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Thou in thy bliss and majesty

Didst live and love alone! 3 Thou wert not born, there was no fount

From which thy being flow'd;
There is no end which thou canst reach;

But thou art simply God.
4 Most ancient of all mysteries!

Still at thy throne we lie; Have mercy now, most merciful,

Most Holy Trinity! 132 6s & 4s.

COME, thou Almighty King,
U Help us thy name to sing,

Help us to praise:
Father all-glorious,
O'er all victorious,
Come, and reign over us,

Ancient of days.
2 Come, thou Incarnate Word,
Gird on thy mighty sword,

Our prayer attend:
Come, and thy people bless,
And give thy word success:
In love and holiness,

On us descend.
3 Come, Holy Comforter,
Thy sacred witness bear

In this glad hour:
Thou who Almighty art,
Now rule in every heart,
And ne'er from us depart,

Spirit of power.

4 To the great One in Three
Eternal praises be

Hence, evermore.
Thy sov'reign majesty
May we in glory see,
And to eternity

Love and adore.
133 7s & 6s.
MEET and right it is to sing,
MI In every time and place;
Glory to our heavenly King,

The God of truth and grace.
Join we then with sweet accord,

All in one thanksgiving join!
Holy, holy, holy Lord,

Eternal praise be thine! 2 Thee, the first-born sons of light,

In choral symphonies,
Praise by day, day without night,

And never, never ceaso;
Angels and archangels, all

Praise the mystic Three in One;
Sing, and stop, and gaze, and fall,

O’erwhelm'd before thy throne! 3 Father, God, thy love we praise,

Which gave thy son to die; Jesus, full of truth and grace,

Alike we glorify;
Spirit, Comforter divine,

Praise by all to thee be given,
Till we in full chorus join,

And earth is turn'd to heaven.


H. M.
W E give immortal praise

W For God the Father's love,
For all our comforts here,
e And better hopes above:
He sent his own eternal Son

To die for sins that we had done. 2 To God the Son belongs

Immortal glory too,
Who bought us with his blood

From everlasting woe:
And now he lives, and now he reigns,

And sees the fruit of all his pains. 3 To God the Spirit's name

Immortal worship give,
Whose new-creating power

Makes the dead sinner live:
His work completes the great design,

And fills the soul with joy divine. 4 Almighty God, to thee

Be endless honours done,
The undivided Three,

The great and glorious One:
Where reason fails, with all her powers,

There faith prevails and love adores. 135

L. M.
(HOLY, holy, holy Lord!

Thou God of hosts, by all adored:
The earth and heavens are full of thee,

Thy light, thy power, thy majesty. 2 Loud hallelujahs to thy name,

Angels and seraphim proclaim:

By all the powers and thrones in heaven,

Eternal praise to thee is given. 3 Apostles join the glorious throng,

And swell the loud triumphant song: Prophets and martyrs bear the sound,

And spread the hallelujah round. 4 Glory to thee, O God most high!

Father, we praise thy majesty:
The Son, the Spirit, we adore;
One Godhead, blest for evermore.

136 S. M. D.

QUR Father, who dost lead

V The children of thy grace,
A new-born and believing seed,

Through this wide wilderness:
Thy providential care

In dangers past we own;
Still let thine arm be ever near;

Still let thy love be shown. 2 O Saviour, Lamb of God!

Our gracious dying Friend!
Reveal the virtue of thy blood,

On us thy mercy send;
Thou art a Master kind,
With voice and person sweet;
Bestow on us a loving mind,

And keep us at thy feet. 3 Thou, Holy Spirit, art

Of truth the promised Seal;
Convincing power thou dost impart,

And Jesus' grace reveal:

0, breathe thy quick’ning breath, 'N

And light and life afford;
Instruct us how to live by faith,

And glorify the Lord.
137 88 & 7s.
GLORY to the Almighty Father,
U Fountain of eternal love,
Who, his wand'ring sheep to gather, ,

Sent a Saviour from above. 2 To the Son all praise be given, in

· Who, with love unknown before,.
Left the bright abode of heaven,

And our sin and sorrows bore. 3 Equal strains of warm devotion

Let the Spirit's praise employ; L
Author of each pure emotion;

Source of wisdom, peace, and joy. , 4 Thus, while our glad hearts, ascending,

Glorify Jehovah's name, Heavenly songs with ours are blending;

There the theme is still the same.

SOVEREIGN Father, heavenly King,

Thee we now presume to sing;
Glad thine attributes confess,

Glorious all, and numberless. 2 Hail! by all thy works adored! "

Hail, the everlasting Lord!
Thee with thankful hearts we prove,
God of power, and God of love.

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