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3 No partings yonder!

Time and space never
Again shall sunder;

Hearts cannot sever;
Dearer and fonder

Hands clasp for ever. 4 None wanting yonder,

Bought by the Lamb!
All gathered under

The evergreen palm;
Loud as night's thunder

Ascends the glad psalm.



TARTII is past away and gone, i
V All her glories, every one,
All her pomp is broken down;

God is reigning, God alone! 2 All her high ones lowly lie,

All her mirth hath passed by,
All her merry-hearted sigh;
God is reigning, God on high!
3 No more sorrow, no more night;

Perfect joy, and purest light!
With his spotless saints and bright,
God is reigning in the height!
Blessing, praise, and glory bring,
Offer every holy thing;
Everlasting praises sing;
God is reigning, God our King!


HOW sweet to bless thee, Lord,
1 And in thy praises join,
With saints thy goodness to record,

And sing thy power divine! 2 Thus may our joys increase,

Our love more ardent grow,
While rich supplies of Jesus' grace

Refresh our souls below. 3 But, O, the bliss sublime,

When joy shall be complete,
In that unclouded, glorious clime

Where all thy servants meet! 4 Then shall the ransom'd throng

The Saviour's love record,
And shout, in everlasting song,

“ Salvation to the Lord!” .

632 8s & 7s.
WHAT of truth we have been bearing,

W Fix, O Lord, in every heart;
In the day of thy appearing,

May we share thy people's part.
2 Truth! how sacred is the treasure!..

Teach us, Lord, its worth to know, Vain the hope, and short the pleasure,

Which from other sources flow. ?! 3 Till we leave this world for ever, .

May we live beneath thine eye;
This our aim, our sole endeavour, a

Thine to live, and thine to die.


633 88, 73 & 4s.
GOD of our salvation, hear us;

Bless, O bless us, ere we go;
When we join the world, be near us,"
Lest we cold and careless grow: :
Saviour keep us,

Keep us safe from every foe.
2 As our steps are drawing nearer A

To our best and lasting home," l. May our view of heaven grow clearer; , Hope more bright of joys to come;

And when dying,
May thy presence cheer the gloom.

634 : C. M.

ALMIGHTY God, thy word is cast,
h Like seed into the ground;
Now let the dew of heaven descend,

And righteous fruits abound. : 2 Let not the foe of Christ and man

This holy seed remove;
But give it root in every heart,

To bring forth fruits of love.. 3 Let not the world's deceitful cares

The rising plant destroy;
But let it yield, a hundred-fold,

The fruits of peace and joy.
4 Oft as the precious seed is sown,

Thy quickening grace bestow,
That all, whose souls the truth receive,

Its saving power may know.


S. M.
BY faith may Jesus dwell
0 In our believing hearts;
While he that love which none can tell,

In streams of grace imparts. 2 Then may we comprehend,

With all the saints in light,
And see his boundless grace extend, a

And know its depth and height.
3 Then, filled with every grace, '

From strength to strength we'll go,
While Jesus shows his smiling face

In every scene of woe.
4 Soon we shall victors to be,

And crowns of glory wear;
In endless peace our Captain see,

And dwell for ever there.

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TOR & season called to part, ...
I Let us now ourselves commend
To the gracious eye and heart &

Of our ever-present Friend. "3.
2 Jesus, hear our humble prayer; I

Tender Shepherd of thy sheep, 'n
Let thy mercy and thy care 114

All our souls in safety keep. "
3 In thy strength may we be strong; 161

Sweeten every cross and pain;
Spare us, that we may, ere long, .

Meet and worship thee again. ei

63 . C. M.

:") NOW may the God of peace and love,

Who from the imprisoning grave
Restored the Shepherd of the sheep,

Omnipotent to save;
2 Through the rich merits of that blood

Which he on Calvary spilt,
To make the eternal covenant sure,

On which our hopes are built; 3 Perfect our souls in every gracé, &

To accomplish all his will;
And all that's pleasing in his sight

Inspire us to fulfil.
4 For the great Mediator's. sako

We every blessing pray;
With glory let his name be crowned,

Through heaven's eternal day.

638 8s, 7 & 4s.

COME, thou soul-transforming Spirit,
U Bless the sower and the seed:
Let each heart thy grace inherit,
Raise the weak, the hungry feed:

From the gospel
Now supply thy people's need.
2 O may all enjoy the blessing,

Which thy word's designed to give; !
Let us all, thy love possessing,
Joyfully the truth receive;

And for ever
To thy praise and glory live. .

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