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And worship thee with trembling hope,

And penitential tears. 5 Yet we may love thee too, O Lord! 199 Almighty as thou art, For thou hast stooped to ask of us

The love of each poor heart. 6 O then these worse than worthless hearts

In pity deign to take,
And make them love thee, for thyself

And for thy glory's sake.


FATHER! be thy name adored,

For the gift of Christ our Lord:
For the glorious fulness great,

We poor sinners in him meet.
2 Jesus I we thy name would praise,

For thy love in ancient days:
Thou didst undertake our cause,

And didst suffer on the cross. 3 Holy Spirit! Dove Divine!

Let thy mercy on us shine?
0! reveal the things of God,

And apply the Saviour's blood.
125 7s, double.
HOLY, holy, holy Lord,
Gud of Hosts! when heaven and

Out of darkness at thy word
Issued into glorious birth,


All thy works before thee stood,
And thine eye beheld them good,
While they sang with sweet accord,

Holy, holy, holy Lord!
2 Holy, holy, holy! Thee, BAT
One Jehovah evermore,

Father, Son, and Spirit! we, Dust and ashes, would adore; Lightly by the world esteem’d, From that world by thee redeem’d, Sing we here with glad accord,

Holy, holy, holy Lord ! 3 Holy, holy, holy! All Heaven's triumphant choirs shall sing,

When the ransom'd nations fall
At the footstool of their King:
Then shall saints and seraphim,
Hearts and voices swell one hymn,
Round the throne with full accord,

Holy, holy, holy Lord !

C. M. 9
MAKER, Upholder, Ruler!-thee,

Let all that live adore,
Who art, and wast, and yet shalt be,

God blessed evermore, 2 Redeemer, Prophet, Priest, and King! Appointed Judge of all!

T Let ransom'd souls thy triumphs sing,

And foes before thee fall. 3 Spirit of life, and light, and love !

To us thy gifts impart;


From heaven, descending like a dove,

Come dwell in every heart.
4 Thee, Father, Son, and Spirit! thee,

Let heaven and earth adore;
Thou art, thou wast, and thou shalt be,

One God for evermore. 127

L. M.
O TOLY, holy, holy Lord!

Bright in thy deeds and in thy name,
For ever be thy name adored,

Thy glories let the world proclaim! 2 O Jesus, Lamb once crucified

To take our load of sins away, Thine be the song that rolls its tide

Along the realms of upper day! 3 O Holy Spirit from above,

In streams of light and glory given, Thou source of ecstasy and love, Thy praises ring through earth and

heaven! 4 O God triune, to thee we owe

Our every thought, our every song; And ever may thy praises flow From saint and seraph’s burning

tongue! 128

7s. MIGHTY God, the Holy One,

Dwelling in eternity!
How shall we approach thy throne!

How should sinners come to thee!

Where thine awful glories blaze, OEI
Scarce can holy angels

an holy angels
2 Yet, though high thy dwelling-place,

All our thoughts and praise above,
Humble souls may seek thy face,
God of glory, God of love:

-9dT Love that comes a heavenly guest

To the contrite sinner's breast. 08 dT 3 Father, hear us when we pray;

Saviour, grace and strength impart; o
Holy Spirit, purge away ibi non

All our guilt, and melt each heart:
Triune God, thou sinner's Friend,
Guide and bless us to the end. reds o

ona od nou 129

7s. GLORY to the Father give,

God in whom we move and live; Humble prayers thou deign’st to hear,

Grateful songs delight thine ear. 2 Glory to the Son we bring,

Christ, our Prophet, Priest, and King; Let us raise our sweetest strain

Lord to thee, for thou wast slain. 3 Glory to the Holy Ghost; Be this day a Pentecost;

181 Waiting minds wilt thou inspire,

Touch our tongues with holy fire. 4 Glory in the highest be

To the blessed Trinity,
For the gospel from above,
For the word, that “God is love.",



130 7s & 6s. GREAT Author of creation,

When all thy work was done,
Loud shouts of exultation

Re-echo'd round thy throne;
The morning stars were ringing,

Throughout the vault above;
The sons of God were singing

Thy wisdom, power, and love. 2 Blest Author of salvation,

When Adam's sinful race
Had sunk in desolation,

Had fallen in death's embrace;
O then thy Love hung bleeding,

Upon the cross to die:
That Love still interceding,

Is prevalent on high.
3 Thou new-creating Spirit,

Thou Searcher of the heart;
Who, through the Saviour's merit,

Dost quick’ning grace impart:
Thou precious gift from heaven,
Thou messenger


peace, Speak all our sins forgiven,

And make our joys increase. 131

C. M.
MOST ancient of all mysteries!

Before thy throne we lie;
Have mercy now, most merciful,

Most Holy Trinity! 2 When heaven and earth were yet unmade,

When time was yet unknown,

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