:

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HE HYMNAL was prepared as a complete manual of praise designed

especially for Sunday worship, but adapted to all the services of the Church. THE CHAPEL Hymnal is issued in response to the demand for a smaller hymnal for use in prayer-meetings, young people's societies, and other social services.

This hymnal, like the larger book, was projected by the Presbyterians, but on the cordial invitation of their committee the undersigned were appointed by the Publication Committee of the Congregational Sundayschool and Publishing Society to coöperate with them. It seems fitting, as was indicated by the Presbyterian Committee, that two Churches having in many respects a common history should have a common book as an expression of their worship in song. The collaboration has been in every respect satisfactory, the main work falling, of course, upon the Presbyterian Committee, but calling for no little time and lak

from us. The result, we believe, is a book better adapted to its purposes than if wholly prepared by either committee alone.

THE CHAPEL HYMNAL consists principally of those hymns in THE HYMNAL which are best adapted for use in devotional meetings and of such tunes as can be used to good advantage on such occasions. Ordinarily the familiar association of hymn and tune has been retained. In addition, there have been included in this book some standard hymns and tunes reserved for this work when THE HYMNAL was prepared, together with some fresh selections of a popular character and a number of the more desirable “Gospel Hymns."

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