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Through the great Redeemer's might,

More than conquerors they stand. 111 3 Hunger, thirst, disease, unknown,

On immortal fruits they feed;
Them the Lamb, amidst the throne,

Shall to living fountains lead:
Joy and gladness banish sighs;

Perfect love dispels all fears;
And for ever from their eyes

18; IT God shall wipe away their tears.

yolg to Grosso do 617 19 C. M. again

FOR the wings of faith, to rise

Within the veil, and see
Thy saints above, how great their joys!

How bright their glories belle
2 Once they were mourning here below,

And wet their couch with tears;
They wrestled hard, as we do now.

With sins, and doubts, and fears. 3 We ask them whence their victory came;

They, with united breath,
Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb,

Their triumph to his death. 4 They marked the footsteps that he trod,

His zeal inspired their breast;
And, following their incarnate God,

Possess the promised rest.
5 Our glorious Leader claims our praise

For his own pattern given,
While the great cloud of witnesses,

Shows the same path to heaven.


618 Ys & 6s.

THERE is a holy city,
1 A happy world above,
Beyond the starry regions,

Built by the God of love;
An everlasting temple,

And saints, arrayed in white,
There serve thee, great Redeemer,

And dwell with thee in light. 2 The humblest child of glory

Outshines the radiant sun;
But who can speak the splendor

Of that eternal throne
Where thou dost sit exalted,

In majesty so bright?
The elders fall before thee,

And angel bands of light.
3 The hosts of saints around thee

Proclaim thy work of grace;
The patriarchs and prophets,

And all the godly race,
Who speak of fiery trials

And tortures on their way;
Who came from tribulatione m

To everlasting day.
4 And what shall be our journey,

. baina ya How long we'll stay below, 1.BHA Or what shall be our trials,

Are not for us to know.
In every day of trouble, oleof 10

We'll raise our thoughts on high;
We'll think of thy bright temple,

And crowns above the sky.awosta


619 C. M.

JERUSALEM! Thou happy home!
J Thy glory we would see!
When shall our labours have an end,"

In joy, and peace, and thee? . 2 When shall these eyes thy heaven-built

walls : And pearly gates behold? ** Thy bulwarks, with salvation strong,

And streets of shining gold? 3 O when, thou city of our God,

Shall we thy courts ascend,
Where congregations ne'er break up,

And Sabbaths have no end? 4 There happier bowers than Eden bloom,

Nor sin nor sorrow know:
Blessed seats! through rude and stormy

We onward press to you.
5 Jerusalem, thou happy home!

Qur souls still pant for thee; Then shall our labours have an end, ! When we thy joys shall see.


C. M.
THESE are the crowns that we shall

When all thy saints are crowned;
These are the palms that we shall bear
On yonder holy ground.

2 These are the robes, unsoiled and white,

Which we shall then put on, When, foremost ’mong the sons of light,

We sit on yonder throne. 3 That is the city of the saints,

Where we so soon shall stand, When we shall strike these desert-tents,

And quit this desert-land. 4 Then welcome toil, and care, and pain!

And welcome sorrow too!
All toil is rest, all grief is gain,

With such a prize in view. 5 Come crown and throne, come robe and

palm! Burst forth glad stream of peace!" Come, holy city of the Lamb! . Rise, Sun of Righteousness!! I

621' ' 8s. .

O WHEN shall we sweetly remove,
U O when shall we enter our rest;
Return to the Zion above,

The mother of spirits distressed;
The city of God, the great King,

Where sorrow and death are no more,
Where saints our Immanuel sing,

And cherub and seraph adore ?
2 But angels themselves cannot tell
I! The joys of that holiest place, ...
Where Jesus is pleased to reveal

The light of his heavenly face;
When, caught in the rapturous flame,

The sight beatific they prove; .1

And walk in thy light, blessed Lamb,

Enjoying the beams of thy love. ) 3. Thou knowest in the spirit of prayer

We long thy appearing to see, Resigned to the burden we bear, ..

But longing to triumph with thee; 'Tis good at thy word to be here;

'Tis better in thee to be gone, And see thee in glory appear,

And rise to a share in thy throne."

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W E long to behold thee arrayed

W With glory and light from above, 0 King in thy beauty displayed

Thy beauty of holiest love: 2 We languish and sigh to be there,

Where Jesus hath fixed his abode; 0, when shall we meet in the air, • And fly to the mountain of God. " 3 With him we on Zion shall stand,

For Jesus hath spoken the word;
The breadth of Immanuel's land,

Survey by the light of our Lord.. 4 But when, on thy bosom reclined,

Thy face we are strengthened to see, Our fulness of rapture we'll find;

Our heaven of heavens in theel in 5 How happy thy people that dwell .

Secure in the city above!
No pain the inhabitants feel,

No sickness or sorrow shall prove.,

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