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'Tis here thy richest mercy shines, il

And truth is drawn in fairest lines. 2 Thy wisdom here its gifts imparts,

To form our minds, to cheer our hearts; Its influence makes the sinner live;

It bids the drooping saint revive. 3 Our raging passions it controls,

And comfort yields to contrite souls;
It brings a better world in view,

And guides us all our journey through. 4 May this blest volume ever lie Close to our hearts and near our eye, Till life's last hour our souls engage, And be our chosen heritage. 92. L. M. THY word, O Lord, is light and food, 1 The law of truth, and source of good: There thou hast pointed out our way

To pardon and perpetual day. . 2 May we receive it, Lord, as thine,

Receive it as thy word divine,
With firm assent, with listening ear,

With bending heart, and filial fear.': ! 3 Make us to know its saying might, · Its quickening power, its cheerful light: May it our stubborn hearts subdue,

And still our sinful souls renew! 4 0! let it richly dwell within,

To keep us from the snares of sin,
And guide us still to choose thy way,
That we no more may go astray.


C. M.

TADEN with guilt, and full of fears, . We fly to thee, O Lord;

And not a ray of hope appears,

. But in thy written word. 2 The volume of our Father's grace

Does all our grief assuage;
Here we behold our Saviour's facer
• In almost every page.
3 This is the field where hidden lies 2

The pearl of price unknown; ..
That merchant is divinely wise

Who makes the pearl his own.
4 This is the judge that ends the strife

Where wit and reason fail; .
Our guide to everlasting life

Through all this gloomy vale. .. 94 . L. M.

THE starry firmament on high,..
1 And all the glories of the sky,
Yet shine not to thy praise, O Lord,

So brightly as thy written word. 2 The hopes that holy word supplies, T.

Its truths divine and precepts wise
In each a heavenly beam we see,

And every beam conducts to thee. 3 Almighty Lord! the sun shall fail,

The moon forget her nightly tale,
And deepest silence hush on high -TS
The radiant chorus of the sky .

4 But fixed for everlasting years, Unmoved amid the wreck of spheres, Thy word shall shine in cloudless day When heaven and earth have pass'd away. 95

C. M. LORD, we have made thy word our

choice. Our lasting heritage; There shall our noblest powers rejoice,

Our warmest thoughts engage.
2 We'll read the histories of thy love,

And keep thy laws in sight;
While through thy promises we rove,

With ever fresh delight.
3 'Tis a broad land of wealth unknown,

Where springs of life arise, Seeds of immortal bliss are sown,

And hidden glory lies. 4. The best relief that mourners have- .

It makes our sorrows blest;
Our fairest hope beyond the grave,

And our eternal rest. 96

H. M.
THE promises we sing,
I Which sovereign love hath spoke ; .
Nor wilt thou, mighty King,

Thy words of grace revoke;
They stand secure and steadfast still;
Nor Zion's hill abides so sure.
2 The mountains melt away,

When once the Judge appears;

And sun and moon decay

That measure mortal years;
But still the same, in radiant lines, !

Thy promise shines through all the flame. 3 Their harmony shall sound

Through our attentive ears, When thunders cleave the ground

And dissipate the spheres; 'Mid all the shock of that dread scene,

We stand serene-thy word our rock. 97 L. M. 6 lines.

FAITHFUL art Thou in whom we trust,
T Thy word shall be our stay
When hills depart, when stars are dust,

And skies have passed away;
For than the heavens and earth more sure

Thy blessed promises endure.
2 The vows of earthly friendship fail,

With love and faith forgot,
Through time's long waste, or fortune's


Or man's unstable thought: . But there is neither change nor fraud

In thy sweet promises, O God.


4s & 7s. WE trust thee, Lord;

W Upon thy word
We rest our soul's well-being;
. Our walk with thee,

Lord, here must be
By faith and not by seeing.

2 The only scheme

Man to redeem From death, sin's fearful wages, in Would lie concealed,

But as revealed
In these, thy sacred pages.
3 By faith to live,

Its fruits to give,
This is the path to heaven;

All strength and skill

To do thy will
But through thy word are given.

Teach us, O Lord,

To prize thy word,
This gift of matchless favour;

Be it our health,

Be it our wealth,
Our strength and life for ever.



C. M.
QREAT First of beings! mighty Lord,
U Of all this wondrous frame,
Produced by thy creating word,

The world from nothing came.
2 Lord, for thy glory shines the whole;

It all reflects thy light:
For this the planets ceaseless roll,

And day succeeds the night. 3 For this the earth its produce yields ;

For this the waters flow;

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