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London: Printed by R. Needham, 1, Belle-Sauvage-Yard, Ludgate-Hill.


WE Comply with the dictates of custom, rather than follow the impulses of necessity, in thus writing a Preface to the Young Men's Magazine.

We espouse the dogmas of no party; we are not amenable to any sectarian tribunal. Essentially a religious, moral, and ethical publication, we have not suffered its pages to be encumbered by politics, or the transient occurrences of the day.

Over the best interests of young men we have watched with a jealous and unwearied eye. To promote their "religious and intellectual improvement, and to excite them to activity in doing good," our constant attention has been directed; and to the "Giver of all good," we here record the tribute of grateful hearts, for the measure of success which has crowned our humble efforts.

To our kind Correspondents we return our sincere thanks. Our Subscribers have also a claim on our gratitude, which we now solicit them to accept. And if the increase of Subscribers during the year 1837 may be assumed as a fair criterion for analogical calculation, an additional augmentation may be reasonably expected to distinguish the year 1838. At all events, no exertion on our parts shall be wanting to merit general support.

20, Red Lion Square, London,

December 1st, 1837.

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