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623 88 & 7s. QREAT Redeemer, Friend of sinpers, .

Thou hast wondrous power to save; Grant us grace, and still protect us,

:Over life's tempestuous wave. 2 May our souls, with sacred transport,

View the dawn while yet afar; And, until the sun arises,

'Lead us by the Morning Star. 3 See the happy spirits waiting

On the banks beyond the stream;
Sweet responses still repeating,

Jesus, Jesus is their theme,
4 Swiftly roll, ye lingering hours,

Seraphs lend your glittering wings;
Love absorbs our ransomed powers,

· Heavenly sounds around us ring.
5 Worlds of light! and crowns of glory;

Far above yon azure sky;
Though by faith we now behold you,

We'll enjoy you soon on high. 624 7s, 6s & 7s. BURST, ye emerald gates, and bring

To our raptured vision,
All the ecstatic joys that spring

Round the bright elysian:
Lo! we lift our longing eyes,
Break, ye intervening skies!
Sons of righteousness, arise,
Ope the gates of paradise.

2 floods of everlasting light! ou sdi 30

Freely flash before thee;
Myriads, with supreme delight,
* Instantly adore thee; TO T O
Angelic trumps resound thy fame;
Lutes of lucid gold proclaim
All the music of thy name; the

Heaven echoing the theme. 10
3 Four-and-twenty elders rise 0

From their princely station:
Shout thy glorious victories, d i

Sing the great salvation; tot 1
Cast their crowns before thy throne,
Cry, in reverential tone,
Glory be to God alone,

Holy! Holy! Holy One.
4 Hark! the thrilling symphonies

Seem, even now, to seize us;
Join we too the holy lays—

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
Sweetest sound in seraph's song,
Sweetest note on mortal tongue,

Sweetest carol ever sung,

: Jesus, Jesus, flow along.

do se 625 W E sing of the realms of the blest,

Of that country so bright and so fair, And oft are its glories confessed!

But what must it be to be there! 2 We sing of its pathways of gold, And its walls decked with jewels most



Of its wonders and pleasures untold!

But what must it be to be there! 3 We sing of its freedom from sin,

From sorrow, temptation, and care; From trials without and within ;

But what must it be to be there! 4 We sing of its service of love,

Of the robes which the glorified wear; Of the church of the first-born above;

But what must it be to be there! 5 Then Saviour, 'midst pleasure and woe,

Still for heaven' our spirits prepare; And shortly we also shall know,

"And feel what it is to be there! 626 8$, 7 & 4s.

HALLELUJAH! best and sweetest
11 Of the hymns of praise above!
Hallelujah! thou repeatest,
Angel-host, these notes of love;

This ye utter, While your golden harps ye move. 2 Hallelujah! Church victorious,

Join the concert of the sky!
Hallelujah! bright and glorious,
Lift, ye saints, this strain on high!

We, poor exiles,
- Join not yet your melody.' !
3 Hallelujah! strains of gladness "

Comfort not the faint and worn; .
Hallelujah! sounds of sadness , 4
Best become the heart forlorn;. 7!

Our offences
We with bitter tears must mourn.

4 But our earnest supplication,-.

Holy God! we raise to thee;
Visit us with thy salvation,
Make us all thy joys to see!

Ours at length this strain shall be.
627. S. M.
56 FOR EVER with the Lord !”

1 So, Jesus ! let it be;
Life from the dead is in that word;

'Tis immortality.
2 Here, in the body pent,

Absent from thee we roam;
Yet nightly pitch our moving tent, I

A day's march nearer home. 3 “For ever with the Lord!”

Saviour, if 'tis thy will
The promise of that faithful word

E’en here to us fulfil.
4 So when our latest breath

Shall rend the veil in twain,
By death we shall escape from death,

And life eternal gain.
5 Knowing as we are known,

How shall we love that word,,.
And oft repeat before the throne,

“For ever with the Lord !” . 628 P. M.

THERE is a happy land, far, far away, 1 Where saints in glory stand, bright,

bright as day.

0, how they sweetly sing,
“Worthy art thou, Saviour King,
Loud let thy praises ring,

Praise, praise for aye.” 2 Come to that happy land, come, come

away; Why will we doubting stand, why still

delay! O, we shall happy be, • When from sin and sorrow free! Lord, we shall live with thee,

Blest, blest for aye. 3 Bright in that happy land, beams every

eye; Kept by a Father's hand, love cannot die.

0, then to glory run;
Be a crown and kingdom won;
And bright, above the sun,

Reign, reign for aye.

629 5s & 4s.

NO shadows yonder!
TV All light and song;
Each day we wonder,

And say, How long
Shall time us sunder

From that dear throng? 2 No weeping yonder!

All fled away; .
While here we wander

Each weary day,
And sigh as we ponder

Our long, long stay.

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