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639 L. M. 6 lines. W HILE pilgrims, Lord, weyet remain,

w To part, and meet, and part again, Let prayer and praise our lives employ, Thy presence still our highest joy;

And when our pilgrimage is o’er,
O may we meet to part no more.

re 2 Present salvation let us prove,

In God the Father's boundless love,
In God the Son's redeeming grace,
In God the Spirit's heavenly peace; i

Then, when our pilgrimage is o'er,

We all shall meet to part no more. 640

7s. .
HOLY Spirit, thee we pray,

Finger of the living God,
Point us out the living way,

Shed the Saviour's love abroad.
2 Take the things of Christ, and show ,
What his love for us hath done;
Thus may we the Father know

Through his well-beloved Son. i 3 Lighten each benighted heart,

Drive our enemies away;
Joy, and love, and peace impart,,

Lead us in the heavenly way. 641 ... 8s, 7 & 4s.

I EAD us, heavenly Father, lead us U O'er the world's tempestuous sea; Guard us, guide us, keep us, feed us,

For we have no help but thee;

: . Yet possessing . ,

Every blessing,

If our God our Father be.
2 Saviour, breathe forgiveness o'er us,

All our weakness thou dost know;
Thou didst tread this earth before us
Thou didst feel its keenest woe;

Lone and dreary,

Faint and weary. ; . "

Through the desert thou didst go. 3 Spirit of our God, descending,

Fill our hearts with heavenly joy:) Love with every passion blending," · Pleasure that can never cloy:

Thus provided, i

Pardoned, guided,

Nothing can our peace destroy..! 642 8s, 7 & 4s.

QUIDE us, O thou great Jehovah,
u Pilgrims through this barren land:
We are weak, but thou art mighty; o
Hold us with thy powerful hand:

Bread of heaven, Feed us till we want no more. ... 2 Open now the crystal fountain,

Whence the healing waters flow;
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar,
Lead us all our journey through:

Strong Deliverer, Be thou still our strength and shield. 3 When we tread the verge of Jordan,

Bid our anxious fears subside:

Bear us through the swelling current;
Land us safe on Canaan's side;

Songs of praises
We will ever give to thee.

L. M.
DISMISS us with thy blessing, Lord;
D Help us to feed upon thy word;
All that has been amiss, forgive,

And let thy truth within us live.
2 Though we are guilty, thou art good;

Wash all our works in Jesus' blood;
Give every burdened soul release,

And bid us all depart in peace. 644 8s, 7 & 4s.

LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing,
U Fill our hearts with joy and peace;
Let us each, thy love possessing, :
Triumph in redeeming grace;

O refresh us, : Travelling through this wilderness. 2 Thanks we give and adoration,

For thy gospel's joyful sound;
May the fruits of thy salvation
In our hearts and lives abound;

May thy presence
With us evermore be found.
3 So, whene'er the signal's given,

Us from earth to call away;
Borne on angel's wings to heaven,
Glad to leave our cumbrous clay,

May we, ready,
Vise and reign in endless day. i



L. M. PRAISE God, from whom all blessings I flow, Praise him, all creatures here below; ) Praise him above, ye heavenly host;

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 2

L. M.
To God the Father, God the Son, *
1 And God the Spirit, three in one,
Be honour, praise, and glory given,
By all on earth and all in heaven. :

L. M. D.
FTERNAL Father!.throned above,
V Thou fountain of redeeming love:
Eternal Word! who left thy throne,
For man's rebellion to atone!
Eternal Spirit! who dost give
That grace by which our spirits live!
Thou God of our salvationl be
Eternal praises paid to theel

C. M.
TO Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
1 The God whom we adore;
Be glory, as it was, is now,
And shall be evermore.

C. M.
T ET God the Father, and the Son,

And Spirit, be adored,
Where there are works to make him

known, **
p. Or saints to love the Lord.
6:"". "C. M. D.

THE God of mercy be adored,
1 Who calls our souls from death,
Who saves by his redeeming word

And new-creating breath;
To praise the Father, and the Son,

And Spirit, all-divine;.
The one in three, and three in one,
Let saints and angels join. . ."

S. M.
VE angels round the throne, -

1 And saints that dwell below,
Worship the Father, praise the Son,

And bless the Spirit too. . 8!. . . S. M.

QIVE to the Father praise,
U Give glory to the Son, , 13"
And to the Spirit of his grace
Be equal honour done.
S. M. D.

W E bless the Father's name. **

Who chose us in his love;',

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